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Chapter 762: Securing Astral Projection Potion

One should not be afraid of having regrets.

The aim should be to achieve something even grander than what you couldn\'t have.

Because that\'s when you truly start to live your life.

Eren said and smiled at Lensa who was lost in her thoughts.

She stared at him but the butcher knew she wasn\'t looking at him.

The elf prodigy of her generation couldn\'t speak for a while after she started processing Eren\'s words in her mind.

She could also feel that Eren had tried to help her with the remedy for regrets he had come up with.

Not being afraid to have regrets…

She mumbled Eren\'s last phrase in her mind multiple times before it started making sense to her.

A genuine smile bloomed on her gorgeous face before she looked at Eren with determination in her eyes.

Eren, I… I like you.

Lensa, who had initially hesitated, spoke to Eren with a confident tone.

The latter chuckled when he heard her say that.

He expected that conclusion after reading her obvious emotions.

Eren also saw that Lensa wanted to use a stronger word than just like.

But she had found a middle ground between \'not being afraid of having regrets\' and \'having regrets that she should be fine with having.\' An act that showed that she was becoming more adept at handling her own emotions.

As much of a manipulator of emotions Eren was, he didn\'t want to lead Lensa to her current conclusion.

But it would also be hypocritical of him to discourage her from something that she came up with in her own process.

Especially something that was based on his guidance and her inner voice.

Eren said with the same tone of confidence that Lensa used.

I like you too, Lensa.

Lensa raised her eyebrows before looking at Eren with expressions of I just hit the jackpot.

The butcher chuckled looking at her before adding further.

I like you Lensa.

And I\'d want us to get close to each other.

But for now, answer a few of my questions, would you

I also have a business proposition for the House Carren.

Eren said, smiling mildly.

He then tapped the space beside him on the sofa he was sitting on, indicating that they should sit close to each other for their next talk.

Lensa was left speechless by how fast Eren was at making his moves.

And how casually he had handled her proposal.

It was as if all her emotions lay bare in front of him like an open book.

She felt like she was trying to get close to a monster who knew what he was doing.

He was in complete control of himself as well as the surroundings around him.

But for some reason, Lensa\'s heart wanted this kind of monstrous control from her man.

Before she knew it, her body had already risen.

She could only give in to her urges and follow them.

Eren stood up from his seated position and offered Lensa to place her hand on his.

A simple gesture of elegance.

Something she liked.

She did what he asked of her and eventually sat beside him.

The butcher did not let go of her hand after he shifted his seated position.

He caressed it with both his hands as they started talking.

Eren first asked Lensa about why the engagement broke up.

The news had reached all the big houses that held positions of importance in the kingdom at this point.

Ideally, he should have known about this thing from his sources.

Plus, his city was indirectly involved in this matter as well.

However, Eren had skipped a lot of information Agatha was trying to convey to him today.

Every time she tried to speak in between their intimate sessions, he would seal her lips using various means at his disposal.

In the end, she gave up giving him reports and decided to focus on the task at hand.

Eren was surprised when he heard Sienna also had a hand to play.

It was also apparent from Lensa\'s emotions that she merely used Sienna\'s words as an excuse to back out of the engagement.

\'That Slughorn bitch.

She\'ll never change.\'

Eren narrowed his eyes when he thought of Sienna\'s face.

Her image immediately provoked a strong sense of disgust and wrath in his heart.

Punishing her for ruining his life was not something he would ever regret.

Eren listened to the series of events that led to Lensa\'s confrontation with Sienna as he caressed the hand he was holding.

He had thought that he couldn\'t hate Sienna any more than he already hated her.

But listening to Lensa\'s encounter with her proved him wrong.

\'So they sealed off her memories, huh I guess it\'s time I got rid of her for good.

Just so that I could make her stop casting a shadow on my future in one way or the other.\'

Eren maintained his stoic expressions while he thought of killing Sienna.

Killing her wasn\'t a big deal anymore for him.

He wasn\'t afraid of House Slughorn anymore either.

But he had decided he\'d try to avoid creating a mess if he could.

Sienna was having butterflies in her stomach as she let her hand be caressed by Eren\'s.

For some reason, she felt that the touch was very familiar to her.

However, the elf prodigy knew how to keep her emotions in check.

She looked inside his emerald green eyes keenly and saw her reflections in them while holding a conversation with him.

The duo then started discussing how House Carren can aid the White Raven guild while integrating itself with the newly minted city\'s affairs.

An establishment as prestigious and well-known as Lensa\'s would not follow her intentions of helping out a friend or her partner blindly.

The House Careen would want tangible benefits for helping the White Raven guild.

Eren couldn\'t get the clan involved in a tri-party deal with the House Montmorency and House Derringer because the arrangement regarding benefits at that level was already set.

However, Eren could always involve House Carren in matters that were supposed to be handled by his side.

So, he began formal preparations by consulting Lensa.

In the end, Eren asked Lensa the question he had been meaning to ask her.

Lensa, I\'m looking for the Astral Projection Potion.

I believe your grandfather Dan would have it.

Can you ask him to give a few batches to me

Eren asked, looking at Lensa with puppy eyes.

The elf beauty giggled when she noticed his change in behavior before responding.

Sure, Eren.

I\'ll tell him.


AN: Astral Projection Potion is mentioned in chapter 494.

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