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Richard’s eyes glistened eerily at Yurtha.


My body shudders at the terrifying energy of the two men.

No, but why should I be nervous—


I gently pushed Richard’s body away.


“Well, if you’re going to fight, leave me out—”


I don’t want to be a shrimp in a whale fight.


He stared at me and let go of my waist.


“I’ll go pick you up soon, Maid.”


You said you wouldn’t take me if I didn’t want to 


I had a question, but now I wasn’t in a situation to ask that.


‘I’m a fool to believe.’


I slowly backed away and crossed the bridge leading to the gazebo.


Let’s watch them fight, and let’s take a look at the situation.


As I told Richard, I headed to the gazebo.

I was also willing to run away by jumping into the lake if I felt it was dangerous.


Slash! Slash! 


—I heard a bloody sound behind me.


Even though I spread the distance between the two, the stormy wind blows all the way here.


I entered the gazebo, trying to ignore it.


The pure white gazebo was sacred as if it were a place to pray to God.




Why is there something like this in the gazebo


Is it because of the magic This place was strange.


“Richard wanted to show me this place.”


He said he was looking for this place.



Is there something hidden here


—I think I need to investigate it.


I scanned the inside of the gazebo.

But nothing particularly suspicious was seen.


All that’s left is—.


This altar was the most suspicious.

Why is there something like this here


I swept the altar like I was possessed.


It was then.

I felt a tingling sensation like an electric current flowing through my hand, and that sensation ran up to my head.




My vision was blurred.

What’s wrong with me


It was difficult to keep the balance of my body, so I floundered my hands to touch the pillar, but it only brushed the fingertips and didn’t completely reach it.


In the end, my body fell helplessly on the altar.




I feel like throwing up.


It was the moment when I put my head on the feeling of dizziness all over my body.


– Sunbae (t/n: Sunbae means senior or someone who is older or in a more superior position at work or school or someone who has been in that position longer) 


A voice came from somewhere.


I caught my throbbing head.

The pain seems to have disappeared a little.


Is it because it hurts so much that I hear hallucinations


But the sound I heard a little while ago rang out again.


– You’re Sunbae, right


What is this, I’m scared—.


– …Why is there no answer


I shut my mouth not knowing what to say.


– Are you still mad at me


Where the hell is this sound coming from


– …I’m sorry.

I used to be mean.

So give me an answer.


I repeated opening and closing my mouth.

What should I say first


It was a time to ponder whether I should ask who it is or whether I should explain that I am not someone they know.


A voice was heard again.


– It’s my fault.

Don’t abandon me… I can’t live without you, Sunbae.




I just decided to shut up.


How come I listening to someone else’s confession


– I was angry at the time, too.



The voice was cut off.


His voice kept humming in my head, but it didn’t sound like a broken radio.


But after a while, the right sound came out clearly.


– So think again.




The voice disappeared after the words.


The buzzing feeling in my head disappeared.


What the hell was this


I tried to get my body, which had been lying on the altar, up.

At that moment, a strong wind blew.


I closed my eyes at the sensation of my hair fluttering and stinging in my eyes.


And when I open my eyes again—.


I was somewhere else.


The desolate land was so dry that not a single tree could be conceived, and there was a huge temple in front of me.


I was back in the gazebo when I blinked again.


“What was it just now”‘


I feel like something just flew by.

I hurried up from the altar and out of the gazebo.


It was a strange gazebo.

I’ve been seeing strange things here all the time.


However, leaving the gazebo didn’t solve the problem.


Rather, I feel like I’m facing a more troublesome problem.


‘How long will they fight’


Will it be over


I sighed and looked back.

But then. 




The gazebo has disappeared.


By the way, the pond surrounding the gazebo disappeared as well, and only the leaves of grass remained in its place.


I came back to reality at the bloody sound I heard.


I saw Richard and Yurtha fighting in the distance.


When Yurtha swung his sword once, the tree around it was cut and split in two.


Every time they swung their sword, a strong wind blew in, and I reflexively raised my hand to cover my face.


It was then.


“I found the monster!”


“There is a monster at the entrance!”


The knights rushed in.


What is this—.


I can’t believe Richard is near the entrance.

What nonsense are they talking about



But the body was already running to check the situation.


I was just around the corner and saw the Marquis’ mansion.


I can understand to a certain extent that the maze garden is enchanted, but—.


Still, it was absurd.


I avoided the knights entering the maze garden and came out.


Now that I’ve found Richard, my role is over.




From afar Emily calls me with worried eyes.


I walked towards her.


She waved at me as I approached.

The black object Emily was holding was shaken as well.

What’s that


As I got closer, I could identify a black object.

It’s a frying pan.


‘Why are you holding that’



It’s just like you. 


The scene was funny, so I burst into laughter.


I walked to Emily and looked back.


I feel quite uneasy.


Will they be able to catch Richard in there And—.




Ah, really. 


I wrinkled my brows.


But if he runs away, it puts me and everyone connected with him in danger. 


I’m not saying don’t run away forever.

Just until I run away from this mansion—.


“Stop him from going into the garden!”


I can hear the knights shouting in the distance.


I stared blankly at them.


—I don’t know if it works, but I think I’ve come up with a way to keep Richard from running away.


There’s a way to help each other.


“The monster came out of the maze!”


I frowned as I looked at Richard coming out of the maze.


It wasn’t my displeasure towards Richard, but the disgust at this situation.


I have no intention of continuing to do this.


I thought I should return to Herthas when it becomes dangerous, but there are dangers lurking there that I don’t know.


Because there is a difference between a known risk and an unknown risk.


That is why I remain here.


‘But I can’t do it for long.’


I truly hate playing the role of keeping the maniac male lead, Richard, in that basement.


But first I have to live.


And then I can help Richard.




“Ung, Rosie.”


If the knights missed Richard here, even me would be blame. 


So first, I need to help them catch Richard.


“Thanks to you, I got a good idea.

First, hold the frying pan hard.”


“What Huh”


Emily didn’t understand anything and held the frying pan properly.


“Well done, Emily.

Now hit me on the head with it.”


“…Rosie, was that your taste”


Emily blinked blankly when she heard me.


“What are you doing I told you to hit me”




Perhaps quite surprised, Emily just missed the frying pan.


Emily looked at the frying pan that had been dropped, and pushed it away with her feet as if it were terrible.


“What are you doing, Emily”


I picked up the frying pan and tried to put it in her hand.


Then Emily shook her head desperately.


“I, I respect your taste, but I can’t do it! How am I supposed to hit Rosie!


“No, what do you mean respect my taste!”


Emily blinked when I shouted back.


She was so shocked that tears were hanging at the end of her eyes.


Perhaps the lack of explanation of the situation caused this misunderstanding.


“Emily, put your ear to me for a second.”




Emily hesitated and carefully put her ear around my mouth.


“So Emily—”





“Do you understand”


“But Rosie, I think it’s too dangerous—”


“If I don’t do it, I’ll be imprisoned like Ella.”




“Emily, there’s nothing I can do if you don’t want to.

I won’t force you any more.

I’m sorry, Emily.

I’ll just go to jail, well.”


“…I can do it!”


Emily fixed her trembling hand.

And her eyes shone with determination.


It wasn’t long before Emily took a breath.


—Hold on.

I’m a little scared.


“Rosie! I trusted you.

How can you do that!”


Tears welled up around Emily’s eyes.


“How could you and my man have an affair!”


I opened my eyes wide to Emily’s roar, when the frying pan smacked me on the head.




I collapsed as it was.


Now that I’m telling you, this was a crazy plan.


The pain beyond my imagination clouded my consciousness.


Sadly, it is too late to regret.



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