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Ice bed.

That\'s what Lensa had created with her ice-element spell in the middle of the array pool meant to be used for moisture regulation inside the greenhouse.

Lensa had frozen a portion of the pool and created an ice slab.

This looked just like a real bed except for the fact that it was not that plushy.

The slab of ice, however, floated on the water.

As a result, the bed would generate feedback for every kind of movement done on it.

Lensa\'s act of creating this bed was going to affect the moisture regulation inside the greenhouse.

However, neither of the rankers cared.


Eren lifted the camisole and bent to take the brown boobie bud in his mouth.

The elf prodigy was lying on her back with Eren on top of her.

She watched as Eren sucked on her right nipple with a playfulness reflected in his eyes.

Eren grouped Lensa\'s other booby with his left hand, fine-tuning its nipple as he nibbled on her right one.

At the same time, he reached for Lensa\'s pussy with his right hand.

She facilitated that access by tilting toward her right and lifting her left leg a bit.



Lensa moaned in ecstasy when Eren started exciting her pussy from over the flimsy innerwear she was wearing.

It had gotten plenty wet at this point, allowing Eren to understand what was happening down there.

However, he did not break through the last line of defense the dripping pussy had.

Eren… yes...

Devour me!

Lensa was quite vocal about her feelings.

Even more so than the previous time.

The butcher felt a bit weird about the word \'devour\'.

But he chuckled and resumed what he was doing.

Lensa\'s moans and her spontaneous reactions continued to spill out of her mouth as Eren started to excite her using a multi-front strategy.

The ice bed floating over the water would be submerged a bit before bouncing back in the water every time Lensa writhed her body in ecstasy.

Eren took the other nipple in his mouth.

He coated his fingers in fire element mana for a bit and took care of her undies, making them vanish into thin air.

Lensa had a bit of pubic growth.

For some reason, it reminded Eren of aunt Nina when it was their first time.

The butcher chuckled in his mind as he explored the elf\'s wet cave.

The close combat expert put Lensa\'s clit through a bit of shock when it was fully out in the open.

He generated a minute lightning strand at the tip of his fingers before touching.

In a matter of seconds, he followed that sensation with a gentle touch.

This shocked her clit and cured it of its discomfort right away.


Lensa moaned and moaned some more when that happened.

Despite the rascal\'s unsophisticated way of playing with her body, she spread her legs.

Or more precisely, her body responded in such a way against her wishes.

Eren sent his middle finger inside the wet cave while grabbing Lensa by the pussy.

Not letting his ladies know his next move was one of his trump cards in such situations.


A sweet and sultry smell started permeating the air as Lensa came all over Eren\'s right hand.

She rubbed her pink button with one hand as she released all her pent-up emotions.

Lensa had euphoric and relaxed expressions on her face when her pussy stopped squirting.

Eren recovered his dripping wet right hand when Lensa released her hand over it.

He stopped sucking her boobies and brought the hand close to his nose, smelling it intently.

I really like the way you smell, Leni.

Eren said with a smile on his face.

Since he had already satisfied his urges with his manager not too long ago, he was in complete control of his actions.

Huff! Huff! Huff!

After her first orgasm, Lensa was breathing heavily.

Her eyes were half closed and rolled back.

It took a while for her to respond.

And she chose to do it non-verbally.

Lensa pulled Eren and invited him into her embrace.

She had her legs wrapped around him when he was right on top of her.

She held his face with both her hands on either side and planted a passionate kiss.

Her legs tightened around him while she did that, indicating the fact that she was just getting started.

The last piece of fabric that was on Lensa was next to be removed.

The air rolled to their sides, bringing Eren to the bottom.

Lensa stopped kissing Eren when she realized that she was in charge.

She looked at him and smirked before tying her free hair in a knot at the top of her head.

For some reason, Eren found that sight to be erotic.

He folded his arms and rested his head over them while he watched Lensa be put in the driver\'s seat.

Eren\'s chest and abs were traced by the elf girl with both hands.

Now that they both were in their birthday suits, she could feel his dick pressing against her buttocks.

She leaned into it and raised the friction, making the little guy even more excited than before.

Lensa and Eren both were looking in each other\'s eyes as they did these subtle acts.

It was as if they didn\'t need to say anything to each other anymore.

Lensa reached behind her back and started stroking Eren\'s erect rod with her right hand.

She looked into Eren\'s eyes while giving him the handjob.

She pulled down the foreskin before tracing the edges of the mushroom head.

She pressed the head a bit before releasing it right after.

She then moved onto feeling the veins on his dick with the tip of her fingers.

It was as if she was trying to check something.

Or confirm something.

She cupped his balls next while grinding her butts against the tip of Eren\'s dick.

The little guy was just one slip away from entering Lensa\'s pleasure hole.

Eren had a pleasantly-surprised expression on his face as he enjoyed Lensa\'s handjob.


He guided his hands onto Lensa\'s boobies and gave them a firm squeeze.

Lensa looked into Eren\'s eyes and smirked once again as if she knew what he had done in the past.

She stroked his dick a bit before placing the tip at her wet entrance.

She guided her hips downwards and started taking his shift inside her pussy ever-so-slowly.

That night! It… aaaah… it… was you, wasn\'t it


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