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She wasn’t here.

But Richard said it as if she were by his side.


Because Richard, the transcendent, was sensitive to sound, he was able to overhear the conversation between Marie and the gatekeeper outside.


“…What should I do”


In the face of a difficult situation, he wanted to see the maid serving his meal panicking.


He didn’t want to tell her that much. 


“It looks like she will get some help, so should I let her know—” 


Whichever one he chooses, it was going to be pretty fun.


Richard waited for his maid to come to him at dawn. 




Was the chef originally a person who takes good care of others, unlike his grumpy attitude


He had been serving desserts for the past few days, and the condition of the dessert had changed significantly since I told him about the problem of the kitchen maid. 


The taste was delicious, but—


How am I going to finish eating this 2 tier cake


“If you don’t want to eat, don’t eat.”


Unlike his cold tone, he held out a two-tier cake in front of me. 


“…Thank you, I will eat it well.”


What’s wrong with him all of a sudden


I didn’t know.

All I knew was that good was good.


It was too much to put a two-tier cake in the tray.


Using a trolley, I placed Richard’s meal and the cake given to me and went to Richard’s room.


However, there was a male servant who was dressed in a shady outfit that I had never seen in the basement.


I blinked at the gatekeeper.

Who is he


Then the gatekeeper shook his head as if he didn’t know.


“Rosie! I heard you’re serving that monster’s meal.”


Ah, does he know Rosie 


“…Yes, so”


“Aren’t you tired”


The servant gave a burdensome glance and wiped the back of my hand holding the trolley.


When I avoided the unpleasant sensation, the man’s eyebrows went up. 


“It’s not hard.

It’s just bringing meals.”


What was the relationship between this man and Rosie


Seeing he did skinship casually—


It was either a lover, or an unpleasant person who pressured her. 


It was either one of the two.


The important thing was that even if this man was Rosie’s lover, he was an unpleasant human being to me now. 


“If you’re having a hard time, tell me anytime.”


“What if I talk about it”




“If I talk, will you take care of the meal for me”



I smiled as if I were ready to hand over the trolley at any time.


Then, the servant, who had said he would do anything, smiled mischievously as if he didn’t like it.


It worked.


Richard was known as a monster who fascinated and brutally harmed people here, so it was natural.


Rumors were so funny.

How could one believe it so easily even though one hasn’t even seen it


“If you’re not going to do it for me, I’ll get going now.

I have to bring this meal to the person inside.”


“Wait, Rosie.

What are you talking about”


“—Is it wrong for the person on duty to bring food”


“No, that’s not it.

Why do you call that monster like that”


It was certain.


The servant in front of me was the kind that wasn’t very good.


If she dated this guy, Rosie was blind, and if she was bothered by this guy, she was a pitiful person. 


“Then what should I call him”


“You call the monster the monster, what else would you call it”


“Then what do you call a person or animal with a name”




“You call them by my name.

It would be weird to call people as people and animals as animals.

Right But I don’t know his name, so I called him the person inside.

What’s wrong” 


“…No, Rosie.

I mean.”


I knew well what the man wanted to say, but I didn’t want to accept it.


“Then I’ll be on my way now.

I have to bring him his meal.”




I opened Richard’s door without looking up at the man.


Richard stared at me and slowly opened his mouth.






“So, to the maid, am I a monster” 




Is the maid a devil worshiper


It was a problem that Richard was thinking about these days.


One day, a maid appeared in front of him saying it was her turn to serve his meals. 


At the same time she appeared, several variables played a role in his life.


She was cold to him when he tried to approach her, but she was very considerate of his needs.


Richard could not understand such behavior.


Up to that point, she could be treated as such a person, but he overheard the gatekeeper’s conversation.


‘The maid went out to catch the person who put something weird in the food’


Why did she do that 


Richard couldn’t understand.


After contemplating, he came to one conclusion.


If his life is harmed, she would also suffer badly.


It was a very simple conclusion, but why did he think about it for a long time 


‘But is she really an ordinary maid’


The scent from her body.

He pondered about it.


The scent suppressed the pain he felt as a transcendental person and even suppressed his emotions when he felt intense killing intent after taking drugs.


He was uneasy because of it.


It was true that she made him comfortable, but he wasn’t happy that someone was affecting his body.


The maid was a very exceptional being.


Thus, Richard decided.


While the maid is still a maid who is serving his meals, he would recover, making it easier to make plans to escape.


So he decided.

Let’s run away and force the maid to follow him. 


So far, she has had a positive effect on his body, so he was under the judgment that there was nothing wrong with having her by his side.


If Rosie knew about it, she would be shocked and startled. 


She would shout and scream about where her free will went, but that was out of Richard’s interest.


Then a sweet scent lingered at the end of his nose.

At the same time—


“Did Rosie really say she missed me


A new voice came from outside the room.


“This is a secret, so take care of your mouth.”


He heard an ‘Shh’ sound as if the gatekeeper had asked him to be quiet.


At that, Richard snorted.

He thought that if he left this place, neither of them would be left unscathed.




As Rosie approached, an unpleasant voice welcomed her. 


Richard tried to call the man’s name quietly.


It was meaningless because it was a name that he would forget a little later anyway. 


“I heard you’re serving that monster’s meal.”


The sound that followed was truly ridiculous.


Rosie looked uncomfortable every time the man talked, and incomprehensibly, that fact brought Richard a strange satisfaction.


“If you’re having a hard time, tell me anytime.”


Isn’t that amazing to hear What’s the point of making it up


“If I ask, will you take care of the meal for me”


However, while her following words made sense, Richard felt strange as she seemed to be ready to hand over the meal at any time. 




Because he’ll be in pain again without her


Contrary to his worries, however, the maid would serve him for the rest of the period.


He was strangely relieved by the idea.


“Then what do you call a person or animal with a name”




“You call them by their name.

It would be weird to call people as people and animals as animals.



Richard was enveloped by a strange feeling at the words that the maid spit out without difficulty.



As expected, his maid was good.


Soon the maid came in.

So he asked impulsively.






“So, to the maid, am I a monster” 



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