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Chapter 668: Espying: Defying Authority

In the end, Har Jahar successfully resisted being turned into a creature of wrath.


Orc lad, do you even know what you are playing with I don\'t know how you got access to this power but let me tell you something.

This power is not meant to be used by the children of Echidna.

If they continue to do that, they will become corrupted until they have lost all clarity.

Also, you should have taken care of Echidna\'s Authority from me before getting on with your plans.

I still have what it takes to use it on someone like you who is standing this close to me.

Echidna\'s Authority.

Har Jahar was still wearing the artifact on his head when Eren had made Sharog activate the array.

The Oni King used every ounce of strength he could muster while being confined into the siphoning array to take care of a pest in his eyes.


Varhan\'s expressions changed as he felt like he was pulled into a different place that has many times more gravitational force than normal.

Har Jahar saw the changes happening to the Orc Leader\'s face and started laughing maniacally.

Hahahaha! Fools.

You all are fools.

A mere orc ant that thinks he can get rid of me just because I\'m trapped inside an array.

You\'d kill me Me Hahaha.

This was the biggest joke I\'ve heard in a while.

You rebels have trapped me successfully, I\'ll give you that.

But none of you are qualified enough to kill me.

He then looked at Ror knowingly and chuckled before adding up.

And you have trapped the ones who are qualified to kill me inside the same array.


What a pinch you rebels have found yourselves in.

What a comedy of errors!


The siphoning array also has its limits.

I\'ll be out of the array\'s effect in no time and…

Har Jahar was about to diss Eren and other rebels some more.

The latter had given up on making the Oni King understand that he was not part of the rebel faction.

Eren just chuckled and shook his shoulders.

Sharog and the twin Orcinas were then instructed to do something for him.

My dear ladies, increase the array\'s effect on this buffoon.

Eren said as he fixed his eyes on Har Jahar.

Yes, my Lord.

Three Orcinas responded to Eren\'s commands at the same time.

They had assumed the role of the array controllers in the setup.

The role was only given to Sharog by Borul at first.

However, for better control, Sharog created two more channels and made the twin Orcinas in charge of them.

The array controllers weren\'t required to be of a particular evolutionary stage.

They would serve their purpose just fine as long as they had mana sense to guide the controlling runes.


p>In the next moment, Har Jahar felt like his body had lost all its energy to stand up.

The array\'s restrictions suddenly became more intense, which brought the Monster King to his knees.

The runes that were only on the floor around him had now climbed on his body and spread over different parts of his skin.

They started looking more and more like chains than runes at this point.

The siphoning array started drawing more powers and life essence from the rest of the monsters as a result.

At this rate, the siphoning array was going to break sooner than expected.

Eren would be dead if the array broke and the Oni King sets him free before he kills him.

And yet, the butcher didn\'t let his urgency rush him into making mistakes.

He stored his space element dagger in his storage and took out his two swords– his Rigor Mortis set.

He swung them around a bit to get a better feel for them.

Eren was still under the effects of Echidna\'s Authority while he did that.

Or he was supposed to be.

Har Jahar stopped getting surprised at this point and started thinking rationally.

Why wasn\'t the monster-controlling artifact working on him Has the artifact been tampered with

Har Jahar concentrated and decided to make a Gnoll Lord who was on his knees not too far away from the target of the artifact\'s effect.

In the next second, that Gnoll Lord started wailing and howling before clutching his heart and head, attesting to the Oni King that the artifact was working fine.

You… Why isn\'t Echidna\'s Authority working on you What… what the ** are you.

The Oni royalty started looking at Eren who was in his Orc form in a different light when he realized that the latter could defy the artifact\'s effects.

It was clear that he was different from the other children of Echidna.

He just wasn\'t sure by how much.

The Orc leader shrugged his shoulders and smiled lightly before answering in a plain voice.


The artifact isn\'t working because I\'m not one of you.

Simple as that.

As for what I am

I am what I need to be.

Eren said and started transforming once again.

His body reduced in size and started changing into his white-haired human form.

Har Jahar and the monsters were left aghast by how much shock their prime worshiper was giving them in a span of such a short time.

You… are you human No… this can\'t be.

A creature that can use THAT mana without getting corrupted by it.

A creature that can shapeshift into an Orc in front of me without getting noticed.

A creature that can hide so deep just to strike at the right time.

You… how did the land of the faithless give birth to someone like you

Eren had closed in on Har Jahar while the latter analyzed him.

He shook his head to let his shoulder-length hair get away from his eyes and responded.



Hm Let me see.

A few cups of abandonment issues and a pint of false charges-- all topped with lots of humiliations.

Stir the mix up well before garnishing it with a handful of regrets.

That\'s how I was made.

A damn swell cocktail, am I not

You had told me to end the charade, Har Jahar.

Guess I\'ll do just that.

Got places to be, you see.

Eren said and raised his hands.

He coated his weapons in his lightning mana and crossed his arms like two blades of scissors before swinging them in the opposite direction.

Har Jahar\'s head was right in the middle of their path.




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