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His shamelessness made me speechless for a moment.


“Why is the accident so extreme”


I’d rather reveal my identity than going to prison.


“Rosie! The head maid is looking for you!”


Suddenly, the maids came to the front door to pick me up.

I frowned in annoyance.


“So what are you going to do, maid”


“What do you mean Of course I’m going to make it work.” 


I pulled off my skirt and got up from my seat.


“Of course, without your help.”


“I don’t really like that.”


Unfortunately, I have no intention of going his way.


As soon as I got out of Richard’s room, I was dragged to my knees by the maids with both arms grabbed.


The floor was hard without a single rug, and my knees hurt.


The maid who kneeled me had a face full of anger as if she was looking at a traitor who had betrayed the country.


“How dare you steal the Marquis’ jewels!”


“Do you really think I did it”




The maid looked amazed by my shameless attitude.


“I trusted you because you’re good at your job.

How dare you—”


As the commotion grew louder, it was not long before people flocked to the area.


The gazes of those who turned their heads to me to check what the fuss was, changed to a low level.


It was just those eyes.


Again, is it that person


Once, I get over it, but people think I have a problem when it happens twice.


In Marie’s case, it remains Marie’s fault, but as long as I’m involved in this kind of thing again, they’ll try to find fault with me.


“What do you mean I stole jewelry, head maid”


As people flocked, I acted like an unfair person as if I were pouring out tears.


The head maid distorted her face at my completely changed attitude.


“You’re a pretentious girl.

Do you think it’ll be hidden forever even if you hide your true color” 


“… What do you mean true colors I just suddenly want to know what it means to say that I stole jewelry.”


“After you worked, one of the Marquis’ luxury items, jewelry, disappeared.”


So she was saying that I might be the culprit. 


“I happened to ask people to search your room.

Soon it will be revealed whether you did it or not.”


How can you search the room so recklessly without getting permission from the owner After all, it was clear what she was doing, convinced that there would be jewels in my room.


‘What do you mean stole the jewelry.’


Come to think of it; it was similar to the conspiracy Rose received in her dream.

Is this a coincidence


It was time to think calmly.


“Head maid!” 


As the head maid said, the maids who searched my room hurriedly ran.



Did you find the jewel”




“As expected, Rosie stole it, right”




When the maids blurred their words, the head maid sensed something odd.


“Why are you not answering”


“… there was none.”




“There’s no jewelry in Rosie’s room….” 


The head maid’s expression turned funny, saying that this couldn’t happen.

So why are you making such a stupid trick


“Rosie is not the culprit, head maid.”


“There’s no way….”


Without the jewel, I am not the culprit.

It was a natural truth, so the maid said so.


However, the reaction of the head maid who tried to turn me into a criminal was different.


When the eyes of the people around her changed, the head maid recognized that her behavior had to change.


“Hey, Rosie…”




“I must have been mistaken…”


I frowned when I saw her quickly searching for a reason.

We can’t end it like this.


And it was then—.


“Oh my God, Rosie! What’s going on!”


Emily, surprised by the current situation, rushed to run.


I sighed sadly as she hugged me protectively and I was still on my knees.


When I was faithful to the role of a pitiful maid who was utterly insulted by the misunderstanding of the head maid, the gazes around me turned to sympathy.


“This is unfair, Emily.” 


“That’s right.

There’s no way that you, so kind and pretty, would have done anything bad!”


Hold on, Emily.

The modifier, in the beginning, is a bit weird.


“Emily, what are you doing now”


The head maid scolded Emily for being rude.


“Head maid, Rosie is not the only one who moved the Marquis’ luxury items today.

Did you search the other maid’s room”


“There’s no way other maids would do that.

How diligent are they are….”


“Rosie is so diligent, kind and pretty too!”


Hold on, Emily.

There have been so many irrelevant words since earlier.


Emily’s words blurred the issue little by little, but they were also true.


Lena and I moved the luxury items, but why me


It was against equity.


The head maid couldn’t back down any longer.


“You guys, check out Lena’s room too.”


“Yes, head maid.”


She could decide because no jewelry would come out of Lena’s room anyway.


And the maid’s judgment was indeed a misjudgment.


“Head maid! There’s a jewel in Lena’s room!” 




“Lena stole the jewelry!”


“What What do you mean”


Lena, quietly sitting next to the head maid, shouted in surprise.


“Why is that in my room— No! I didn’t steal it!”


Lena denied it, but the jewel came out of her room.


This can’t be.


The maid was confused, and it’s soon put her in a position to punish Lena, who was accused of being the culprit.


But when she met Lena’s earnest gaze, begging her to deny it quickly, she couldn’t say anything as if a stone had been lodged in her throat.


“Head maid, you treated Rosie like that earlier.

But why can’t you say anything now”


Emily, who was looking at it, mumbled and hugged me tightly, saying, “Poor Rosie.”



“What are you talking about, you keep being cocky! I was going to do it anyway.”


“Head maid! It’s not me.

You know that!”


“Lena, you be quiet!”


When the head maid shouted, Lena burst into tears as if she had betrayed her.


But Lena was dragged out and placed right next to me when I was on my knees.


“What kind of commotion is this!” 


Just in time, with the butler’s appearance, the situation became completely large.


Lena denied it, but no one believed her since the jewel came out of her room.


“Take her away.”


So Lena was taken away.



A few hours before, the maid cornered me.


“Thank you for doing my favor, Emily.”


“No, Rosie.

It’s nothing.”


Lena and the head maid’s attitude were suspicious, so I asked the close maids to tell me what they were doing.


And I asked Emily to watch if anyone approached my room.


It wasn’t that horrible that I looked back at Rose’s past while dreaming for nothing.


Of course, I said she didn’t have to if Emily was busy, but Emily did me a favor, saying it was okay.


And after a while, she let me know that Lena had sneaked into my room and come out.


“By the way, where did you watch that”


I heard Emily’s worries next to her that no one would come if she hung around in front of the room openly.


“I’m hanging on to the ceiling”


“…You’re joking, right” 


Emily didn’t answer, but she was serious, and I was scared.


Anyway, Lena went to my room, so I searched my room with Emily just in case.


As expected, jewelry came out.


The large and glossy appearance looked quite expensive.


It was a bonus for Emily and me to seriously think about whether to steal jewelry or not while drooling together.


But we chose to keep our lives safe.


“Will Lena be in prison by now”


“I guess so”


“…Is there any way to meet Lena”


“Trust me, Rosie.”


No, it’s ominous.


So we took the uninhabited road and headed to the prison where Lena was imprisoned.


The gatekeeper stood firmly in front of the prison.


While I was contemplating how to get in here, Emily spoke to the gatekeeper without hesitation.


“Thank you for your hard work! I made bread while working in the kitchen.

Do you want some”


“I like bread!”


Excuse me


The work went smoothly without me.


The gatekeeper ate the bread that Emily had made, and Emily led me away for a while.


And long after I went back to the prison, I could find a sleeping gatekeeper.


“…What did you do He’s not dead, is he” 


“Don’t worry, Rosie.

It’s a sleeping pill.”


Sleeping pills Why did you mix them with bread


I’d been wondering about Emily’s identity for a while, but I couldn’t say anything since I was afraid.


“We don’t fall asleep right after eating, and we’re supposed to fall asleep over time, so there’s no doubt about it.”


Can we really do this 


Worried that things might be getting too big, Emily put her thumb up.


Ugh, I don’t know.


So we entered the prison where Lena was imprisoned without much hindrance.


Lena, who was leaning helplessly against the bars, looked at us and opened her eyes wide.


“You, you, you!”


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