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Chapter 612 Floating Island P2*

Inside the bedroom on the top floor of a simple-looking house– atop the flying island.

The couple shared a large, velvety bed.

Sounds of smooches and moans.

In one corner of the room, a fireplace created a cozy atmosphere that covered the entire space.

The smell of wood-burning almost masked the musky smell of two bodies in heat.


The light coming from the hearth was suddenly getting brighter before producing the sounds of wood popping.

Eren was lying on his back with Altashia on top of him.

Her legs spread on either side of his waist.

Her butt crack rubbed against his wood.

The dress she had worn had lifted her folded knees, which had enabled her to spread her legs as she did.



Sounds of some more smooching and bodies getting in contact with each other.

Eren\'s hands had minds of their own.

They were exploring every inch of the landscape that was Altashia\'s body.

Altashia was on literal and metaphorical fire.

Her understanding of her element had grown since she achieved Adept rank.

The surface of her skin would catch fire every time it was touched or caressed by Eren\'s ever-restless fingers.

A fire that was not harmful to him.

And yet, it intimidated him all the same.

These clothes...

are so damn obstructive…

While kissing and smooching, Altashia managed to say a few words.

Her body was now rubbing against Eren\'s.

She was now in heat.

And her partner\'s clothing was now a nuisance in her attempt to devour him the way she wanted to.

Let me...

let me get rid of them.

A touch from Altashia\'s fingers running over Eren\'s clothes was all it took to get rid of them.

She had a fire of her own at her fingertips.

Soon, Eren was in his birthday suit.

No piece of clothing was left on him because of the spell-generated incineration.

Eren didn\'t complain.

In addition, he did not feel out of his element.

He was perfectly fine being naked in front of a virgin who acted like she was the boss of this whole event.

The butcher smirked and a bunch of hatchlings of flames appeared around the couple.

They climbed on Altashia at breakneck speeds before spreading their fire.

Eren wait… I like this dre…


It was too late.

Eren\'s casting time in animated spells had improved beyond his rank.

The hatchlings of the flame he generated were more lively and potent than before.

Add to the fact that the Adept ranker who had been in a trance-like state, the flame hatchlings\' raid on Altashia\'s clothes was a successful endeavor.

Unlike Altashia, Eren had kept some articles of clothing on Altashia untouched.

The black brassiere that held her ample jugs, which was made from flimsy material, had survived the fire.

Or more precisely, it served as a visual treat for the arsonist who had started the pro-naked flame movement.


Eren slapped both of Altashia\'s ass cheeks with his hands.

She had worn black lacy undies as well.

Her buns were half exposed and ready to be grabbed by his untamed hands.

Altashia pouted when she saw her favorite dress was no more.

Then she felt Eren\'s hands on her buttcheeks and her pussy started dripping some more.

A sultry smell was released in the air when that happened.

Eren\'s nostrils knew what had happened and he started groping at her ass some more before rubbing his fingers over her mount from the back.

Altashia enacted her revenge for her favorite dress by digging right in and biting on Eren\'s lips before inserting her tongue into his mouth.

Completely ignoring the fact that it was her who had incinerated Eren\'s clothes first.

\'Damn, this feisty woman.\'

Eren said to himself with blood dripping from the fresh bite Altashia had inflicted on his lower lip.

He wiped the blood with the back of his hand before rolling to his side when Al was on top of him.

The positions were reversed.

Eren was in charge.

He pinned Al\'s arms above her head with his one hand.

With the other hand, he groped her boob while licking her neck.


Altashia\'s legs kicked empty air and her back arched as she felt another wave of ecstasy hit her.

No matter how confident she acted, every touch of Eren in her sensitive places was a bit too much for her.

Eren kneaded Al\'s boobs into abstract shapes while they were still clad in a bra.

The brassiere was keeping her ample jugs together, enabling him to peek into her cleavage.

A visual treat for his eyes.

He also felt that their size had increased after Al\'s breakthrough.

I have to say black does look gorgeous on you, Altashia darling.


Pose for me.

Cup your boobies into your own hands, would you

Eren said after he stopped kissing her.

He also released the hands that were bound.

The latter was not happy that she was stopped from smooching him some more.

And she frowned when she heard her partner\'s strange request.

Cup them with your own hands, why don\'t you They are all yours.

Now come here.

Altashia tried to pull Eren toward her again.

But the butcher squatted down and swept them away with a smirk on his face.

Soon after, he reiterated his wish.

I\'m not asking much.

Let me watch you squeeze them firmly with your hands.

Where\'s the harm in trying

Altashia gave another pout to Eren before doing what he wanted from her.

She grabbed her own boobs and gave them a firm squeeze.

The butcher placed his hands on hers before following her actions.

Eren always liked Altashia\'s boobs.

He had been pretty vocal about it in the past as well.

Her first thought was that he was merely saying it to express his affection for her in his own lewd way.

But it turned out that Eren had a thing for her boobs.

This made Al happy and excited at the same time.

She found more joy in doing what she was doing.

She started to play with herself for real by twisting her nipples between her fingers.

This sight was exhilarating for Eren.

He adjusted his position and brought his hips closer to Altashia\'s tits.

His erect rod was now clearly visible.

Altashia had sneaked a peek at Eren\'s 8incher earlier.

But she didn\'t want to dwell on it after imagining how it would fit inside her.

But now that it was right near her face, she couldn\'t ignore it any longer.

Hold your tits together.

I have a job for them.

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