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Chapter 806 Summoning Spells and Wrath Mana


Eren threw out a potion bomb on the battlefield before leaving.

It wasn\'t really an explosive but an alchemy product made to spread the Potion of Innosense.

He then moved to a barren area to absorb the latest wrath flame.

He didn\'t want to wait this time.

Eren sat cross-legged in a meditative position inside a cave that he had created with his earth-element spell.

He has his hands on basic spells from every great element at this point.

And practiced them from time to time.

Eren practiced his Rootless ranking technique for a while to stabilize his mana flow inside his mana circuits.

The flame of wrath floats in front of him, burning silently.

Alephee came out of her newly hijacked pendent abode and looked at Eren.

she then cast her barrier spell so that the mana fluctuations that arise due to Eren absorbing this special wrath flame stay inside.

Do it.

Alephee said and smiled at Eren.

The latter smiled back before raising his open palm.

As soon as the dark red wrath flame was placed in his palm, it started melting in his hand.

Aaaaaaaaaaaargh fuccccck!

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Eren felt an unbelievably painful headache when the wrath flame completely disappeared from his body.

This was the first time he had ever felt a headache like this after absorbing the wrath flame.

Practice your ranking technique while absorbing the wrath flame.

Eren was barely able to hear Alephee\'s advice amid the feeling of headache and burn he was feeling throughout his body.

It was as if someone was trying to reshape his body.

Eren started seeing the childhood memories that belonged to old Rey.

his sense of time was twisted and he started living his victim\'s life in quick succession.

Some scenes were cut short.

Others were blurred.

But deep down, the butcher could subconsciously remember things even old Rey would have had a hard time recalling.

Water-element attainments.

Earth-element attainments.

Wood element attainments.

This was the most complete set of memories Eren ever had a chance to look through.

But the journey he was living through wasn\'t just limited to what was happening inside his mind.

Eren\'s ranking status started changing as his body began absorbing the wrath flame while the Rootless technique was active.

His mana core started absorbing mana from the surroundings at a rapid pace.

It was also absorbing the attainments of wood, water, and earth elements that once belonged to old Rey.

Eren\'s body started sweating heavily as he was living through a peculiar state.

In his mind, he was living an entire life.

As a result, his stats increased.

The adept-ranked mana core was trying to enter the liquid state.

The class-related memories and elemental comprehensions were the next sets to get absorbed by Eren.

but there was something else that he had never absorbed before.

Spells and spell comprehensions.

Execution experiences.

Eren was absorbing everything that old Rey had to offer to him.

He had stripped the Remus clan member of all his achievements.

Eren\'s mana core started vibrating as it absorbed plenty of Adept-ranked mana along with the elemental attainments.

Before long, he had broken into the liquid stage of the D-Rank.

The butcher was still undergoing his white-haired transformation.

The runic tattoos all over his body started getting darker.

They started moving over his skin as if they were alive, creating brand-new patterns that weren\'t previously there.

You are doing well, Eren.

But don\'t be too greedy.

Hold onto things that are useful and discard what is unnecessary to you.

Alephee\'s voice sounded in Eren\'s mind when he was living his life as Rey Remus.

At first, it sounded foreign to him.

But his soul sense aided him in snapping out of the illusions induced by memories.

Eren started following Alephee\'s advice.

He had a new clarity in the task he was doing because of his soul sense.

The butcher started discarding memories related to Rey doing things and memories that didn\'t matter much to him.

He only started focusing on the memories related to his class, spells, and elemental attainments.

Within a few minutes, Eren was able to handle the self-inflicted crisis.

He then focused on stabilizing his situation by practicing his ranking technique some more.

Eren opened his eyes to what he thought was a lifetime later.

He could tell that there were a lot of things different about him as a ranker.

How do you feel

Alephee asked, folding her arms.

Eren replied with a smile on his face.



I wish I could kill a bunch of Reys to regain these gains.

Eren answered before licking his lips.

For some reason, he felt hungry.

So he took out the ice-element fruits that he had stocked up on and started eating them.

The chill they induced also refreshed his mind.

Eren thought of testing his newly obtained comprehension and spells.

He first summoned a giant flower in front of him with yellow and green petals.

This was the same kind of spell Rey had used earlier.

Eren had started broadening his horizons with each breakthrough, big or small.

Thus, he acquired a brand-new spell combo in his head.

Woodland creatures\' summoning spell wrath mana.

As soon as Eren injected the wrath mana into the woodland creature with a normal body, it began to transform.

It started transforming into a much broader and more prominent version of itself.

And of course, infected by the emotions of wrath.


The woodland creature yelled at its master because there was no enemy around for it to launch its attack and focus its wrath on.

A whole new branch of summoning magic was open for Eren when he acquired wood-based summoning spells.

And Rey\'s experiences and comprehension as a summoner had helped him integrate his Sin series ability with summoning magic, enabling him to bring out the summoning spell\'s true potential.

Eren knew that he could only inject wrath mana into the bodies of the summoned woodland creatures because they had organic bodies.

For now, the wrath mana injection wouldn\'t work on his other summoning spells.

However, the butcher was all smiles after learning that old Rey had given him everything he could.

The old man had enabled Eren to become one of the top-class summoners of his generation

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