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Chapter 652: Prelude to Chaos: A Terror Inducing Ability P1

The city of Silvermoon.

Lionheart Duchy.

Carren Estate.

An open field in the middle of Carren forest.

The evening sun was making the sky very picturesque as it was about to set.

But there was someone who could form miniature suns of their own.

The first things to be formed in the air were drop-shaped lights that looked like miniature suns.

These drop-shaped suns were radiating yellow light.

But they were so bright that they would look like white balls levitating motionlessly in the air if someone decided to stare at them directly.

This bunch of mini-suns, each about 2m in diameter, were at a fixed distance from each other.

They each gave distinct and strong mana pulses.

They contained so much purified mana that each of them would deliver 10 times the damage of a normal fireball spell of their size.

And yet, this was not why they were conjured.

It wasn\'t the most effective use of their existence.

After all, they were not made of fire-element mana.

They were running on the light element mana, a derived element from the fire element.

An elf was looking at these floating balls of lights with curious expressions.

She could feel the heat radiated on her skin even when they were about 10m away from the ground.

She looked at these mini-suns and found that the formation wasn\'t making sense.

This sun elf had a golden brown skin tone– indicating her Suryakht or sun elf lineage.

She had green eyes and a moderately sized nose.

Her lips were fuller and bright red.

And her relatively tall stature and shapely figure made her stand out as beautiful even among the elf population which was known for being blessed in that department.

\'This ability is very powerful.

I just don\'t know how to handle it.

And Gramps Dan won\'t tell me.\'

The young lady stared at her grandfather who was sitting on a large rock about 20 meters from her, looking at whatever she was doing with a stoic expression.

Unlike the older generation that was known for guiding the younger generation, this old man preferred to stay on the sidelines and just observe the youth making countless mistakes.

The old man who was busy looking at the miniature sun realized that the young elf was asking him for guidance with her cute expressions and a pout.

But he chuckled and didn\'t budge.

To convey his no, he shook his head in denial.

As the young elf girl sighed, she decided to finish casting her ability.

She raised her hand and closed her eyes to concentrate.

She opened her closed eyes in the next moment and made her mana do her bidding.

Something unthinkable happened at that time.

The miniature suns started getting covered by the frost that soon turned into round-looking ice balls.

Then these ice-shaped caskets were stretched vertically and started looking like lenses made of ice.

Ice lenses that had light-element balls within them.

As soon as they were covered by the ice element lenses, the miniature sun began to dim, only to grow brighter a moment later.

They started getting dimmed and brightened at regular intervals– as if they were breathing.


The young elf snapped her fingers with her right hand and the miniature suns suddenly glowed.

A buzz sound could be heard coming from the ice lenses in the next moment.

This created an echo of the same sound by producing audio waves of the same wavelength.


A bright light beam was emitted from a random ice lens and sent to the ice lens in front of it.

The light seemed to disappear into the ice lens as soon as it hit the surface.

It then came out from the opposite direction with twice the brightness and speed.

One could tell that brightness wasn\'t the only thing that had gotten intensified within the light beam.

The density of light mana had also shot up– just waiting for the right opportunity to turn into fire mana and combust the first thing it hit.

The second ice lens did the same as the first one.

Harness the light and shoot it to the Ice Lens while enhancing the volume of light mana contained in that light beam.

The cycle repeated until the last ice lens emitted the last light beam into the distance, away from the caster and the field.




Everything happened fast.

The old man had just chuckled at the young elf\'s struggle.

In the next moment, she detonated a bomb-like spell into the horizon.

The sound waves of that blast took some time to reach their audience.

But the light generated by that spell had already made its presence known.

This blast was akin to at least 30 potion bombs in the Ace rank exploding off at the same time.

If the young elf heightened the intensity of the light beam a bit more by adding a few more ice lenses, she could take down an Adept ranker like it was no big deal.

Even now, no Adept ranker who knew her and her current battle potential would be crazy enough to challenge her without any countermeasures.

Even among the most dreadful rankers, this young elf was very dangerous despite her cute and charming looks.

How was it, Gramps, Dan

The young elf asked while scrunching her nose.

She wasn\'t happy with the way her ability worked.

It felt a bit off to her.

And the fact that it caused blasts instead of personal attacks made her worry about her battle potential as a ranker who would be paired up with a squad.

That was just great, Lensa.

I can\'t believe an Ace ranker can cast something like that.


I guess they\'re right about what they say.

The next generation will always surpass the previous one.

Old man Dan Carren clapped when he saw Lensa\'s ability firsthand once again.

He knew even without her conflicting state of mind, her ability was only strengthening.

As if it was still evolving into something greater than it already was.


AN: Lensa was first mentioned in chapter 135.

Dan first appeared in chapter 145.

Also, Lensa\'s name foreshadows her ability.

Had been sitting on this for a long time now.


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