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Chapter 591 Elemental Fusion: Wind-Fire Wings P2

Elemental Fusion: Wind-Fire Wings!

Eren mumbled to himself as he cast a spell that was unique to him.

First, Fire Wings were created behind his back.

At first, these wings seemed a lot like what the original Tuan used to use.

But in the next moment, the wings spread some more and increased in size on their own.

The Fire Wings were then coated by wind-element mana and they started to fuse with fire-element mana.


At that time, there was a strong gust of hot haze.

And despite being of the same nature, this haze fought with the burning temperature created by Burning Abode.

The unbearable temperature that was going to burn Eren\'s skin stopped affecting him when he flapped his wings and created a gust of wind.

This gust had embers of fire mixed in it.

Fire embers were flying around Eren, creating their own space around him.

A safe place in which Eren found relief.

A hive of fireflies buzzed around Eren, carried around him by a gust of wind in a set pattern.

It was as if someone had just kicked the biggest campfire they could find and the sparks of fire and unburnt coal were dancing rhythmically in the air.

Fire embers flying around Eren had properties of both wind and fire elements.

And yet, they were not limited by their parent elements.

The butcher could feel that a wide realm of possibilities had opened in front of him when he had achieved elemental fusion.

He also felt that his attainment in the fire and wind element had been strengthened because of this feat.

He could also recognize that the embers of wind fire were only in their elementary stage at this point.

They were limited by his attainment in the wind element which was lackluster at this point.

Eren wouldn\'t have achieved elemental fusion in his current rank if it wasn\'t for all the experiences he had gained so far.

His connection with Argo also played a big role.

Argo\'s inherent spell Wind Wings was gained by Eren as a demon spell when he strengthened his bond with him.

Altashia had achieved her demon spell by practicing with her demon beast from a very young age.

The butcher, on the other hand, had gained such a spell from Argo due to the bond that he had shared with him even before the latter\'s birth.

Eren also felt that the elemental fusion that he had seen in the Purgatory had also left its mark on his psyche.

So when he had his epiphany, all those experiences were combined to allow him a fusion of elements.

He also found it strange that he had achieved elemental fusion in the elements he had the least amount of experience with.

Compared to his lightning element attainments that he had gained from his previous timeline, his attainment in fire and wind elements only really progressed when he was in this timeline.

Altashia had dual-element wind and fire affinity as well.

Having to face her in a serious duel that threatened each other\'s life certainly took Eren\'s proficiency in the same elements to the next level.

And vice versa.

My knowledge of the wind element has been strengthened due to my connection with Argo.

But my fire element has shot up because of my Sins Series ability.

I have absorbed the attainments of others and made them my own.

These attainments are varied in their aspects even if they belong to the same element.

Maybe gaining attainments in various aspects is the key behind progressing at a rapid pace in the way of the elements.

The butcher mumbled to himself quickly as he looked around him.

Unbeknownst to him, his Wind-Fire Wings were flapping on their own.

It\'s as if they had their own subconscious.

That action of his wings was keeping him safe from harm amid the sea of golden flames.

Eren couldn\'t help but smile when he experienced this phenomenon.

A phenomenon that was created by him.

He also felt that he should practice his Rootless ranking technique in this environment to stabilize his gains, which could bring him even greater rewards.

Alas, he did not have much time.

\'Eren, I have reached my limit maintaining Sedated Perception for you.

I won\'t be able to assist you anymore.

These… These repeated instances of me using my powers have drained me a bit.

I must take a short nap.

We\'ll… talk some more when I wake up.

Take care till…\'

In Eren\'s head, Alephee spoke in a voice that faded until he was no longer able to hear her.

In the next moment, his enhanced perception was canceled and he was pulled out of his near-stagnant world.

Only now did the butcher realize that Alephee had kept the Stacked Sedated Perception running when she sensed that he was experiencing an epiphany related to elemental fusion.

She had done this so he could reap the maximum benefit out of it while not getting bothered by the healer\'s intervention.

This had also helped Eren stay in the game.

That\'s because Altashia wouldn\'t have waited this long for Eren to come out of the Burning Abode if he was not processing time in his near-stagnant world.

Somehow, Eren\'s mana storage which was running on fumes was also restored to its full capacity when he was having the epiphany.

As a result, the butcher was now free to use any combo of spells he wanted without having to be frugal about any of them.


Rest well, Alephee.

I appreciate the intervention you gave me earlier.

I feel that the talk has also aided me in gaining access to elemental fusion.

I thank you for that.

And don\'t worry.

I\'ll manage somehow.

For now at least.\'

Eren addressed Alephee, unsure if she could hear him or not.

He could feel that she had been trying to get more involved ever since he got out of Purgatory.

His breakthrough into the Ace rank had given her the ability to do so.

But she was also invested in him on a deeper level.

That\'s how she could prioritize his well-being despite knowing that the overuse of her powers in such a short time would put her into forced slumber.

\'It\'s about time I scheduled my date with Al!\'

Eren chuckled before spreading his wings to take a flight.

He was about to destroy the cage that was trying to hold him down.

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