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Chapter 643: Prelude to Chaos: Chasing After the Homunculus

The old man massaged his forehead with his wrinkled hands and scrawny fingers before adding on.

My point is, we don\'t need to take extreme measures just yet.

Lower the prices a bit on our niche products and increase them by a fraction for our regular concoctions.

This way, we wouldn\'t take a loss and start giving tough competition to the White Raven guild.

Hmm What else We also need to observe the market in the City of New Beginnings.

That market has the power to break or make new guilds and their products.

It also weights to give us a substantial blow in our earnings.

We\'ll need someone from our clan to go to the city of New Beginnings.

How is Sienna holding on these days

The old man asked, looking at his attendant.

The latter straightened his back before replying.

The illusion spell that we have cast on her is still working, sire.

She has forgotten about the whole incident.

But she still has nightmares and those can\'t be cured.

For the most part, she is behaving normally.

Lady Sienna appears blank when someone asks her about that incident.

Suddenly, she snaps back and resumes the conversation as if she had never been asked that question.

The Master Illusionist that had cast a spell on her has said that this is a normal reaction.

And wouldn\'t bother her day-to-day affairs.

The attendant gave a detailed report about Sienna\'s current status to the old man.

Rarely did this potioner from House Slughorn leave his cave-like home.

For most of the year, he would be cooped up in his potion lab, lost in his studies.

So it was natural that he didn\'t know about Sienna\'s current status.



it\'s fine for now, I guess.

Tell her that she needs to go to the Nightshade duchy.

Arrange a place for her in the city of New Beginnings.

She\'d become our point of contact for our House.

It would also serve as a change of scenery for her.

A completely new environment and added responsibilities should give her less trauma.

Maybe cure her of her nightmares.

The old man said while scratching his neck.

Then he remembered Sienna\'s carelessness and her usual behavior.

He coughed and continued.

Also, send a few capable men from our house with her.

If Sienna makes wrong decisions, tell them they need to guide her.

I\'ll also visit Nightshade Duchy in a few weeks.


I want to know all there is to know about a Utopia from a Sage potioner after all.

Cough cough cough.

Never mind me.

Just tell Sienna to get ready and leave for Nightshade Duchy in a few days.

Tell her I\'ll join her after some time.

The old man concluded his decision and stood up from his position.

He had a hunched back and inwardly arched posture when he stood up, making him look a lot shorter.

Yes, sire.

The attendant left his position after saying this.

The old man wasn\'t there to listen to his attendant\'s response.

He was also absent from his position, leaving the large study room empty of all things living once again.


Arthur Renar\'s Dukedom.

The gigantic fort served as Artur\'s palace that was fortified from every corner with steep perimeter walls etched with fortifying runes.

This was his home and also his base of operations.

A large audience hall in which there was only one chair placed on the platform that was raised higher on the floor.

Arthur was sitting on the chair with his head resting on the palm of his folded right arm.

Oliver was kneeling in front of his Duke Master.

There were other runners present in the audience as well.

Wearing the same combat armor and gear as Oliver.

They seemed to be Oliver\'s squad he was in charge.

Did you find anything about that damn homunculus My Seer tells me she\'s out of Purgatory.

Arthur had a blank expression on his face.

But Oliver could tell that his lord was angry.

He felt like he was created for all the work he had done creating an artificial demon beast.

Eliza had never stood in front of Arthur.

She had always talked with him through Layla, making her the face of Purgatory\'s lone permanent dweller.

So according to the duke, Layla was in charge of Purgatory.

And he couldn\'t contact her during these months using his normal means no matter what.

That\'s because Layla had given him a spatial-bound communication method that would work over long distances.

But it was not something she could use outside of Purgatory.

Neither Eliza nor Garvin Karr the Seer could talk to him without exposing her identity, thanks to Garvin Karr the Seer by his side.

Arthur had received various awards after he had supposedly handed over the demon beast to Layla.

But what he needed the most was Sin Series Mark.

And he felt like he was being ignored after his part of the deal was ended.

My lord, we looked into the recent conflicts between Illuminati and Beast Bloods like you asked us to do.

There may be someone that got out of Purgatory and clashed with either of these cultist organizations.

But we don\'t know anything after that.

We also conducted independent searches throughout the kingdom and outside it.

But so far the results aren\'t substantial.

As for the other task you had given us.

We have found Isen Osan\'s family located in the kingdom of Layos.

But it is heavily guarded.

The most we can do right now with our current manpower is keep tabs on him.

It would be helpful if you could point us in the right direction and tell us what to do.

Oliver said humbly as he knelt.

Arthur tapped the fingers of his other hand on the armchair and pondered a bit before commenting.

The conflict between those two cultist organizations was a lead that was given to me by Garvin.

If it doesn\'t pan out, just let it be.

Arthur sighed and looked up before adding on.

Good job on Isen\'s case, Oliver.

You have never disappointed me.

We can never be too sure about that wretched old man.

Keep an eye on him for now.

Arthur said as he got up from his throne-like chair that was eerily similar to the real throne in Edinburgh.

He scratched his stubble and looked at all his subordinates before declaring.

As for the clue regarding that homunculus.

I have come across one clue.

She is likely active in the Nightshade duchy.

There are no more clues about that little runt, who has kept her profile very low till now.

But this is enough as well.

Oliver, prepare your men.

We will go to Nightshade Duchy.

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