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Damn it! 


There was an ending worse than Dead Flag.

There was something worse than Argen who imprisoned Richard right here.


If I keep going like this, it’s over.


The thought of living like a doll calms his pain next to Yurtha with shackles for the rest of my life.


I had to run away. 


But how Should I scream


Despite the fact that it’s a place where people rarely come, there are a lot of people wandering around since a party is being hosted in the mansion, therefore someone will hear me and run to me.




The opponent is Yurtha Herthas.


Sadly, it didn’t change anything just because someone came running to rescue me.


Even if Yurtha did a terrible job of killing his opponent on the spot, he wouldn’t be punished with formidable power, and all escape routes were blocked.


There is no place to run away.


Yurtha, who was well aware of that fact, seemed to be very satisfied or relaxed.


What should I do 


“Where are you going with my maid”


Then an unexpected voice was heard.


When I raised my head, I could see a familiar face behind Yurtha’s back.


It’s Argen! 


It was the first time I had ever welcomed him so sincerely, despite the fact that I had always been busy avoiding him.


Yurtha stood still with an openly annoyed expression on his face.


“She will no longer be the maid of the Marquis Evantes.”


“What are you talking about” 


“This person is—”




I slapped Yurtha on the lips before he could utter a word.

No matter how hard it was, the sound rang in the air.


At that moment, the two men were speechless.


“—What are you doing” 


Argen, who had been taking the situation seriously, looked at me with a faint expression.


That’s right, I don’t know either.

But can you help me


If Argen saves me here, I was willing to be his bedroom attendant for the rest of my life.


Of course, only for cleaning.


I gave Argen a desperate look.


Argen stated exactly what I wanted; perhaps he noticed my gaze.


“Anyway, leave her behind.

Young Master Herthas.” 


“I don’t want to.” 


“You’re talking nonsense against my maid.

When you have lust, crawl to the entertainment district.

Don’t do dirty things in my Evantes.”


Argen’s words, which harshly criticize Yurtha couldn’t be more pleasing.


“It seems that the Marquis Evantes doesn’t know.”


“Marquis! I think Count’s Young Master is definitely drunk!”


“Nunim, what are you—”


Before Yurtha brought up the words, I first fired the first punch.

“I think I look like this person’s sister, he keeps calling me Nunim because he’s drunk!”


“Is that so” 


Yurtha’s red eyes shone strangely in my words.


What are you doing right now, Nunim


When he protested with his eyes, I also responded with my eyes.

You shut up.


“I know the rumors well.

I heard that your only sister disappeared, right”


“But it’s hard to mistake my maid for your sister.”


After all, it was a ‘clear win’ and it was a success.


“I’ll pretend I didn’t see your drinking.

So, just let my maid down.”


Hearing Argen’s words, Yurtha’s red eyes darkened.


“My maid—.”


“Yes, she’s my maid.”


Yurtha considered Rosie as his property.

So, he didn’t like that Argen treated me as his property.


But from Argen’s point of view, it was natural.


There was nothing in this Marquis that was not his.

His mansion, his garden, his servants.


“And that kid is a little special.”




This was unexpected.




The more Argen said, the more difficult it was to live in Yurtha’s eyes.

His reasoning seemed to be on the edge of exploding.


Soon after, Argen, who smiled, throw a bomb.



Because she’s my bedroom attendant.” 

Argen, who throw the bomb, smiled softly.

There must be no other place where he can show such leisure.


“So I hope you’ll let the maid go.”


“You know how special the maid who served the bedroom is, don’t you”


This crazy guy. 


Are you saying that to help me now If you say that, Yurtha will misunderstand—!


To say anything like that when I’m working to change the bedroom sheets and fail ()—.


Unsurprisingly, Yurtha was silent for a moment.

It was a face that had gone mad.


“Bedroom attendant—”


At that moment, there was blood in Yurtha’s red eyes.

He looked at me with his eyes distorted by madness.


“Nunim, how did this happen”


“It’s not your sister, but my maid, you’re still out of your mind.”


However, despite Argen’s words, Yurtha continued to mutter over and over again the word “bedroom attendant.”


Like a person whose reason has completely gone.


I had goosebumps as soon as I was in his arms.


As if he would blow away the entire mansion like this.






“I hope you can look forward to it from now on.”


It was a dark voice as if it would break this mansion and lock me somewhere right away.


You want me to look forward to it


I don’t know what it is, but I didn’t want to know.

No, I didn’t think I should know.

“If that’s exactly what Nunim meant, then I have to step back.”


However, the words that came out of Yurtha’s mouth were unexpected.


He put me down on the subject he had tried to take me by force just a moment ago.

I didn’t know what Yurtha was thinking, so I opened my eyes slightly and watched him.

However, Yurtha gracefully bowed slightly toward Argen.


“Then I’ll see you next time, Marquis.”


After saying goodbye, he turned his back.

Yurtha disappeared from my sight.



But what is this strange feeling


“—Thank you for your help, Marquis.”


“I just hate when someone touches my object.”





I couldn’t even laugh because the words he said calmly were ridiculous.


However, as a result, I almost ended up being dragged away by Yurtha, but I was glad that Argen helped me.


I realized that there were times when Argen, one of the number one candidates to avoid, could help.


“But what is that luggage”


When Argen pointed out the luggage in my arms, I bit my lip in embarrassment.


What should I do What if Argen found out that I was trying to run away from here— 


Absolutely not.


What can I say to get past this situation—.


“How long are you going to hold that messy thing”




“The trash is collected over there, so you better throw it away.

It doesn’t look good to have such a messy thing.”


Argen seemed to regard the shabby bag I was carrying as trash.


—You punk.


Still, I decided to comfort myself, thinking I was lucky that he didn’t know that I tried to run with my luggage.


I greeted Argen and took a quick step into my room in the Marquis.


I think it would be too much to go out as a Marquis for the time being.


As soon as I went out, I got goosebumps when I thought I might be caught by Yurtha, who was waiting for me outside.


‘The dilemma’


It was a very suitable word for this situation.


I spent the whole day lying on the bed, grabbing my hair, and wasting my time.




In the cool night breeze, Yurtha’s face was cold as he moved away from the party hall.


His red eyes gleaming with madness were contemplating about something.


‘Bedroom attendant—’


His mind was full of those thoughts the whole time.


His sister abandoned him.


And he was serving as the Marquis’ bedroom attendant. 


As he recalled that fact again, his lips twisted.


“I can’t help it if Nunim doesn’t want to leave this place—”


He repeated to himself what he had said to Rosie, no, Rose.


“You have to understand—”


At first glance, it seemed to acknowledge Rose’s intention, but it was not.


Rather, it was the opposite.


“Nunim said she doesn’t want to go.” 


A soft smile formed around his mouth.


“Then I have no choice but to make you come out of there.”


It was very easy for him.


Especially in a situation where Rose says that she is not his sister.


Currently, she has refused to associate with him as a family.


So he intended to treat it appropriately.


Until Rose begged him.


“Since you denied it, you’ll have to pay a lot for the price.”


My Nunim. 



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