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Chapter 109

Thank you Kiki for the kofi~


I hurried to the window.


“Why are you here”


From Yurtha to Dylan.

It’s almost astonishing.


Dylan muttered as if trying to say something to me, but was blocked by a window.


I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Dylan frowned as I shook my head.


Then he waved his hands.


Are you going to go back


What are you going to do…


Dylan confirmed that I had stepped back, clenched his fists and stretched them back.


He took a deep breath, inhaled, and clenched his fist.




The thick glass shattered with one punch from Dylan.

Maybe that’s all, even the bars flew powerlessly.


For a moment I was stunned.


When I was just imprisoned here, I tried to slap the glass without Yurtha knowing, and it was really hard.


‘I thought I would never be able to break that with fist…’


Is that possible


“Hello, Princess.”




“Princess, come here.”




Are you calling me now


But there was no time to be dumbfounded.


Bang! The knights waiting outside hurriedly opened the door and came in.


“What is that sound… Who are you”


The knights looked at Dylan and shouted.


But Dylan looked only at me, as if he didn’t care.


“Come on, come here.

You want to run away, right”


He whispered as if he knew my heart very well.


“Miss! Come on, get away from that bastard!”


You’re stupid.


He is the first master of Hertas.

The knight doesn’t know Dylan, though.


I smiled broadly and turned to look at the knights.


The knights smiled awkwardly and gestured to me.


“Hurry up and get away from him…”




I ran to Dylan without looking back.


The knights ran as if they were trying to catch me, but they were one step late.


Dylan wrapped around my waist and laughed at the knights.


“Tell that bastard, Yurtha.”


“What bull**! Let go of her right now…!”


“Your princess is kidnapped by me.”


With those words, Dylan grabbed me tightly and jumped off.





The sharp blades were aiming at the neck and rushing in quickly.

However, Yurtha struck his sword without difficulty.




Despite the fact that the opposing knight was moaning, Yurtha did not show any signs of exhaustion.


Yurta slashed the knight with a single sword.


How dare you attack sister’s villa.


Despite the excitement, Yurtha could not understand why the knights of Evantes were attacking him.


He thoroughly hid sister’s location so that the knights of Evantes would not know.


He even cut off the breath of the white knight who said she had been attacked by.


But why…


At that time, a knight wearing the seal of Evantes fired a sword at Yurtha.


The attack seemed slow, but Yurta couldn’t take his eyes off the knight for a second.


This knight is definitely…




Yurtha kicked the knight’s stomach.


The fallen knight rolled over, but Yurtha grabbed the knight’s collar and raised it without mercy.


“… You are obviously.”


I know this face.




A laughter is about to come out.


“Since when did you become a knight of Evantes”


“Oh no!”


When his identity was revealed, the knight reflexively denied it, but Yurtha couldn’t believe it.




Yurtha violently threw the knight away.


“Clean it up.”


He ordered the knights and left near the annex where the fight took place like a battlefield.


He had to check Rose in a hurry.


So Yurta headed to Rose’s room, but the result was that he was faced with a room left unattended without an owner.


“… Who is it”




“Where is my sister”


The knights felt the sunken Yurtha and bowed their heads.


He was afraid of the punishment to come.

That maybe will risk their life.

“Why are you silent I asked you where my sister is, did you not hear me”


Yurtha’s red eyes flashed eerily.


The knights could not stand the pressure and confessed.


“A-a man broke the window and kidnapped the lady!”


“It-it was a man with brown hair and red eyes!”


I thought it was strange that someone attacked the villa.

After seeing the knight earlier, I became convinced that it was Dylan.


Yurtha repeatedly clenched and extended his fists to contain his rising anger.


Rose chose Dylan again.


Damn Dylan! Dylan! Dylan!


“Find my sister now.

If you can’t find my sister, you’ll have to risk your life.”

“… All right!”


The anger still doesn’t subside.


Yurtha pressed his lips together with his palm.


I can’t believe I’m going to approach you even when I’m like that.


It doesn’t break even when trampled on




Are you still not aware of your situation


I thought the last three years would be enough.


“It wouldn’t be a bad thing to make my sister realize my situation at this time.”


Thinking about it, the boiling anger subsided a little.


But it is not completely calm.


In this anger was a long-stained misery


Yurtha smiled coolly and grabbed the sword.


It’s time to go find Rose.





Dylan grabbed me and jumped off the fourth floor.


I almost screamed for a moment, but he quickly covered my mouth.


Why did you suddenly jump


I wanted to scream, but when Dylan landed, I was dizzy, unable to say anything for a while.


He immediately grabbed me and ran.


I entered the dreary forest again, but somehow I felt relieved that Dylan was there.



We only met for a while 3 years ago.


Is it because he knows Korea and protects me


“How the hell did you get here”


I asked, wrapping my arms around Dylan’s neck.


His muscular body stiffened as if tense.


“… Because when that Yurtha bastard moves in a hurry, you are always connected.”


Did you finally come to rescue me



It’s probably ‘Rose’, not me.


I felt grateful for Dylan, but I was still a little fed up.


It’s because I remembered the time I was eaten by Rose’s shadow three years ago.


Emily, Yurtha.


No one saw me as ‘Me’ but as Rose.


However, after meeting Michelle, I was able to live as ‘Me’.


That’s why I didn’t like the suffocating sensation of being swallowed up by Rose, which I had felt for a long time.


“I chased after Yurtha and found out that you were there.”


“I see.”


If he knew it wasn’t Rose, would he leave me right away


I had a futile thought.


“Baron Sablen is waiting for you.”


“What Michelle How can she know that”


“I’ll take you to that woman.”


“You met Michelle.”




Even after three years, he hasn’t changed.


I was grateful, but it was still a bit bitter that I wasn’t the person he was trying to help.


“Thank you, Dylan.”


But there’s no way I can express these feelings.


There was nothing she could do now but act like Rose.


“… It’s nothing.”


Dylan’s face turned slightly red as if embarrassed.


Why are you blushing with something like this


Rumors circulated that Dylan was crippled or crazy, but seeing Dylan up close like this wasn’t the case at all.


Was it also just a rumor


It was fortunate.


But why were you kicked out of the heir


“It’s over there!”


Then we heard a voice chasing us from somewhere.


“… Damn it.

Have they caught us already”


It was the moment Dylan with his tongue was about to pick me up and run.




Dylan vomited blood.






‘That’s it.

That’s what I warned you.’


As if regretful, someone’s voice echoed in Richard’s head.


‘I would have said that now is not the ‘Time’.’


Richard ignored the sound and forced his immobile body to stand up.


When he drank the magic suppressor, his raging power gradually subsided.

He was in better condition than before, but his body was still engulfed in burning pain.


It was a body pushed to its limits.


I should have eaten it right away, but I didn’t.

His body was hot as punishment for him.


Why did you dare to hide the fact that you could no longer smell the scent in front of Rosie


He himself questioned it.


Oddly enough, I didn’t want to tell her why.


Did you want to get closer with the excuse that it doesn’t hurt when you smell it


‘Can I tell you something interesting’

Despite Richard’s disregard, the ‘savior’ continued to speak to him.


‘She’s a good person.’


There was no subject, but he could guess who the ‘saviour’ was talking about.



“It wasn’t good at all.”


‘It’s just that she’s not nice to you, but usually other people think she’s good.

Because she is kind.’


Even Richard knew that.


Because when she’s cold to me and kind to others, my stomach is twisted.


‘But really, where are the good people Everyone has their own nature.’




‘The fact that she exposed you to the bottom means that you can’t take it back.’


“Can’t you turn it back”


‘It sounds like you’ve been strongly hated.’


He knew right away too.


It was something I had to be prepared for since she was kidnapped and locked up.


He forced the woman he hated so much, but he treated Rosie like a princess.


The contradiction between wanting to treat her dearly and not wanting to be hated even though he was prepared to be hated coexisted.


But now it’s all in vain.


She eventually ran away.


‘Are you disappointed’


The savior asked Richard.


‘Is it different from what you thought Or is it selfish’


Not disappointed.

I’ve never had any expectations.


‘No disappointment.

Basically, humans are like that.

Beneath the goodness lies the bottom.’


Richard remembers the moment Rosie exposed her bottom.


It was a pretty ugly look for a normal person.



‘It was cute.’


It was too lovely.


And it would have been better to expose the bottom.


If she’s not going to give me the kindness she gave everyone equally, I want to keep her at the bottom.


Richard ignored the annoying voice of the ‘savior’ that was ringing in his head and came out of the castle.


There was white snow outside.


He turned his head to look at the white snow.


It’s time to go get Rosie.


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