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Chapter 646: Prelude to Chaos: Ill Omen P1

Somewhere in the Lionheart Duchy.

Inside the fort of a Renar clan.

One of the branches of Renar royalty that had been kept out of the contest for official royal seats at the royal court.

A royal-like bath house that had a giant pool, fake mountains, a large jacuzzi that allowed for bubble baths, and an array-created waterfall.

The dense volume of steam had compromised the visibility of this space intended for bathing and leisure.

There was a sound array that produced sounds of birds chirping and other nature-like acoustics.

A lone woman was bathing in this lavish bath house.

Just unwinding her troubles by half-immersing herself in the jacuzzi.

She was all naked.

Even the dense steam could not seem to hide her feminine features.

They were too prominent.

This lady had voluminous crimson red hair.

Her hazel eyes created a subtle contrast against her red hair.

The shape of her eyes was akin to a lotus petal, enabling her gaze to have a sharpness she desired.

Her cherry red lips complimented her hair.

Her rosy skin was as soft as the word soft describes it.

Yet, being infused with Expert rank mana had made it deceptively resilient.

She had a huge scar on her left cheek.

But that didn\'t diminish her beauty.

In fact, the scar had enhanced her appeal by a notch.

Now that this lady was not wearing anything, one could clearly see the tribal tattoos she had recently gained on the right side of her body.

Her right arm and right leg were partially covered by the blue tribal tattoos.

Her bosom was ample and would give her deep cleavage whenever she wore something enticing.

The heavy breasts were now exposed.

Her pinkish red nipples were in an erect position, suggesting that these heavy-looking breasts were enjoying the freedom she was giving them.

Her waist was slim.

But the slimness ended there.

The curves became prominent around her hips.

Her thick thighs and her rotund derriere were a sight for the sore eyes.

This lady-in-bathing was a tall mademoiselle.

After working under the illustrious Illuminati, her ambitions were even higher.

Her recent breakthrough into C-Rank had allowed her to enjoy the perks that came with the rank.

A femme fatale.

Being a member of a large cross-kingdom cultist organization that was known for corrupting people who were in the status of power was certainly not a bad idea.

Especially once one had reached her rank.

This was her relaxing time.

She had just broken into C-Rank.

As a result, her 40ish looks had been drastically altered.

She still carried the aura of a mature woman.

But her looks would tell the onlookers that she was a woman in her early 30s.

As if she had taken a dip in the fountain of youth before relaxing in the bath house.

Suddenly she frowned.

Let them in. She said briefly to someone on voice communication after thinking for a moment.




The seductive and mature-looking lady heard footsteps coming from behind her.

As she sat in the jacuzzi, she didn\'t glance back and sipped the glass of wine she was holding.

Lady Zee, this is the new recruit you had asked me to bring.

A young woman in her early 20s and lustrous blue hair addressed Lady Zee.

She also had a seductive figure.

Her bust size had Lady Zee beat.

And yet, the blue-haired girl knew that Lady Zee\'s charms exceeded hers.

She was bolder and more assertive than her.

And her Expert rank had made her even more intimidating than she was.

Jules, you came back so soon Did you perhaps leave your job as a professor in LA

The blue-haired young woman, Julie Ekhart smiled mirthlessly after listening to Lady Zee\'s interpretations.

She had to admit that she was right on point.

\'Why… Why isn\'t Lady Zee asking me anything or looking at me\'

The young elf girl who looked to be in her early twenties asked Julie Ekhart with a bit of worry in her eyes.

Her name was Tara Faelar and she was a high elf.

She had shoulder-length pink hair and round-like violet eyes.

Her elf ears were longer than normal elves, allowing the onlookers to recognize that she was a high elf.

She was relatively tall, standing at 5.9ft tall.

She had ample proportions despite her lean build.

But the two women she was in contact with were giving her an inferiority complex.

\'Don\'t worry, Tara.

Lady Zee often does this.

Just let me talk to her a bit okay Relax.\'

Jules consoled Tara before answering Lady Zee\'s question.

You guessed it right, Lady Zee.

I quit being an assistant professor in LA under that guy Lin Karr as soon as he gave us a clear indication that nobody was targeting us anymore.

First, it was Isen Osan.

Then it was Arthur.

Both wanted to get information about Osan Woods Butcher from us when we had barely solved the case.

But things have changed now.

Ivor Osan has been declared as Osan Woods Butcher.

Isen Osan is in the kingdom of Layos.

And Lin tells us that Arthur has his hands dipped in a lot of pies these days.

So we are free to do what we please now.

Lady Zee chuckled when she heard Julie\'s response.

She had guessed that Jules wanted to quit LA for a long time ever since Ron had disappeared.

Lady Zee guessed that Jules wanted to quit Illuminati too and start looking for Ronny.

She was just waiting for the right time.

What\'s your name, little girl

Lady asked in a soft voice before slowly turning around and getting up from her half-immersed-in-water state.

She smiled at Tara as soon as she saw the young elf.

\'This… this is also a first-time experience.\'

Elves craved new experiences.

So she stopped herself from looking away when she watched a seductive woman like Lady Zee get up from her position and stand proud in her naked form.

Tara Faelar, Lady Zee.

it\'s a pleasure to finally meet you.

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