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Chapter 621: Challenger

Baran was back to square one when he fled from his newly created tribe.

But at least his presence on the battlefield had deterred humans from concentrating on him.

That had allowed some of his trusted followers to run away from human attackers.

The incident also strengthened his image as the leader of the escaped tribe.

The tribe was no more.

But Baran could always form new tribes somewhere else in the Badlands as long as he had monsters he could count on.

And that\'s what he did.

He rebuilt his tribe from scratch.

His tribe grew to its previous size by fighting the smaller orc tribes in the Anfang Badlands and absorbing their population.


Baran thought that his time had come.

He worked diligently with his remaining tribe mates to settle on new land, away from the mess.

Away from all the failures, he had experienced in his life.

Time heals everything.

Baran kept on putting his all into everything he did.

His leadership qualities also increased as a result.

He had set everything up in his tribe.

There were Orc Leaders assigned to various tasks.

A hierarchy of ranks had been created.

Now all he needed to do was focus on his progress as a monster and enjoy life.

That\'s why he summoned 25 virgins into his private chamber.

These hot orcinas were specially picked by him and his subordinates from the tribes he had defeated.

This was his reward for all his arduous work.

The conquest campaigns he had been running these few weeks and the blood he had shed for the same were worth it for this reward.

Each of these Orcinas had attractive facial features.

Apart from their green skins, they looked like human females.

And all of them had bodacious curves and busty bodies, making them more beautiful than average human ladies orcs had come across.

All of these Orcinas were Orc Leaders.

They were all trained for battle, playing various roles.

Their progress in their respective elemental attainment was also substantial.

Another positive thing about these hot Orcinas was that they had all received their clarity.

In short, these young monster girls were not only going to be his playthings.

But also huge support for his tribe.

These smart and stunning Orcinas would prove their usefulness to the tribe in due time.

But that would have to wait.

He hadn\'t summoned them in his chamber for such grand-scale plans.

Right now.

At this moment.

Orc Lord Baran wanted to find redemption from the tragedies he had faced in his life.

As old as he was, he still had a life left in him to partake in such activities.

He just worried that he might have taken more than he could chew.

25 seemed like a big number to him when he saw them all together.

It was especially distressing now when he had regressed to the beginning of his Orc Lord status.

Performance anxiety.

\'Never mind.

I can always excuse myself by saying I have things to do when I can\'t get it up.

I am the chieftain of my tribe after all.\'

Baran\'s problem-solving skills were developed over time.

He came to a logical solution to his numerical problem.

He also patted himself on the back for being so intelligent.

Tonight was the night.

Yet, just when he was about to taste the fruits of his labor, his pentagram-shaped contact tattoo near his ear was activated.

Someone was calling him.

\'What is it Didn\'t I tell you I\'d be busy tonight

It\'s a time like these when I regret saving you from those vile evil human rankers.\'

Baran replied in a tone that conveyed extreme irritation.

It was the same Monster Leader who he had saved using his powers when the humans had attacked his second tribe.

The same Orc Leader who Eren had tried to kill-steal from Lyon.

He had now become Baran\'s point of contact for the rest of his subordinates.

The Orc Leader felt wronged by Baran every time he was reminded of how he was saved.

He then sighed before reporting things to his savior.

\'I\'m sorry, chieftain.

But there\'s one man who has defeated every one of our guys of his caliber in these few days.

Tonight, he wants to challenge you for the position of chieftain.

The Orc Leader informed his leader honestly.

Since they had attacked and absorbed a bunch of small-time tribes from Anfang Badlands, there was always a case of internal conflict between the newly added members and previously present members.

These disputes were easy to settle in monster societies.

A fight.

Whoever won the fight would be the right one.

That\'s what the tribespeople were doing after Baran decided not to expand his tribe via conquest any further.

They were trying to find the most suitable roles for themselves by fighting for them.

They were challenging each other in combat to see who would be stronger.

Then they would distribute the positions of power and responsibilities according to the battle results first and personal preferences second.

Most Orcs wanted a position in the hunting parties.

That\'s because they received a significant share of resources after the tribe leader.

Of course, the orc women preferred to mate with them as well.

So an orc challenging another orc for a battle was a common sight and part of the daily routine.

But apparently, someone had applied this dispute-settling method to challenge Orc Lord Baran.

A lower-level monster was challenging a higher-level monster in terms of evolution.

Now, this was a rare incident.

It could be seen as an insult to the higher-ranked monster.

Especially, when he was supposed to be the chieftain of that tribe.

This was personal.

Baran had to respond in kind.

Damn it.

Baran cursed aloud before looking at the fruits of his labor that he had yet to taste.

He sighed and spoke up.

Stay here and get comfy, my treasures.

I\'ll come back quickly.

Baran ordered 25 hot Orcinas before stepping outside his chamber.

He was determined to beat this challenger to a pulp for interrupting his leisure time.

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