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Chapter 805: Capturing A Spy

The dual-element shield was dispersed in the air when its caster lost all his focus.


You are planning to kill me, aren\'t you

You have turned into a madman, son of a whore.

An old man mused while gritting his teeth, staring blankly into the distance.

The open path and lush vegetation had unfolded in front of his eyes.

But his eyes were staring into the void as if trying to look for an emissary of death that was coming to claim his life.

His white hair had lost its previous regal look.

His white beard started looking unkempt and dirty.

His eyes were getting redder by the second as he processed his emotions.


You just **ing wait, you vile **ing snake.

You won\'t get away with this.

Do you hear me House Remus will make sure that you…


Old Rey was feeling livid all of a sudden.

He was feeling uncontrollable anger towards everything and anything that came into his sight.

But someone dropped something in front of him that temporarily snapped him out of his unreasonable rage.


What is…

Rey\'s red eyes were wide open in shock when he realized that he was looking at a decapitated head on the ground in front of him.

The cut part had been cauterized so much that it had stopped bleeding.

As a result, the head looked completely fine and almost alive.

Old Rey was about to scream once more.

But Eren\'s soul sense overwhelmed him and affected his consciousness.

As a result, he entered a vegetative state while the wrath mana was still inside him.

Kirin appeared beside Eren with virtually no signs of battle on her.

Of course, she had taken care of Janos.

But Kirin was not alone.

She was controlling the runic shackles of someone standing behind her.

Their mouth was also sealed with a runic imprint, making it impossible for them to speak.

I was wondering what was taking you so long.

So it looks like we have an admirer admiring us from a distance.

Eren addressed Kirin, taking her in his arms.

He caressed her blond hair and tucked the bangs behind her ears while observing the prisoner she had taken in.


This girl was spying on us when we were busy, lord husband.

I trapped her after killing that guy.

I was planning to kill her as well.

But thought that there was a chance you two knew each other.

So I brought her here.

Kirin said, looking at Eren adoringly.

The Oni princess that had just killed Janos was nowhere to be found within her.

She liked being embraced and pampered by Eren.

This prisoner of Kirin was an Adept-ranked female ranker who radiated a wild aura around her.

Eren and Kirin could feel that there was something different about her as she looked at them with a mixture of surprise and disbelief.

This prisoner had black hair and wild eyes.

She had a slim build and curves at the right places.

She was wearing leather-like black armor and seemed to have been out and about for a very long time because of the way her mana signature felt to Eren.

Hm Who is she I don\'t remember her.

She doesn\'t seem associated with any of the forces we know either.

Eren looked at the wild-looking girl with a bit of curiosity in his eyes.

But at this moment, he decided to focus on his task at hand.

It looks like we\'ll need to interrogate her.

Kirin darling, use the spatial array I showed you and take her into the city.

Lock her up in the guild\'s basement and keep an eye on her.

I\'ll wrap this up soon.

Eren said, pecking Kirin on the right cheek.

The Oni princess nodded and hugged Eren a bit before disappearing.

The shushed prisoner was suddenly seen getting dragged in the air by her shackles.

Her eyes and her body language screamed the need to get free from the Oni princess that had caught her effortlessly.

Eren rubbed his palms together and clapped when Kirin and the prisoner were removed from sight, leaving him alone with a vegetative-looking Rey.

Now… where were we

Eren asked nobody in particular before expediting the process to generate wrath flames.

Old Rey\'s blue veins on his skin and the mana circuits inside him started getting overflown with wrath mana.

Before long, a creature of wrath was created who had assumed the same kneeled position as Rey.

This creature of wrath looked so different from Rey because of his pumped-up physical appearance.

Eren was about to snap his fingers and destroy old Rey\'s wrath body to obtain the wrath flame.

Suddenly, he thought of something.

He was having an inner feeling that since all his Abilities had evolved with his rank up, his bloodline Ability must have followed the same pattern.

This was his instinct as a half-blood.

So he decided to act on them.


Eren extended his arms and shapeshifted them into a slime-like form.

He activated his bloodline Ability on Rey on top of his Sin Series Ability.

Instead of absorbing Rey\'s life essence and fortifying his body stats, Eren decided to refine the wrath flame using his Devour Ability.

He started liquidating Rey\'s body to nourish the wrath flame that was lit inside the active slimy mass.

Activation of both Abilities on a single subject produced a distinct and never-felt-before mana pulse.

Within a moment, it drained all the mana in the area before congregating around Rey\'s body.

Eren watched the whole process with keen interest.

He could see the outcome in his head.

Before long, old Rey\'s entire body was disintegrated and changed into something else by Eren\'s Abilities.

There remained a single wrath flame floating in front of Eren in the end.

It was dark red and felt so much different from the previous wrath flames Eren had synthesized.

This should be interesting.

Eren thought to himself and smirked.

He could feel that the gains he would receive by absorbing this wrath flame would be on a different level than all the previous instances.

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