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Chapter 611 Floating Island P1

An array-powered flying small island was left levitating motionless in the sky.

The island was a small piece of land that was about 1500 square meters in size.

Though it didn\'t look like it, this flying island was an A-Rank artifact that was rented by a well-known merchant guild.

This small island had a lavish green lawn and a simple two-story house, which had all the amenities.

Plus, it had an open gallery on the top floor so that its occupants could admire the view.

The floating island could only be rented for one night.

It required volumes of Extols just to reserve a place for booking.

Thanks to Eren\'s status as an active member of the Edinburgh army, he was allowed to borrow funds for this leisure activity.

Otherwise, there was no way he would have been able to afford an experience like this with his current financial condition.

The flying island, the lawn, and the sparse trees, along with the simple-looking house all seemed both real and ethereal at the same time.

The moonlight showering on them gave them an otherworldly vibe.

Dating Altashia was expensive.

At least this date was.

The girl meant it when she said that she would make full use of his promise.


This is a beautiful view, Eren.

Altashia said in a voice coated with exhilaration.

What she was seeing was indeed a one-of-a-kind view.

She was 5,000 meters above the ground.

The full moon in front of her looked like she could touch it with her bare hands.

Everything beneath her looked so tiny she felt it was inconsequential.

Eren smiled as he watched Altashia\'s excitement.

\'Of course, it\'s beautiful.

I have a loan on my head for this view, damn it.\'

Eren muttered to himself and took a long sigh.

He then chuckled and joined Altashia in her sightseeing.

Tonight was not the time to think about the robberies.

They were both flying demon beast tamers.

So they weren\'t strangers to high altitudes.

But both of their demon beasts were still young chicks in demon beast years.

They wouldn\'t be able to reach this height anytime soon.

Furthermore, this was a flying island.

Riding one\'s demon beast wouldn\'t invoke the same feeling.

There was a boat located at the edge of the floating island with a runic air balloon attached to it.

It could be used to fly around the island in open space.

The flying island artifact had been given spatial control.

And the boat\'s compatible array-based functions were in sync with it.

The boat could only be used within 300 meters of the center of the flying island.

That meant the couple could step outside the island using the boat and roam around the island as well as over it if and when they want to.

Eren led Altashia onto the small boat.

Since he had paid for the whole package, he was entitled to make use of all the privileges his loan had granted him.

What will you do after I leave Chase Dianna

Altashia said with a smirk on her face.

She was sitting near one corner of the boat while Eren was sitting near the other.

Two wooden oars could be used as blades to propel the boat forward.

Although the boat\'s direction and speed could be controlled using one\'s mana sense, Eren made use of the oars anyway to add an authentic touch to their date.

Two rankers were now sitting inside a wooden boat that featured an air balloon over it.

They were moving in circles around the island, which was suspended motionless in the sky.

They could have talked about many things.

Or they could have just sat there without talking, just enjoying the view.

Yet Altashia asked about the other girl who hadn\'t been mentioned in their previous conversation since the date had started.

Eren was now used to questions like these thrown his way.

Therefore, he would always prepare his answers beforehand.

He chuckled before answering.

Haah! My next targets are monster girls.

Eren chuckled as he said that.

Altashia was caught off guard by his answer.

She thought Eren was joking.

And before she could think otherwise, her date followed up.

You shouldn\'t overthink this, Al.

I have my fair share of experiences, and I embrace them all fondly.

But do you really want me to talk about them and ruin the experience we have right now

I\'d rather you talk about us than anyone else.

Besides, I\'ll give you one thing.

I have never been with a girl more stunning or talented than you.

He said with a serious expression on his face.

His mana signature was steady when he said that.

His eyes looked right into Altashia\'s.

Altashia responded by nodding at Eren.

After that, she smiled and started talking about other things and her upcoming plans as the boat was rowed from nowhere to nowhere by her date.

Eren stopped the boat at the same gallery they had used earlier.

The pair got off the boat, which then quickly started flying off to its original position without anyone manning it.


The pair talked about everything.

They had made their plans known to each other.

In the future, they would push themselves forward in their ranks with everything they had.

But soon...

the silence began to dominate their conversations.

This extension of silence was amusing for Eren and stressful for Altashia.

What… what will we do now

Altashia asked with her short breaths and low voice that almost sounded like a whisper.

She was standing by the railing of the gallery.

Eren was behind her, looking at the scenery with his chin over the side of her shoulder.

His arms tied around her waist like a firm noose.

What we came here to do of course.

Eren whispered in the same manner into Altashia\'s ears before turning her around.

Their eyes met.

Their warm breaths were partially visible due to the night\'s cold.

A near-stagnant atmosphere that didn\'t have any visual or acoustic disturbance.

A seamless planting of his lips onto hers didn\'t take long for it to turn into a passionate kiss.


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