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Chapter 839: Sea Shanties

Eren cleared his throat and shook his head before coming up with a few lines for Kirin.

You are a white lily, my love

In the sea of hellfire– dreadful

You are a faint glow– amber

Of the evening sky– red

You are a sunken pearl– jade

In murky waters– gray

You are an old coin– silver

Among the dirt coppers– umber

You are a lost dream– found


A garnet wine– vintage

You are the only voice– sane

Among the endless screams– savage

You are a beacon of light– bright

In a stormy sea– wild

You are a heartbeat– kind

In my evil heart– vile

You are a needed respite– pleasant

In my lonely life– upsetting

You are a gentle smile– content

Among endless earnings– yellings

You are a light quill– flimsy

Over a brown parchment– old

You are dipped in ink– blue

Writing sea shanties– untold.

The butcher said and sighed.

It looked like he was still unable to capture the charms Kirin was exuding in his words.

He acted like an utter failure– with his downhearted voice and his sunken gaze.

It took a while for Kirin to process what Eren had said.

She understood his words well.

However, she processed the meanings behind his words slowly– enjoying the process in her head.

Eren had basically told Kirin that he saw her as a sought-after respite and safe zone in any unwanted situation.

Since she had become his shadow, he felt safer and always surrounded by feelings of affection.

The piece he created for her was just a token of appreciation he had come up with.

Eren told Kirin that he was unable to come up with better words to praise Kirin.

Then he went ahead and whipped up the most artistic lines he could think of.

It was safe to say that the girl was impressed beyond measure.

Kirin tightened her grip around Eren\'s arms and planted a peck on his cheek as they were walking.

The butcher smiled when he received confirmation that Kirin really liked his piece.

That was a beautiful piece, Lord Husband.

I couldn\'t have asked for anything better.

If there are better words, I don\'t want to hear them after listening to what you came up with.

Kirin spoke in a gentle voice full of affection.

Eren had to say that this was the most expressive Kirin had shown since they met up.

She was opening up to him at least.

It seemed that Kirin was not done with her replies.

She paused to come up with something similar to Eren\'s piece.

But in the end, she couldn\'t do it.

She tucked her hair behind her ears before speaking honestly.

Eren, I am not as verbal as you.

I lack the talent of a poet.

And it has nothing to do with the fact that I learned the language just recently.

But I\'ll say this.

Your strength lies in your determination.

Your character shines brightest in the diligent work you do every day.

And your sky-high goals inspire not only you but those around you as well, including me.

Eren was surprised that he was receiving counter-praise in return.

This was the first time in a long while that someone had said positive things about him.

As such the experience was almost foreign to him.

As much as he wanted to say he didn\'t need to be hailed for something he did purely for his reasons, he didn\'t dislike praises when they came from Kirin.

This was akin to a land that had learned to survive without the rains suddenly getting doused in a downpour.

Kirin liked that Eren\'s smile had changed shades because of her words.

She looked at him intently before speaking further.

Agatha often fears that your deeds will be portrayed as evil should they come to light.

And maybe they are, because of the rankers\' society we are currently living in.

But she doesn\'t know the broader truth of the world.

She doesn\'t know what it takes to conquer an entire army of monsters.

She doesn\'t know what it means to be supported by Anfang\'s world will in a way.

It would be impossible even for the most powerful child of Echidna in the Oni dungeon to stand against my father the way you did and hope to survive the ordeal.

But the unimaginable happened and I was freed from that prison.

Only after getting out of that space did I realize how suffocating it was.

Only after coming with you did I realize what I was missing in life.

Eren smiled when he heard Kirin\'s take on the past.

It looked like she really saw a savior in him.

Sometimes tyranny didn\'t have to be physical or verbal.

It is also possible for silence and non-interaction to come off as tyrannical.

And in Kirin\'s eyes, her father was just that.

Eren led her inside the restaurant for couples and booked a cozy table for them upstairs.

He ordered a bunch of dishes for both of them and waited for the appetizers.

While waiting, he decided to dig deep into Kirin\'s psyche.

Kirin darling, you say that you are living a better life with me than you were inside the Oni dungeon.

But you are forgetting the fact that it is also very dangerous being with me.

I take precautions.

I plan.

And I keep tabs on my enemies.

But I have come to understand that when ** wants to hit the fan, it will.

And nobody would be able to stop it.

After all, those who are trying to rise and take flight are bound to get pulled down by gravity harder.

Wouldn\'t it have been better for you if you were to separate from me and concentrate on your evolution now that you are free to do whatever you want I would not mind if you stayed in White Raven city or Badlands to work on yourself rather than always being with me.

As terrible as your father was, he didn\'t stop you from working on yourself.

You had safety and steady progress in the Oni dungeon.

Not something I can provide to you in this volatile situation.

After all, I can\'t provide you with something I don\'t possess myself.

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