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Chapter 585 The Difference in Spell Proficiency

Eren felt like he was in his previous timeline, being a berserker and drinking a berserker potion.

Yet, he could feel that the boost he had received from the Demon Beast Transformation spell was a tad bit higher than what the Berserker potion allowed.

And this was when he and Argo were just in the Ace rank.

When he had only just started using the spell.

He couldn\'t even imagine how fearsome the boost would get as both he and Argo kept ranking up and got compatible with using the spell.

Eren focused on Altashia and observed that she had more control over the spell because of the tamed mana signature that she was giving off.

Her stature had also increased a bit.

And her pupils had turned vertical as well.

But apart from these not-so-apparent changes, there were no visible beastly features that could be seen on her body.

It seemed that she only strengthened her internal organs and boosted her body stats with the spell\'s somewhat controlled effects.

But maybe Eren had judged too soon.

Because by the time Altashia was done stabilizing her Demon Beast Transformation spell, she sported two large black wings that made her look like an ethereal existence.

Altashia had full control over wings it seemed.

Unlike the butcher, who was busy with other projects and potioning, she spent time mastering the spell.

Flap! Flap! Flap!

Altashia flapped her black-feathered wings and took flight.

She spun her oversized scythe and looked in Eren\'s direction while flashing a haughty smirk.

The ability to take stable flight had changed the whole game and tilted the chips in Altashia\'s favor.

The Demon Beast Transformation spell couldn\'t be maintained for a long time.

And the addition of organs that weren\'t present by default cut short the spell\'s active time even more.

But Altashia was fine with all that.

The reason for that was seen on Eren\'s face when he saw her take flight.

\'Damn… I… really want to kiss this woman right now.\'

Eren gulped empty air as he watched Altashia staring at him.

He was intimidated.

That\'s because he knew that the warrior ranker had become many times more dangerous than she was because of the mere inclusion of two wings.

It also made her more attractive in his eyes than she already was.

It was as if she were a fallen angel with black wings as often depicted in fantasy stories from Layla\'s books.

Furthermore, Al\'s usage of the transcendent-grade spell also highlighted the difference between the pseudo-prodigy-him and the natural-prodigy-her.

It was like the spell was meant for her use.

As if Altashia was used to tweaking spells on the fly.

Only now did Eren understand that having an epic tier demon-beast wasn\'t everything.

One\'s mastery over the spell as well as the connection they shared with their demon beast was also an additional factor to consider.

The difference in spell proficiency in using the same spell was as clear as day and night for him.

\'If only I had my Reen right now.\'

Eren clenched his hand and mumbled to himself.

Then he thought that he was placing Argo in a bad light for his incompetence.

He immediately corrected his faulty logic.

\'All good things take time.

I\'ll get Reen back eventually.

Argo will only get better with time.

And I\'ll master this spell eventually.

Right now, I need to play with the cards I have been dealt with.\'

The butcher sighed and looked up.

Altashia was waiting for him to give her the sign.

Even though she knew her flight capabilities had a timer attached to them, she wanted Eren to sort out his thoughts first.

Altashia was a kind girl, in her own warrior-like way.

Her kindness was different from the kindness born out of pity or sympathy.

Her kindness was based on her opponent\'s capabilities and her relationship with them.

She won\'t pull any punches in the battle for kindness.

But she\'d offer her opponents a chance to present all they could.

What Eren had considered being Altashia\'s fatal flaw stemmed from her grandpa Altair\'s way of training her.

He would allow her to showcase all her progress before making a move.

So this habit was subconsciously adopted by her as well.

What did you say about having an advantage, Eren

Altashia tried to taunt Eren while placing her palm on her right cheek.

She acted cutely.

But the butcher could only smile mirthlessly at her antics before responding playfully.

No need to wait.

Come and get some, Al

Eren beckoned at Al using his right hand\'s index finger.

He then played with his punching daggers artistically as if he was a juggler of his weapons.

In a way, he was preparing for all the danger that was going to come his way.

His restless hands and restless hearts found comfort in those activities.

Altashia didn\'t need to be told twice.

She flapped her wings and appeared just a few meters away from Eren in the air before swinging her scythe in his direction.

Before one knew it, multiple flying slashes were heading Eren\'s way from different directions.

Sedated Perception

Stunning Speed

Blitz Steps

When Eren used his go-to spell combo and tried to move, he was overwhelmed by the feedback he received.

His enhanced body stats had made it possible for him to go even faster than his personal best.

Moreover, he strengthened his movement spell so that he could move the way he chose in a world that seemed almost stagnant to him.

As a result, almost all of Altashia\'s flying slashes missed their target even when she had an altitude advantage.



A storm of fire and wind-element mana raged inside the battle ring.

It was also washed in red and purple lightning flashes from time to time.

This Demon Beast Transformation spell is so epic.

I can\'t believe those two are in the Ace rank after watching and witnessing the battle.

That\'s it.

I want that spell as well.

I\'ll slave in the army for as long as it takes for me to get my hands on it.

Arjun flared his nose in anger as he watched Eren and Altashia fight to their hearts\' content without worrying about each other\'s injuries.

He was angry at nobody.

He just felt like he deserved to have this spell more than any other.

It is because you say some stuff like this that is the reason why I always doubt you of moonshining my dwarven ale and replacing it with cheap knockoffs.

You\'d need a demon beast first before you can try to cast the spell.

Set your priorities right before you jump the gun.

Lyon said while snorting at Arjun.

Attempting to make a comeback, the latter raised his finger and pointed at him.

But in the end, he got nothing.

So he put his arm down and sighed.

He had gotten a bit too excited seeing the two Ace rankers fight with capabilities beyond their rank.

\'I\'d also get a demon beast.

Maybe I can ask the army to enroll me into THAT program.\'

Arjun thought to himself and clenched his fist.

He started to have plans of his own as he watched Eren and Altashia fight.

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