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Chapter 594 No Good Deed Goes Unpunished P1*

The city of New Beginnings.

Inside a premium suite of an inn.

A couple could be seen lying naked and engaged in a duel of passion.

Miss manager, you are so aggressive today!

Eren chuckled as he lay on the bed with Agatha on top of him, kissing him frantically over his neckline.

The latter looked at her and narrowed her eyes when she heard that.

Not that I\'m complaining.

Bring out the animal that\'s inside you.

The butcher smiled mischievously and hugged Agatha, bringing her face closer to his.

This was the couple\'s third round.

And yet, Agatha wanted more.

She had already used her stamina and essence replenishing spell on Eren.

It had allowed her to stay in the game for hours on end.

It\'s all your fault.

Do you know how much work you had relegated to me Do you have any ideas No, you don\'t.

And even if you do, you won\'t care as long as it\'s getting taken care of.

Now it\'s your responsibility to help me relax.


Agatha kissed her master passionately after she said that.

She opened his mouth with her right hand pulling down his chin.

Then she inserted her tongue into his mouth while rubbing her pussy over his now-erect cock.


Agatha moaned as she felt her pussy getting excited again.

The butcher was just lying down like a dead brick, allowing her to do whatever she wanted with him at the time.

She didn\'t need his help anymore.

Just his erect rod was enough for her use.

Agatha kissed Eren and reached out her hand from behind her.

She raised her pelvis in the air and adjusted the tip of Eren\'s rod near her wet entrance before taking it all in at one go.

Aaaah! Don\'t… don\'t just lie there like… like a dead fish.

Since when ….

Aaah ….

Did the so-called conventional roles get reversed

Agatha completed her sentence with difficulty as she bounced on Eren\'s rod on her own.

Even she was surprised by her sexual drive tonight.

She didn\'t know she would enjoy being with her master this much after seeing him for the last time.

Eren raised his eyebrows when he heard Agatha.

So he decided he\'d take things into his own hands.

In his mind, he thought he was only trying to help Agatha by allowing her to take control of her desires.

But that was seen as being lazy apparently.

\'No good deed ever goes unpunished.\'

Eren muttered to himself and sighed dramatically.

In the next moment, he pulled Agatha on him and adjusted his legs.

He then rolled to his side with Agatha and made her lie on her back.

He smirked before responding.

Miss manager, remember.

You had asked for it.


Eren grabbed and parted Agatha\'s buns from behind with both his hands and shoved his dick deep inside Agatha\'s wet hole.

Then he started **ing her frantically and watched as her torso moved rhythmically in response to his thrusts.

Her boobs were also shaking because of those thrusts, making them look more grabbable in Eren\'s eyes.

And grab them he did.


that\'s it.

Eren… ** me… deeper baby!

Agatha ruffled her hair with her own hands and grabbed her forehead in ecstasy.

Her cheeks had gotten red and her eyes were staring at the void.

Her breathing was heavy and long and her pussy was dripping wet with an ample amount of love juices.

Eren had to admit that he couldn\'t take all the credit for turning Agatha on to this extent.

The larger part of it came from her own sexual drive.

But that didn\'t mean the guild master won\'t take things up a notch even further.

The butcher adjusted his dick and increased its girth in real-time, causing Agatha\'s pussy walls to feel pressured once again.

He adjusted the size just so that it would fit Agatha\'s hole completely yet comfortably.

He then made Agatha lie at the edge of the bed and readjusted himself.

Then he lifted her legs in the air and made them stay closed.

He then applied pressure on her legs from either side with his arms which were wrapped around them.

The stretched pussy walls felt more pressure because of Eren\'s move and all of Agatha\'s pleasure points were stimulated at once.

Eren could feel the pressure Agatha\'s pussy was exerting on his rod as well as the rise of temperature inside.

Eren then cast Hatchlings of the Flame Spell and sent a mini snake to stimulate his woman\'s clit.

The pink button was already swollen from overstimulation.

So when the snake\'s tongue touched Agatha on her extra sensitive part, she couldn\'t control it anymore.

Her whole body jerked and shivered as a huge wave of ultimate bliss washed over her.


Agatha had orgasmed once again after a few minutes-- an ample amount of obscene orgasmic was squirted out of her pink petal box.

Even after coming so much, Agatha still had the energy to spare.

She pulled Eren into her embrace and kissed him as if her life depended on it.

In the next moment, she pinned him down and looked into his eyes as she breathed heavily.

Eren could see that the lust in her eyes was yet to be washed over.

The butcher felt like clapping and giving her a standing ovation for her performance.

He couldn\'t do that with his hands pinned like that by his manager.

So he did the next best thing.

He raised his hip and rubbed his cock against her butt crack.

Then he gestured to Agatha to do the honors.

Eren… I just came.

Can you wait a few minutes

Agatha said and smiled at him.

She then cast her stamina-replenishing spell once again, making both of their bodies get immersed in an azure pool of water that was levitating not far from them.

She was readying herself for the next round.

Heh! Who is talking about your pussy There\'s always another way.

Eren chuckled and freed his hands from her.

He watched his manager\'s expression change into one of concern as she replenished her essence and stamina with her spell.

Eren grabbed her buns and adjusted his dick so that the cap of his rod touched her rear canal entrance.

The puckered butthole shut its door even harder when it detected an intruder trying to barge inside.

Eren looked into Agatha\'s eyes and smiled.

Part of her was excited and part of her was against the idea.

So he used his glib tongue and caring actions to calm her down.

Don\'t worry.

Your pussy had done an awesome job coating my rod in its lubricant.

You\'d be fine.

Now, look me in the eye as I conquer your ass mine.

Eren drove his dick into Agatha\'s anal opening right after he said that, catching his manager by surprise.

Agatha was so tense by the act at first that he could only insert an inch before he couldn\'t drive any further.

You… you are just...

aaaah… mean to the extreme, Eren Idril.

This … ooof… is not what I meant when I said you ssssssstop acting like a dead fishhhhh.

At this moment, Agatha shared Eren\'s thoughts that he had not too long ago.

That no good deed goes unpunished.

Somehow it finds its way to ** you in the ass when you are least expecting it.

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