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Author: Byuon

I was lost for a moment.

So you’re misunderstanding that I’m trying to attack you

“If you’re not interested in doing it with someone who’s awake, should I pretend to be asleep”


I was genuinely curious if he was talking sanely.

But looking at his lower body, he seemed to have misunderstood.

Not having the confidence to face it any longer, I turned my head away.

It’s really awkward.

“Don’t you also like this”

Should I rather welcome this misunderstanding

I think it’s better than being caught stealing drugs, but on the other hand, I’m confused by the thought that I can’t correct a strange misunderstanding.

“… I’m just going to sleep.”


Richard asked, frowning his brows as if he didn’t like it.

“Because I’m sleepy.”


Richard seemed dissatisfied with the ridiculous excuses.

“Are you going to sleep after making me like this”


So sleep well.”

As if I didn’t want to say any more, I even finished saying goodnight.

I turned my body to the other side of Richard and lay down.

A low, painful groan was heard from behind.

I closed my eyes pretending not to know.


* * *


I woke up with Richard and followed him all day.

My intention was to stop him from taking drugs, but he seemed to have interpreted it differently.

Even if ghosts exist, I wouldn’t stick with you.

I said it a hundred times and a thousand times inside, but I couldn’t answer it, so I just smiled quietly.

Last night, while Richard was sleeping, I swapped out his contents and put it in his pocket.

It was a trick.

Magic inhibitors are colorless, odorless, and tasteless, so you won’t notice them right away if you eat them.

There are also inhibitors that work late, so you won’t know.

It doesn’t matter anyway.

‘Cause I’ll never put it in my mouth’

At first I thought it would be quite difficult, but it wasn’t.

“You must be happy.”

Richard, who was preparing the meal, looked at me curiously at his words.

I sat at the table waiting for him to prepare the food.

After following him all day, I found out that the dishes I ate were made by Richard himself.

‘I thought it was strange….’

There was no one in the castle when she ran away.

“What do you mean”

“You said that three years ago.

There is no pain with me.”

He sighed and looked at him as if he had no idea.

“You said you felt good.”

But not now.

Richard doesn’t know yet that I’ve noticed this.

“That’s right, I’m happy.”

I don’t know if there’s any need to cheat on this, but she tried to hide the fact that he couldn’t get any more from her.

“It’s so nice to be with you.”

Richard said as he set the food down on the table.

When the mouth-watering food came to the table, Richard disappeared.

I’ll think about it after I eat.

As I ate the food, a thought came to my mind.

‘Shall we just throw it all away and start a cooking business together’

Do you really think this could be a hit

The businessman’s temperament suddenly raised her head.

I even thought that I could earn money, live a luxurious life, and somehow it wouldn’t be bad now.


Wake! Michelle is waiting for me.’

However, I was already imagining that Richard and I would make a fortune in the cooking business.

I’m sorry, Michelle.

It shook me for a moment.

You know it’s not my fault

“Is it good”

… But is he allowed to stay here

As the paladin commander, why the hell are you here with me

“Aren’t you busy”

“I’m busy.”

“… But why are you doing this here”

It’s been a few days since I’ve been here, but I’ve never seen Richard work.

“Shall I quit my job”

“Are you crazy”

Why are you quitting that good job

“If I resign, I can stay here all day with you.

I can even protect you from ghosts.”

That ghost.

My heart that had been healed by food boiled again.

“I haven’t resigned right now, but I’m here.”



Still, it’s a bit annoying, so I’m seriously thinking about quitting.”

Being a paladin commander wouldn’t be a job that would be easy to quit.

The priests of the temple know that once they join in, they cannot get out of it.

If you escape, you become a fugitive…

“Are you kidding me”

“Did it seem like a joke”


it never looks like that.

… That human being is sincere.

I imagined Richard, who had been on the run for a while, living here with me for the rest of his life.

Run away and you won’t even be able to dream of a business.

I’ll have to fold up the cooking business items.

I got goosebumps.

‘Let’s run away.

You must run away.’


* * *


No matter how much I followed, Richard didn’t take medicine in front of me.

He had eaten in front of me when he was in the back filling of the North before, but now she was as patient as possible not to get caught.

As a result, Richard’s condition quickly deteriorated.

“You have a bad complexion, are you okay”

“… I’m okay.”

“Oh, are you in pain”

I acted like I couldn’t figure out why his condition was like this.

I felt a little sorry for him as I watched him get worse every minute.

But this is the only way I can escape.

Richard won’t let me go.


I’m sick.

I think it would be better if you hugged me…”

The problem is that he uses his state to do tricks.

“You can’t be sick.”

I know his intentions, but I act like I don’t know, so I did what he wanted.

‘Why are you doing this to me’

Not to Argen, who actually imprisoned him.

As if I was the only one who was wrong.

Then he tried to kidnap me.

Sometimes when I think of that, I feel sad.

“Rosie, you smell good.”

At that moment I was startled.

Wasn’t that you couldn’t smell the scent anymore

“I love your body scent.”

Was it that

I hate myself for being relieved by this situation.

But it’s a couple of times I pass it like that.

Richards has reached his limit.

His breathing grew harsher and his body temperature rose.

Why are you holding on without even thinking about taking medicine

It’s sad, but it can’t be helped.

I had a gut feeling that the day I would run away was drawing nearer.

“I am going to wash now.”

I said while unraveling Richard’s cravat.

He gently held out my hands as if he knew what I was going to do.

I tied the cravat tightly to Richard’s wrist.

“Don’t go anywhere, you have to stay here.”

“If I’m obedient, please kiss me as a reward, Rosie.”


When I replied willingly, Richard looked at me as if surprised.

It wasn’t anything particularly difficult.

A little, no, a lot, I’m just pissed off.

I tied Richard’s wrist tightly and pinned him to the bed.

Then I looked at Richard’s lower body and immediately turned my head.

When I came out of the shower, Richard was tied up.

He begged me to kiss him with a reminded face, and I kept my promise.

And that night, Richard collapsed.


* * *


A few hours ago.

Richard eventually took the drug in front of me.

It must have been the limit.

I pretended not to know

Richard lied casually.

‘If you’re going to lie like that, eat it right away.’

I looked at Richard anxiously drinking the water I had stored in place of the medicine.

The magic inhibitor has no taste, so even if it tastes similar to water, there is a difference.

Seeing that he doesn’t feel it, he seem to be in a very bad condition.

In the end, Richard collapsed.

“Hey, are you okay”

“… Richard.”


“… You should call my name often, maid.”

Seeing that you call her the maid, not Rosie, seems really crazy.

‘It’s a maid.’

It was a title I hadn’t heard in a long time.

“I don’t think it’s a normal cold.”

I tried to get him up as if I was worried.

“Will you feel better if I hug you”

“… Yes.

Hug me.”

How can you lie so shamelessly

“… It’s strange.”


“… Sometimes the medicine doesn’t work right away… Was it bad”

“Do you have any more medicines Tell me.”

“… Uh.

Where is it”

Richard hugged me tightly as if he never intended to teach me while saying that.

The place where the breath touches is hot.

“I’m worried, Richard.”

I patted him on the back as if I was really worried about him.

Then Richard’s back trembled slightly.

“… Now I think I know.”

“Did you remember where the medicine is”

“Even before you betrayed me three years ago, the maid was so kind.”

“Why are you talking about that all of a sudden”

“Did you touch my medicine”

He was also quick-witted.

“… You must have noticed that even if I stay by your side like before, you won’t get better.”


“That’s why you acted so sweetly for a few days.”

I pushed Richard away without listening to him further.

It wasn’t difficult to push the body that had been torn apart from my arms.

“… Don’t go.”

Ignoring Richard’s plea and walking.

I put the vial on the table far away from him.

When the drug was stolen, it was not thrown away.

I just put it somewhere else.

“The medicine is here, so take it yourself.”

It will probably take some time to crawl here.

“… Don’t go.”



Richard pleaded as if to vomit his moan.

“I believe revenge would have been enough for a few days.”


“I was wrong, but you also tried to kidnap me three years ago.

Let’s call it a day.”

Even if I say this, the regret, pity, and heaviness inside of me will not disappear.

I spoke to him coldly to relieve the guilt.

He and I exchanged one room at a time, so I think it’s okay to put some regrets aside.

I left him and headed for the door.

“… If you go, I will kill your dear Baron Sablen.”

I looked back at him for a moment at the low threat.

Richard smiled brightly as he thought I would be back.

“Don’t be disgusting, Richard.”

That was the end of it.

I left the room without staying any longer.

Walking at a quick pace and looking back, a smile came to my mouth when Richard did not follow me.

I ran right away.

I’m going to get out of here.

I can finally go out!

Unable to control the rush of emotions, I ran and saw the exit.

Unlike before, I didn’t get lost in the hallway.

Even after leaving the castle, I ran.

The castle was surrounded by forests outside.

I ran without knowing the way.

I was out of breath all the way to the tip of my chin, but I didn’t know it was hard to feel free.

Finally free!

But at that moment, someone grabbed my waist.

My heart was pounding, it felt like it was falling down.

Could it be that Richard came to arrest me again

Surprised, I couldn’t breathe properly and lifted my head up, facing a stylized red eye light.


Yurtha smiled with joy.


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