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Chapter 863 Making An Owl Out Of Oslo

You **ing wh…

Oslo tried to get away from Shalen as soon as he felt a threat coming from her.

Unlike Regan who was old and Sienna who was inexperienced, the masked man was a veteran ranker.

His response time to the threats was on another level.

However, Shalen\'s assassination skills weren\'t just for the show.

She quickly morphed a crossbow into existence and loaded it with a bunch of elemental arrows.




The assassin fired a volley of arrows with no arrowheads.

Using his movement spell and partially deployed defense shield, the masked man dodged them.

However, he was still shot by elemental arrows that duplicated themselves in the air.

The arrows without arrowheads were thin and had significant piercing potential.

Shalen had targeted Oslo\'s vulnerable points with her mid-range attacks.

As a result, most of the arrows targeted his face, heart, groin, and other things.

The arrows aimed at Oslo\'s face were deflected by the metallic mask he was wearing.

But some arrows managed to get around it.


Oslo screamed in pain when one of Shalen\'s elemental arrows hit his ear.

It had penetrated past the mana defense layer and attacked the inside of the ear canal.

Oslo\'s ear started bleeding right away and his hearing was affected.

The assassin also targeted members of the Escalon guild with her arrows.

She also sent shrapnel attacks using her weapon arts, keeping the members from approaching her and Oslo.

Shalen managed to kill some of the Ace-ranked members right away.

There were only two newly entered Adept rank holders apart from her and Oslo in this group.

They all managed to stay alive from her unrelenting attacks.

Shalen fought and attacked like she didn\'t want to live past today.

Escalon members got in the way while following Oslo.

Slowly but surely, she began to kill and injure many rankers of the Escalon guild and Demonimir\'s faction.

She also received various serious wounds in return.

But the assassin fought like the undead, using her opponent\'s attacks as self-sabotaging launching pads for her counters.

Shalen\'s nose was chopped off.

Her entire right cheek was shaved off, exposing her white denture for all to see.

She also lost her left breast in one of the attacks and her right leg was pierced with arrows and bullet-like shrapnel.

Yet, Shalen was not done with her onslaught.

Her image blurred as she appeared right behind the escaping Oslo.

She got into striking distance and attacked Oslo without any fear for her safety.

I\'ll **ing kill you.

Oslo was angered by Shalen\'s persistent attacks without any explanation.

Using his pair of short swords, he tackled the dagger pointed at his neck.

She swung around and tried to sever Oslo\'s liver with her next jab.

However, Oslo managed to parry that attack too.




The masked man chopped Shalen\'s finger by changing his attack pattern all of a sudden.

Shalen\'s grip on the dagger was lost because there were no fingers for her to grip the dagger\'s hilt with.

However, instead of showing any sign of pain and misery, the assassin used the same hand to defend Oslo\'s next attack.

Her hand was then severed from her wrist.

However, Oslo received another shock when he found out that his kidney was pierced from behind him.

Shalen managed to use the dropped dagger by holding it between the first and second toes of her right leg.

She held the dagger by its blade.

Due to her inability to control her mana defense layer, she was injured by her dagger.

The wound made her right leg sputter blood.

However, when she swung her feet and managed to hit Oslo, the dagger pierced his defense layer and damaged his kidney.


Oslo was horrified behind his mask.

The pain overwhelmed him.

He hadn\'t even managed to deploy any of his spells in peace.

Nobody in his team had managed to do so.

And yet, they were all either injured or killed.

Shalen\'s image blurred once again.

She appeared behind Oslo once again.

The latter used his spell to bind her remaining limbs using elemental chains.

But Shalen managed to hurt him by gripping the lodged dagger in her mouth.

She used her legs and a movement spell to jump high after gripping the dagger in her mouth.

In doing so, she tore through Oslo\'s back with her vertical wound.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Shalen finally pushed away from Oslo when an adept ranker from his team managed to cast his spell in peace.

He created wind-element fists using his spell and sent Shalen flying away from Oslo.

The barrage of fists was so intense that they created a boom effect every time they hit their target.

Lord Oslo, are you alright

Two Adepts appeared beside Oslo.

They wore grim expressions on their faces as they processed the mayhem Shalen had caused for them.

Her sudden attacks had taken everyone by surprise, resulting in heavy casualties.

Shalen landed a few meters away from the trio, looking at them with the same deadpan expression.

Even the heavy blood loss she was experiencing at the time wasn\'t enough to slow her down.

Her attacks had become less effective because of her injuries.

But she made up for them with her kamikaze attitude.

Worry about my well-being later.

Give me that healing potion, quick.

He demanded that his team members hand him Ice Fairy\'s Kiss, which they had bought only a few days before.

One of the rankers who was standing beside him nodded his head and took out a White Raven healing potion.

Shalen had kept quiet for some reason after she stopped her campaign against Oslo.

She stood at a weird angle and tightened her jaw grip on the dagger.

It was as if she was waiting for something.

Oslo didn\'t want to find out what Shalen was waiting for.

He decided to act and was about to gulp the healing potion down when his vision changed 180 degrees all of a sudden.

Oslo\'s head was turned at an unnatural angle by someone who had appeared behind him like a ghost.


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