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Chapter 593 Altashias Breakthrough

Altashia was breaking into the Adept rank!

She had been stuck at the solid stage of the Ace rank for a long time.

But no matter what she did, she couldn\'t achieve a breakthrough into Adept rank.

That was until now.

Eren realized what was happening so he helped her sit with her legs folded before stepping away.

He watched from a distance as Altashia started using her ranking technique.

The Adept-rank mana that was condensed into a form of small clouds gathered around her as two semi-transparent rings of fire and wind element mana started spinning around her in opposite directions.

This was Altashia\'s ranking technique that had allowed her to harness her dual elements.

Altashia started digesting all her gains from the battle along with the experiences that she deemed relevant.

Eren\'s display of elemental fusion had also inspired her.

That along with his performance had created a deep impact on her psyche.

But there was one more person who had played an instrumental role in her life.

Her Gramps Altair.

She had watched him fight up close.

So his influence was also significant in her breakthrough.


A blast of wind and fire element mana was detonated in the next moment with Altashia at its center.

Since the mana involved in the incident was of Adept rank, Eren didn\'t waste time in retreating further back while keeping his eyes focused on Altashia.

When the blast of fire and wind mana subsided, Eren saw Altashia standing up with her eyes still carrying faint traces of mana.

It made her eyes shine amid the cloud of dust that was around her.

Adept rank!

Altashia had successfully broken into Adept rank.

That too by achieving elemental fusion.

But the effects of her elemental fusion were different from Eren even though the same parent had been involved.


A tornado of wind was created around Altashia in the next moment before it caught fire.

Altashia spread her hand and let the tornado expand outwards as she enjoyed playing with her elements.

At the time, her limbs were also soaked in wind and fire elemental mana.

But there were no flames.

Instead, her arms and legs appeared semi-transparent and were emitting light orange and yellow hues.

As if her limbs were a spectral source of light.

The fire and wind-driven tornado expanded outwards and suddenly vanished into thin air.

But a tornado of the same kind appeared soon after, even further away from Altashia with a larger circumference.

But the eye of the tornado remained the same, which was Altashia.

Eren took a while to understand what had happened.

Her fire-element mana had disappeared into wind-element mana before reappearing once again.

This was as if her attacks passed through an invisible hurdle seamlessly, bypassing any roadblock in their path.

This… this is Crimson Ghost\'s power.

Captain\'s Elemental Fusion is a lot like her grandfather Altair\'s ability.

Arjun appeared beside Eren and spoke out.

He too was watching Altashia\'s breakthrough with keen eyes as he said it.

The butcher had only heard about Altair Argas in his previous timeline.

He wasn\'t aware of what kind of ranker he was.

But something told him what Arjun was saying was based on reality.

Altashia let go of her control over the mana and the mana which was doing her bidding was scattered.

Once her limbs returned to normal, she searched for Eren with eager eyes.

Want to battle it out again, Eren

Altashia smirked at Eren before challenging him to a duel again.

The latter could only smile mirthlessly at her jab before shrugging his shoulders.

Even if you beat me now, it still won\'t count, Al.

You have to honor our deal because I beat you fair and square.

Altashia chuckled before answering honestly.

Why would you think I\'d renege from that In fact, I\'m looking forward to it.

Remember what you had told me just before my fight with Rodrick

The butcher furrowed his eyebrows and scratched his forehead for a bit.

He seemed to have been in deep thought before responding.

What did I tell you I don\'t remember.


Altashia folded her hands and looked at Eren with a pout on her face before adding up.

Don\'t take me for a fool, Eren Idril.

I know that you remember very well what you said that day.

I\'ll sell one of your balls on the black market if you decide to play dumb anymore.

Don\'t forget, I\'m an Adept ranker now.


Altashia replied haughtily, leaving Eren blank-faced and gulping empty air again.

The butcher was glad that he had beat her.

And he was glad that he had achieved elemental fusion.

But Altashia had achieved her breakthrough into the D-Rank while he seemed to be stuck in the Ace rank for a while.

This had again tipped the balance of power in Altashia\'s favor in their relationship.

The butcher raised his eyebrows and asked suspiciously.

Only one What would you do with the other

Altashia pursed her lips before answering bluntly.

Well, one might have some use for it in the very distant future.

Cough! But that\'s not the point.

My point is you stick to your words.

Eren was speechless at Altashia\'s response.

He decided that he\'d nut carefully in every woman he sleeps with now.

He straightened his clothes and adjusted his hair, which had gotten a bit messy during the flight before adding on.

Haah! Someday I\'d wash that smugness off your face.

Till then, I\'d have to oblige and bide my time.


The butcher sighed heavily and agreed to Altashia\'s proposal.

He had promised her that he\'d pay all by himself for their date if she wins the match against Rodrick.

At that time, he had thought that beating Altashia was a distant dream.

So he had said that in a joking manner.

Never would he have thought that Altashia would hold him to his end of the deal.



I have many things planned.

Now come with me.

We\'ll have to discuss a few things.

Altashia grabbed Eren\'s arm in a bossy manner and made him walk beside her.

She didn\'t even pay attention to Arjun as the duo walked away from him.

The ranger chuckled when he saw his captain behave like that.

Arjun had gone to congratulate Altashia.

But she ignored him completely.

Arjun knew that it wasn\'t intentional on Altashia\'s part.

She was just too excited to finally be an Adept ranker.

That and the fact that she was going to be on a date with Eren had occupied her mind, leaving no room for any other person or thing.

Arjun was glad that at least someone was able to crack the shell of her aloof persona and get to her.

He reserved his best wishes for now and decided to return to the audience booth where the rest of his teammates were discussing the battle so fervently.

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