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“It seems like I really am eliminated. Its finally setting in now that Im doing my last interview.”

Aiden said, sighing and looking up to Marlo, who had a similar regretful expression. Then, shaking his head a bit, Marlo said.

“We actually proposed for another round for eliminated candidates, but the judges disagreed, particularly Steven. So, its your last interview.”

Marlo was very regretful because he genuinely thought Garys idea wasnt bad for the show, but contracts were not easy to deal with in this industry, or they would need to pay millions.

Panther TV also wanted to continue with the original Wild card entry plan.

“How are you feeling”

“Not really in the best mood.”

Aiden chuckled. He wasnt feeling as bad now because its already been a day since his elimination. He had already packed the bags and only had this final interview before leaving the set.

“Yeah, my bad. Anyway, do you have any words to say We wont be showing a lot of this interview, so we can just talk genuinely with each other.”

“I would like that.”

Until now, he had been cautious as to what to say, especially after the saga with Rachel. At least one good thing about his elimination was that he could freely talk.

“Im just thankful for the show. I met a lot of good singers here and felt like I improved a lot. It wasnt an opportunity I would get somewhere else.”

Aiden wasnt lying while saying this. He knew how hard it was to increase his singing level if not for X-Star. He had become Basic Grade 10 in just a few weeks.

After leaving the show, he doesnt know how much time it would take for him to break through to Intermediate Grade.

Even in songs, only because of proving himself in X-Star, Aiden had written so many pieces in a short time. He knew that they would help him out massively in the future..

“In the last round, do you think you should have qualified instead of Rachel”

Marlo returned to the topic of the last round, which now seemed like a distant memory to Aiden. But he just shook his head.

“No, I dont. No matter how I see it, she was better. It was no ones fault but mine. But thats in the past now, and I cant change it. I just want to move ahead.”

“I understand. So, where are you going to go now”

Aiden thought for a bit before replying to the question.

“I will return to New York as soon as possible.”

“To drive a taxi again” Marlo said with a bit of regret. He wouldnt like it if such a good singer was driving a taxi instead of making songs.

“No, I wont drive a taxi. Well, I might have to if I cant get another job that could pay my bills. But I want to focus on the stuff Im good at for the new few months at least.”

“You mean singing”

“And acting.”

Aiden had always thought of himself as an actor more than a singer, but due to X-Star, he realised that he could take the two of them simultaneously. Both would help him reach the pinnacle of stardom anyway and beyond that was his true goal.

“Acting is what I always wanted to do, so I will again get into it, trying out auditions. As for singing, I have a few plans. After all, I dont want to lose to Cameron or Rachel.”

Marlo raised an eyebrow at that. He didnt understand that. Didnt Aiden already loose with both of them going ahead

“You already lost though.”

“I lost in the competition,” Aiden explained with a smile. “Not in life. That will go on for a long time, and although they have a head start currently, if I work hard, I will surely overtake them.”

Those were very lofty and confident words, but for some reason, Marlo felt a hunch that they were going to come true in the future. He didnt know why but Aiden felt slightly different after getting eliminated.

Aiden had a sort of fire in his eyes to prove that he was no less than others.

‘Facing rejection sometimes makes monsters.

Thats a line he had heard many times from Steven. He had told him that he had seen these cases in singers on his record labels. Today, this line somehow aptly fits with Aiden.

“I really hope you achieve your goals,” Marlo replied with a genuine smile.

“My goals are quite big. But I know, one day, I will accomplish them.”

Aiden just smiled, and they talked a bit more before ending the interview. Then, standing up from the chair, they shook each others hands.

Their relationship had begun strangely, but Aiden felt a bit of friendship from Marlo at the end.

“Good luck.”

“You too. Hope you get some bonuses after the show is finished.”

“I can just pray for that.”

Marlo laughed, and Aiden left the interview room. He was finally out of X-Star, and a new chapter of his life was about to begin.

‘I need to pick up my stuff from my room.

He thought and moved towards his room. While walking, his steps turned a bit heavy as he felt lonely in the long hallway of life.

By the time he reached his room, he had encountered no one along the way. He did think that some people might come to bid farewell to him, but there were none. So he just picked up his bags and made his way towards the exit.

‘I have a flight in a few hours.

He thought in his mind as he mused a song. He was excited about starting something new, so he wasnt even wasting time sightseeing in LA. But, if he were successful in life, he would see a lot of LA anyway, as most studios are based here.

‘Uh, I really wanted to win, but I guess nothing can be done.

He felt a bit broken. Even after elimination, he had not cried because he understood that he could do nothing to change the results. But feeling depressed was something entirely different, and he couldnt get over it in a day.

As he made his way outside, someone called out his name.


Turning around, he saw Jackson standing there. Apparently, he was waiting for him to exit the hotel to talk to him.

“Jackson What are you doing here”

“Here to say goodbye to you.”

Jackson smiled a bit weakly. He was not happy that the show had eliminated his friend.

“Thanks for that. Just try to win the competition. I would genuinely feel glad if you win.”

Although Aiden knew in his brain that it was not possible, his heart still wanted Jackson to win as he was his closest friend in X-Star.

“I will do my best.” Jackson smiled before adding. “Actually, I wanted to thank you.”

“Thank me For what”

Aiden raised an eyebrow, and Jackson quickly explained.

“In the band round, you were the one who made it possible for me to get a drum solo in the end when the song didnt have it.”

“Its because I believe you could do it, and you-“

“Steven offered me a deal after that performance.”

Aiden stopped speaking and just focused on what Jackson had just uttered. Steven offered him a deal That was certainly something very big.

“Apparently, he has a band ready to debut, but the drummer got into a criminal case. Steven didnt explain a lot, but I think it was something serious. Anyway, he offered me a part of the group because of that.”

Aidens eyes widened hearing that. It was hard for him to believe. After all, it literally meant that Jackson would most likely debut in a band soon.

This was big news!

“Steven told me not to tell anyone, but I had to tell you. Its huge for me, you know.” Jackson made a bright smile. “The contract is still not signed, and I need to pass some auditions, but Steven was pretty confident about me.”

“Thats great, Jackson! Congratulations!”

At that moment, Aiden felt like the world was indeed a weird place. Jackson, who should have been eliminated way earlier depending on his skills, was probably going to debut sooner than Rachel or Cameron.

As his friend, Aiden genuinely felt happy for him.

It was then that Jackson suddenly adopted a serious face and changed his tone a bit.

“Im not from a very wealthy family. My mom is sick too, so I was always looking to get a good job, and this is my last chance at my passion.” Jackson said, making Aiden focus on his words.

“It was only because of you that I could get this opportunity. So Im really grateful for you.”

It looked like Jackson would cry, and before that could happen, Aiden patted his shoulders. Then, he hesitated a bit before replying.

“Its your talent. Think of it like that. Lets hope this isnt our last meeting, and the next time I see you, I want you to be a top drummer, haha! Anyway, its time for farewell; I have a flight to catch and cant afford to be late; X-star wont book the tickets twice.”

“Yeah, thank you again, and lets keep in touch.” Jackson nodded.


After just that short word, Aiden began to walk away. A new chapter in his journey was going to start now.

As he stepped out of the production house, he just sang a line from his song,Life is a story.

“Are we just another page of someones life or is there something more”


Bonus Chapter.

Ps. The bonus chapter goal will now also have Golden Tickets from the next month! That will another way for you to get a bonus chapters.

(Ahem, you can always drop a castle gift to make me write more and become a part of the novel by having a character as per your choice kekeke)


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