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Chapter 682 Pleasure Paradise P2*

Luna and Sharog got up together to take a bath and freshen up.

Their master had told them to take a break.

That meant they\'d soon be summoned for another round.

The two Orcinas couldn\'t wait for their next turn.

Eren drank another vial of Pleasure Paradise.

Not that he was in dire need of a potion.

But he liked to be at his peak when performing anyway.

Surprisingly he could keep up even with no to minimal usage of the Pleasure Paradise.

He realized that his Sins series ability was also evolving.

It was replenishing his stamina slowly and surely in a subtle way.

The effects weren\'t prominent yet.

However, he knew they would be when he reached the Adept rank.

\'I wonder if I could distill Mist of Lust and add it to Pleasure Paradise.

That way, I\'ll be able to enhance the effects of the potion.\'

Eren then thought of another possibility.

What if a guy drinks that potion who he had never met before and starts to think about him under the potion\'s effects

Eren had dark lines on his face as he canceled the idea of mass producing his Sins series potion.


I should only make it in limited quantities and hand it out to only those who I see as my… let\'s say… targets.\'

Eren thought of a very creative idea to make use of the Sin series potions.

Of course, he knew that mere drinking of the potion wasn\'t enough to make anyone get branded with his mark.

However, if the potion could make it so that he\'d start looking abnormally more desirable to the ladies who had consumed it, his efforts would still be worth it.

Eren had a feeling he\'d need this potion if he wanted to execute his plans related to the Lazarus project.

The House Lancelot wasn\'t something he could easily mess with.

The use of a potion of this kind could certainly make his job easier if he found the right target and the right means.

The butcher would always think about his next steps even while he was enjoying relaxation and fun.

He had started to enjoy the process of striving for his goals while entertaining himself in the process.

The stress of the pending tasks that lay in front of him was still there.

But moments like these gave him plenty of breathing room.

Eren chuckled to himself and snapped back into his thoughts.

He focused his gaze on Lasha who was drinking the same potion as him.

She gulped the potion down slowly and channeled her mana into her body for the potion\'s effects to kick in.

She immediately felt rejuvenated and her desires spiked.

She looked at Eren coquettishly before saying in a soft voice.

Lord Eren, I am ready.

Lasha said while lying on the bed and running her fingers over her legs seductively.

She ran the tips of her fingers all over her thighs before moving upwards.

She writhes in ecstasy as she felt the effects of Pleasure Paradise enhancing what she genuinely felt about her time with Eren.

Lasha ran her finger through her voluminous hair and tossed it in the air before opening her arms to welcome him.

She beckoned him to satiate her desires that had been wreaking havoc inside her body and mind.

Eren smiled when he looked at Lasha.

He threw the empty potion bottle that he had been holding behind him and jumped on her.

The pair rolled on the bed from one side of the bed to another as they kissed and caressed each other\'s bodies to their heart\'s content.

A lot of smooching and flesh-meeting-flesh sounds ensued.

Lasha was experiencing a euphoric high as she met and bonded with Eren on a deeper level than flesh.

Her connection with her master strengthened as she felt what Eren wanted from her.

Lasha took the initiative and got on top of Eren.

Her tongue was inserted into his mouth as she kissed him.

She rubbed her body while at it and allowed Eren\'s fingers to excite her pussy by stretching her legs wide.


The young Orchina moaned in a hushed manner as her lips were sealed because of Eren\'s lip lock.

She pushed her waist back and forth and responded to Eren\'s fingering with self-driven enthusiasm.

Eren ran his free fingers through Lasha\'s dripping wet crack while he inserted his middle finger into a slippery hole.

He used the natural lubricant her pussy generated to coat his third finger with it.

He then used the same finger and dipped it slowly inside her anal opening.

Lasha became crazy when a completely new sensation hit her.

As she kissed him passionately, she came and released her love juices with a distinct shudder running through her entire body.

Only when her pleasure waves subsided did she stop kissing him.


Lasha took a long breath and readjusted her vision which had gotten blurred for a moment.

While looking at Eren keenly, she smiled at him.

There was a fire in her mind and body that wanted more.

And only more.

I… I\'m just getting started, Eren.

Lasha felt even more intimate with Eren than ever before.

Her mental connection with Eren strengthened, allowing her to address him more casually.

Eren smirked before asking her.

Do you know what I want

Lasha met Eren\'s smirk with a seductive smile of her own.

I do, she said before adjusting her position.

In the next moment, she spread her legs on either side of his face and allowed him to lick her pussy with his already stretched tongue.

Aaaaaah oooooh!

As she ran her fingers through her hair again, Lasha the loud moaner couldn\'t help releasing another ecstatic howl.

She tossed her head back and enjoyed thorough lapping from his tongue.


Lasha felt another orgasm building inside her.

However, she didn\'t want to come alone.

Adapting her tunnel vision to Eren\'s stiff member, she immediately jumped into action.

Lasha stretched her legs even further and allowed Eren unrestricted access to her moist cunt as she bent forward.

She took hold of Eren\'s dick with her hands and stroked it a bit before taking it in her mouth as much as she could in one go.

\'This girl had gone mad it seems.

Note to self– Pleasure Paradise works particularly well on some ladies.

Effects have a chance to exceed the normal limit.

I must include the note in a statutory warning.

Greedy as I might be, I\'m an honest businessman when I need to be.\'

Eren had a random thought of his own as he enjoyed Lasha\'s head.

He chuckled before focusing on the task literally in front of him.


Lasha\'s body shuddered as she experienced another orgasm.

But she couldn\'t moan loudly this time as Eren held her head from both sides just when she was about to.

He then drove his dick deep inside her a few more times before releasing his load into the back of her mouth.

Lasha lay beside Eren after she managed to get off his body.

She looked at him with satisfaction written on her face.

However, her master needed more.

And she was ready to take on the challenge after a short break.

Luna and Shargo came to Lasha\'s rescue just in time when she needed them to be.

Eren engaged with both of the monster ladies that were waiting for him.

Eventually, Eren conquered Lasha\'s wet hole with his sin-blessed rod.

The butcher meant it when he said the festival had started early for him and the three monster ladies.

They enjoyed each other\'s company thoroughly.

They needed more play to prepare for more work that was waiting for them in the future.

Another on-field test of Pleasure Paradise was successfully conducted that day.

A potion that was bound to make White Raven concoctions famous not just in Edinburgh but in other kingdoms as well.

In the future, rankers would start buying the potion for its statutory warning because that sounded more like a plus point than a side effect.

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