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I couldn’t say anything because I was surprised.


What are you doing right now Why didn’t you spit it out!


I almost yelled at him in surprise.


I took a step back, conscious of Argen behind me.


Why the hell did he swallow it I was confused by Richard’s strange behavior.


Argen looked at me with curious eyes.


“So it’s true, Rosie.” 


Even if he doesn’t say it, I know what he means.




Then Richard coughed.

His forehead was slightly wrinkled.




Once again, he coughed.

Blood leaked from the second cough.


I’m going crazy, really.




“Why the hell did you swallow it”


I asked Richard as if I were arguing when Argen left with the knights.


“I told you to spit it out.

Did you not hear me”


Instead of answering, Richard quietly closed his eyes.


His shirt was all soaked in sweat.

That’s understandable. 


What Argen fed Richard was to suppress his power and make him suffer at the same time.


Seriously, why did he swallow it so foolishly


It was said that pain gets better when we’re close, but this time seems to be an exception.


“If something like this happens next time, don’t eat it and spit it out.”


If my memory is correct, the liquid he ate today is not just for today.


He will be eating it once a month from now on.


The effect of the liquid lasted only about a month, so I remember feeding it every month.


I sighed and stroked Richard’s silver hair, which had become drenched in sweat and had blocked his view.


Richard’s eyebrows widened as if he was in a good mood.


Perhaps because the bangs that covered his forehead were flowing down, his straight and pretty forehead revealed his distinct facial features.


He usually had a smile on his face, but he revealed a luxurious side to his face when the smile was gone.


Seeing how Richard was suffering, I suddenly got annoyed.


I wanted to argue, but on the other hand, he was in a delicate mood.

So I feel complicated.


If Richard hadn’t swallowed it, I’d be in trouble— but there was no way to consider such a thing because of Richard’s personality.


Then why is that


I let out a sigh.

First of all, what should I do with the dying person


“Wait a minute.”


I lifted my hand from Richard to leave the basement.

It was then. 


He grabbed my hand tightly, despite his condition. 


Blue eyes filled with heat looked at me.


“…What’s wrong”


“…Don’t go.”


“I’ll be right back.

I’m just going to get a towel.

Don’t you feel uncomfortable because you’re sweating”


“Maid, do you feel uncomfortable”




I was concerned that he would feel uncomfortable, but Richard is somewhat worried about me.


“I don’t feel uncomfortable.

If you don’t like it, I’ll just stay.”


“…Please touch me.”


Richard led my hand to his cheek.


I just let him do what he does.


He smiles at me calmly whenever he grinds his teeth while looking at me.


It felt great to be able to suppress his anger and act like this.


I even felt sorry for him.


“…Now I seem to know a little bit about the maid.”


I listened to what he said without answering.


“The maid is not kind to the patient.”


What are you talking about all of a sudden The worries didn’t last long.


That’s what I said to Richard.


“The maid is just kind to the person you feel sorry for.” 


“…So you don’t like it”




Richard said, leaning his cheek in my hand.


“It’s rather good.”




“I think I’ll be able to use that kindness well in the future.”


I thought he would use my kindness to run away, but it didn’t seem to be the case. 


So what does that mean


—Anyway, it doesn’t matter.


That’s not what’s important anymore.


I spat out the words that I hesitated to say.


“You know.”


Richard looked at me.


“I’ll help you escape.”


His blue eyes opened wide.


Richard looked at me in disbelief.


“Maid, I guess I’m not feeling well.”


“…Are you sick”


“I heard something like hallucinations.”


“If you think you’ve heard the wrong thing about helping you escape, I’ll correct you.”


Richard, who had been leaning against the wall all the time, slowly raised himself.

As the gaze rose automatically, I almost stepped back under pressure.


The chain was pulled and hit the floor, making a sharp noise.


“Maid is going to help me”


“You don’t like it”


“It’s not like that.

It’s because the maid has always been terrified of me running away.”


Richard was surprised but doubted me.

Well, that’s what I expected so far.


“Why do you want to help me all of a sudden”


“Actually, I’ve been trying to run away from here before.”


A sudden change of attitude like this will feel fake to him.

But this was extremely true.


“There is a threat to me in this mansion.

I’ve been thinking of running away from that person before.”


“Who is that”


“You must have seen it today.”


Richard frowned as if he could guess.


What I’m talking about was Yurtha.



“—I understand.

He also seems to be a Transcendent as well, so he will want you.”


It was unexpected to notice that Yurtha is transcendental. 


Fortunately, Richard seems convinced.

I went straight to the next word.


“There are things like that, but actually, I had a relationship with him since childhood.

I was quite afraid of him.” 


It’s not something I’ve seen but memories of Rose that I saw through a dream. 


Of course, Rose considered Yurtha an annoyance rather than fear.


“He tends to be restrained when I’m here.

The Marquis can watch in this place.

So I’ve been here all the time.” 


“But why did you suddenly say you would run away with me”


“It’s dangerous for me, too.

You try to escape, and we don’t know what the Marquis here will do.”


I lamented the fact that no one knew how I felt while riding on a single rope. 


“To be honest, I want to see the wealth and glory that you promised to give me.”


“So you’re saying you’re going to run away with me, maid”



That’s right.”


Richard looked at me for a moment.


He usually suggested that we run away together, but he seems suspicious when I push him in here. 


“You’re gonna need my help, aren’t you”




“Oh, don’t you need me anymore because I was the reason you failed to escape last time”


Richard didn’t answer.

And I was sure.


He only showed me a favor when I was helping him.


Now that I have the ability to stop him, I am almost certainly one of the targets of alert.


“Tell me if you don’t want to.

I don’t force you.

What’s the problem”


“Isn’t that what unrequited love is I can’t help but be anxious because I love the maid alone.” 


“What nonsense is that all of a sudden—”


I tried to protest what nonsense it was, but I realized what he meant and shut my mouth.


So now, he doesn’t want to trust me one-sidedly.

Does he want me to convince him 


“I’m sure I’ll be of help to you.”


“What do you mean”


I smiled and lowered my hand.


As I slowly stroked Richard’s cheek, his rich eyelashes trembled finely.


Richard’s skin was soft.

I made eye contact with him, sweeping down his white cheeks.


The face that had been covered with a mask and had a pretentious smile crumbled.




He took his time. 


“It’s nice.”


Even if he doesn’t express it, he must be in pain because of what Argen fed him.


“It’s enough, right”


Richard pulled my wrist when I tried to take my hand off his face.


In bewilderment, Richard smiled brazenly and rubbed my hands against his face when I looked at him.


He smiled softly as if enjoying my astonishment.

Surprised by his seductive momentum, I wanted to step back from him, but I struggled to keep my firm expression on my face. 


“Not enough.

Touch me more.”


I shook off Richard’s hand.

I smiled at him with a look of regret.


“So, what’s the answer”


Although it may seem arrogant, Richard will have no choice but to rely on me for a while. 


‘Then I’ll run away when I get the chance.’



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