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That night! It...



was you, wasn\'t it

Lensa asked while fixing her eyes on Eren.

The latter was a bit startled when he heard the question.

Also, he was elated by the comfortable and slippery sensation surrounding his dick.

The cocktail of these contrasting emotions made Eren speechless to come up with a valid answer.

He had to say the elf girl had timed her question right.

So he just admitted it straightaway by nodding his head.

Lensa smirked and rested her pelvis right over Eren\'s groin, taking his entire rod inside her.

She found that the length was just right this time as if Eren had altered the size to fill her pussy completely in just the correct manner.


I suspected as much!

The elf prodigy said before giving Eren\'s cupped balls a firm squeeze with her hand.

The latter was startled when Lensa suddenly launched a fatal attack on his family jewels.


Lensa darling...


Eren finally remembered he had an Adept ranked mana defense layer that he had lowered down earlier.

With it deployed and fortified over his balls, Lensa could no longer dominate him with her act.

He also wanted to secure his rod just in case, just in case the maniac decides to turn her attention to his Lil Precious.

But thankfully, it didn\'t come to that.

Lensa looked at him with a bit of anger on her face before speaking up in a grim voice.

Hmph! I don\'t know what reasoning you had at that time to treat me like some roadside bimbo.

But you better not think I\'m as naive as I was at that time.

And you will tell me everything about that incident after we are done.

Do you understand

Eren was surprised that a soft-spoken Lensa could show this side of her during their intimate moments.

He couldn\'t say that he disliked it.

Smiling softly, he nodded at her.

In the next moment, he pulled her onto him and planted another kiss.

The butcher then lifted Lensa\'s resting hips a bit with both his hands while kissing her.

He started driving his dick inside her with slow strokes while inserting his tongue inside her.

Lensa had gotten back to her ecstatic mood after confirming Eren\'s identity.

She only had an inkling when she had a talk with Eren in the city of Silvermoon.

But all her doubts were confirmed to be true by the culprit himself.

Lensa wanted to beat Eren\'s ass down for the stunt he had pulled on her.

But for some reason, she couldn\'t bring herself to look past his charms.

Nevertheless, she had decided that she would get back to Eren using her methods whenever and wherever she could.

However, she decided to vent her frustrations on the culprit for the time being.

As Lensa rode his erect rod, Eren pressed Lensa\'s D-Cups twins with both of his hands.

The elf girl closed her eyes and enjoyed the process of being dicked at just the right pace.

Tap! tap! Tap!

The slab of ice on which the ice bed was located sent a series of ripples in the water surface it was floating over.

These ripples were in sync with the thrusts Eren was delivering.

Aaaaah! More! Fuck me harder, Eren!

Lensa\'s wet cave adjusted to Eren\'s dick.

She felt there was a need to have more of him inside her when that happened.

One could say that the pussies could never be content with the dicking they received.

Thankfully, Eren could fix that problem right away.

He increases the size and girth of his rod before increasing his thrusting speed.

He pulled Lensa onto him and wrapped her hands around her to make her lay completely flat on her torso as she was getting **ed by him.

For some reason, Lensa found out that her ecstasy levels had shot through the roof and reached new heights when Eren started pounding her.

That\'s because Eren had activated his Sin series Ability not too long ago.

Aaaaa! Aaaaaa! Yessss!

Lensa couldn\'t help responding to Eren\'s thrusts physically and vocally.

She took control of her body and met Eren\'s thrusts with reverse thrusts of her own.

Her hands latched onto Eren\'s biceps for support.

It was a while before the elf prodigy came for the second time.

Eren\'s dick got drenched in her pussy juices that trickled down along its length and made his balls wet as well.

The wrinkles on his scrotum were nourished with her slimy liquid.

The sultry smell intensified when Eren shot his load deep into Lensa\'s wet canal not long after.

The latter couldn\'t help feeling a much-needed form of satisfaction when that happened.

Lensa was already laying flat on Eren\'s torso, resting her head right over his chest.

She just laid there and caught her breath while still keeping Eren\'s semi-erect dick inside her.

Try this!

Eren said and dangled the vial of potion in front of Lensa\'s half-closed eyes.

It was the same vial in which he had put the recovery potion.



Using me as a guinea pig, huh

Lensa said catching her breath.

But she snatched the bottle before Eren could say or do anything.

He uncorked the vial before emptying the contents into her mouth.

In the next moment, her skin all over her body had a thin layer of blue ice over it.

This blue ice layer intensified with each passing moment before developing cracks all over it.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The thin ice layer was cracked on its own before revealing a refreshing-looking Lensa.

Her breaths were normalized and she was brimming with newfound energy in her body.

Lensa sat straight on Eren\'s groin when she experienced the potion\'s effects firsthand.

This was one of the fastest-acting potions she had a chance to try in the Ace rank.

And the recovery effect of the potion was all-inclusive.

The most remarkable thing about this newly invented potion was the fact that it was based on a simple potion recipe.

It meant that it could be made using the most common and affordable raw ingredients.

Eren was surprised as well.

He could imagine the number of profits he could make if he managed to commercialize the potion\'s manufacture.

Now that Lensa was branded, she wouldn\'t mind giving the manufacturing right to him instead of her family.

However, all those things could wait.

For now, both of them wanted to enjoy each other\'s company to the fullest under the moonlight and over the ice bed.


AN: VEH officially celebrates its first birth anniversary on this day.

Recently, we passed the 900K word count mark as well.

So that\'s another milestone to consider.

When I published the first chapter of my book, even as a newbie writer, I knew what kind of story I was trying to write.

But I had not planned it to be this heavy on the details from the get-go.

I know that a storyline this complex has so many things to cover at any given time.

Something that should be handled with a quick plot progression.

But for better or worse, I like this form of detailed writing style and enjoy painting a clear picture.

We have laid this foundation from the beginning so that plotholes won\'t throw us off.

Something we can take great pride in.

At this point, we have so many facets of the story that are progressing on their own in the background, not requiring me to cover them in detail anymore.

Plus, we are moving towards our first in-story time-skip.

So we can look forward to that.

VEH has never dropped out of Win-Win since its first complete contract month, which would be December of this year.

I managed to write even when I had COVID.

I kept writing on my smartphone for almost two weeks when my laptop broke.

If nothing else, we could give VEH a full score on its publishing consistency.

The Kobe Bryant videos are to be thanked for this.


Raising a metaphorical toast to all the VEH readers who made it this far.

Special thanks to all the top contributors of the book.

It couldn\'t have been possible without your support.

We still have more in the store.

So keep calm and hang tight.


Also, it\'s ironic that VEH would complete its first anniversary with chapter 768.


The Novel will be updated first on this website.

Come back and continue reading tomorrow, everyone!

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