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Chapter 848 Spirit Beast Birthed By Worlds Will

The blue-scaled fish was attracted to the manifestation of Erens water-element spells.

It started swimming toward them without any fear for its well-being.

The fish aligned its horn to face the blades of water approaching it at a critical speed.

In the next moment, however, the blades crumbled and an abstract concept was separated from them.

The blue-scaled fishs horn shone in bright blue as it opened its mouth and absorbed the concept.

The same thing happened with Erens Aqua Whips.

They lost their shape and turned into normal water when they approached the fish.

The water returned to the lake while Erens elemental essence was absorbed by the fish.

Eren and Kirin both looked at each other when the phenomenon took place in front of their eyes.

Since the fish had the power to shake the very building block of the spell, they werent sure what they could do to catch it.

,m “Use your water-element spells, Eren.”

Alephee appeared beside Eren and commanded.

The latter pursed his lips before nodding.

He started casting random water-element spells that he had learned recently.

The blue-scaled fish started absorbing the concepts hidden in Erens spells.

Kirin had also tried casting some water-element spells she knew.

However, her elemental attainment in the water was not as profound and divergent as Erens.

As a result, the blue-scaled fish ignored the spells cast by Kirin.

Under Alephees guidance, Eren managed to reach the fish while it was busy consuming the concepts in his spells.

The butcher was finally able to catch the fish in both his hands after a few minutes of waiting.

Eren lifted the fish in both his hands and it started levitating in the air.

It had stopped its attempt to escape from him.

It did not try to dive back into the depths of the lake either.

It just stayed floating in the air, its eyes looking at Eren with curiosity.

“You had already touched it and your mana signature had seeped into it.

It wont run anymore.”

Alephee stood in front of Eren and spoke while looking at the blue-scaled fish with keen eyes.

Kirin also appeared beside Eren and asked the homunculus.

“What kind of creature is this, Alephee”

Alephee looked at the couple and smiled.

She pointed at the lake bed and gestured to them to leave the place.

She was looking for a safe place.

Eren didnt have to carry the fish with him.

It followed behind him as if it was swimming in the air.

He also found out that the air around the fish rippled like water when it was following him.

It meant that the creature was changing the normal behavior of wind with its unique powers.

The trio soon found a safe space beneath the base of a small cliff.

They were at the edge of the forest surrounding Lake Moonlight Death.

A safe place to carry out the discussion.

Alephee ensured that there was no higher-ranked entity in the vicinity before speaking up.

“As I said, this is the conscious fragment of elemental attainment.

The fraction of the element that was naturally infused with life by the worlds will.

Either consciously or subconsciously, it is created by the worlds will.

This is a rare find, Eren.

Not something you can find even after spending all the wealth you have accumulated.

Frankly, Im surprised the continent of Anfang could nurture creatures like this.”

Eren and Kirin were both taken aback a bit by the preciousness of the creature.

They knew that the blue-scaled fish was a rare find.

They just didnt think that it would be so expensive if Erens current wealth was not enough to claim it.


What are we supposed to do with it”

Eren asked casually.

He wasnt interested in pretty things, no matter how valuable the fish was.

In fact, he was interested in the powers it had over water-element spells.

He wondered if he could absorb them using his Abilities.

Alephee didnt take long to answer.

“This blue-scaled fish represents the way of the water.

Especially the chilling Aspect of the element.

I guess the reason the region surrounding Lake Moonlight Death was so inexplicably cold and surrounded by blue luminance was because of this fragment.”

Eren raised his eyebrows when he heard Alephee speak.

He soon came to realize that his first night with Kirin had produced some unexpected results.

“That is indeed interesting.

So this little fellow was causing so much trouble for the mortals and Novice rankers and claiming some of their lives.”

Alephee nodded at him.

She also wanted to correct his point of view about the fragment a bit.

“This fragment would never intentionally harm any living being.

You saw its disposition.

The Aspect of water it represents was manifested in the surrounding region and created the atmosphere around Lake Moonlight Death.

Eren, you guessed it right.

When you sync with the fragment, your elemental attainment in that element increases quickly.

You will instantly gain an Aspect in the water element when you do that.

You would also strengthen your Way of the Water.

So long as you are on the continent of Anfang, your water-element attainment will rise at an alarming rate.

A passive gain that doesnt need any effort from your end.

Absorbing the creature and making it a part of you wont increase your ranking status.

But your water-element attainment would catch up with your wind, fire, and lightning attainments.

Or perhaps even exceed them.”

Eren wore a bright smile on his face as he discussed the benefits of absorbing the conscious fragment of the elemental attainment.

He was even more eager to be done with the whole process now.

But there were a few more questions in his head regarding the creature.

“How was this creature made, Alephee What are the origins behind this being Because I never heard something like this.”

Alephee looked at Eren and smirked before responding.

“Remember the Spirit Beast program Arjun was telling you about Those are the fake spirit beasts created from splitting ones soul and consciousness.

This… This right here is the real deal.

A bonafide spirit beast that is created by the worlds will itself.”

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