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Chapter 846: Taken Over Cloud Nine*


Kirin moaned when she felt Erens dick inside her once more.

She had gotten on her fours and he was hitting her from behind.

The sessions had already lasted for more than four hours, allowing Kirin to get comfortable with the plays.

Eren slapped her buns with both his hands as he rammed his rod inside her.

He received another moan in response, which made him repeat the process over and over.

He started teasing her puckered rear entrance with his fingers.

Dipping the finger in her pussy juices, he sent it inside the anal opening and listened to Kirin\'s moans change in volume and intensity.

p Eren pulled Kirin and made her stick her back to his chest.

The latter was made to stand on her knees while getting railed by her husband from behind.

She spread her legs some more to accommodate the dick that changed size and shape more than a chameleon changes its colors.

Kirin welcomed Eren\'s kisses and bites on her neck.

She became even more ecstatic when she felt his hands cupping her boobs from behind and pressing them firmly.

Soon, she felt fire snakes covering her body and biting and licking her in different places.

Her clit, inner folds of her pussy, and inner thighs weren\'t spared either.

Eren decided to spice things up some more after he was sure that the right environment had been created.

He pulled his dick out and started rubbing it against Kirin\'s butt crack.

The latter was taken aback by his move at first and stopped moaning.

What… what\'s the matter

Kirin asked in the Oni tongue.

The latter smiled gently before placing the tip of his cock right at her backdoor entrance.

Kirin was about to open her mouth to register her hesitation.

But her lips were sealed when Eren kissed them.

He kept on pressing her tits with one hand while his other hand started playing with the light pubes she had.

He then rubbed his fingers inside the inner folds of her pussy, making it drip some more pussy juices.

Eren slowly started pushing his dick inside Kirin.

He made her sleep on her tummy and slept flat on her before driving his dick inside her.


Kirin felt a mixture of feelings at this point.

But the feelings of pleasure were the most dominant among them.

The butcher also made use of his Ability to generate Mist of Lust.

He did not intend to brand her.

He just wanted her to experience her elevated levels of lust and pleasure.

As a result, Kirin felt like she had been taken over cloud nine, which was as literal as it was metaphorical.

She propped her ass and welcomed Eren\'s thrusts actively.

She assumed a comfortable position that allowed her to also kiss him.

Eren also felt like his dick had been wrapped tightly by flesh walls made of lava.

Kirin\'s ass cushioned his thrusts and made it even more pleasant for him.

Tap! Tap! Tap!

Eren continued his pounding for a considerable time before releasing his load deep into Kirin\'s anal passage.

Kirin was made to come at the same time, thanks to his hands and fire snakes staying hard at their work.

Eren crashed on the bed beside her.

Kirin was too out of her normal senses to say anything to him.

She just looked at him and smiled, placing her hand over his chest.

She soon drew near to him and placed her head over his chest.

She listened to his elevated heartbeats before speaking up.

Lord Husband, I think I\'ll never be able to get enough of this.

Eren smiled sardonically and caressed the back of Kirin\'s head.

He played with her golden hair and tickled her ears before responding.

The feeling is mutual, my dear.

Just… just give me some time.

It was not an easy task keeping up with someone of Expert Ranker\'s caliber.

Eren felt like he should use potions to speed up his recovery.

But then he decided against it, treating exhaustion as a part of the process and not a negative outcome.

Plus, he didn\'t like to get addicted to the potions he created for mass addiction.

The mortals who sell sugar would not consume it in their diets.

The couple continued their sessions for hours on end after that.

Eventually, they stopped when the first light of the day was about to break on the horizon.


The couple got changed into new sets of clothes.

They were about to leave the city of New Beginnings.

Kirin had decided to follow Eren\'s plan of conquering Bigua\'s tribe.

Eren was en route to visit the army base he was assigned to after leaving the city.

He planned to sign up for the exit mission and be done with it.

All so that he could move on to doing his work, without the potential army responsibilities holding him down.

He was especially not interested in being part of the army now that the war was drawing close.

He had already contacted Arjun, Lyon, and Dianna before coming to the city.

They had decided to meet him at the army base as well.

Hm What is that

Eren was about to descend from the cloud platform in one swift jump.

But he noticed there was a blue-scaled fish in the lake that gave off a distinct presence.

It looked like a salmon except for the fact that it had a horn over its head and was much larger.

This fish was about a meter long and had a very petite frame.

It appeared very attractive when it stood still.

And it looked graceful when it swam around in the water.

It looked like it was waiting for the first ray of the daybreak to hit the lake water before submerging into the lake bed once again.

The fish seemed to have a mana body yet it felt like it had the mana signatures of a real organism.

It was the first time Eren had seen anything like this.

So he looked at Kirin.

She felt like she was trying to remember something about this kind of organism from her memories related to the continent of Echidna.

But for now, she was clueless.

It\'s what they call nature\'s blessing, Eren.

A conscious fragment of water elemental attainment.

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