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My lungs tightened because of the arm that grabbed my waist very hard.

A cold wind passed along the back with a sense of fluffy hair.

“… Yurtha.”

When I called him, the man’s red eyes curved like half moons.


A low ringing voice was appalled.

“Why are you here….”

“Because I heard that sister is here.”

Yurtha smiled happily and brushed my hair.

Then he buried his lips in my neck and breathed in.

“I missed you.”


“It still smells good.”

His hand gripping my waist trembled.

I really just felt disgusted and wanted to shake him off.

It seems like Richard can’t smell my scent anymore.

I thought that the scent that he said emanated from my body had disappeared, but I guess that wasn’t the case.

I felt miserable, as if my expectations had been trampled on.

But at the same time, I was puzzled.

Then Richard, why can’t he smell my scent anymore

My doubts soared, but I couldn’t go on with the thought any longer.

“Get off, Yurtha.”

“I don’t like it.

Sister has already been captured by me.”

The strength of the hand gripping my waist grew stronger.

“We barely met….”

Yurta raises his head, which was buried in my neck, and looks at me.

The red eyes, filled with strange joy, were terrifying.

“Do you think I will let you go”

… Damn it.

I ran away from Richard, and this time it’s him

He had a tantrum in this damn situation.

“You will never know how I felt when you pushed me down the stairs three years ago and ran away with Dylan.”

That day three years ago was like a nightmare to me.

I barely forgot about it, but these days there are so many people trying to remind me of that time.

I’m sick and tired of it.

“I said if you just stay with me, I’ll do what you want… ”

Red eyes looked at me as if they were pouring out anger.

It was as if he was scolding me for being too much.

“I was abandoned by sister.

You don’t know how miserable I was.”


Even though the other person refused, he tried to force them to hold hands.

I couldn’t understand why I used that word carelessly.

“I told you I didn’t want to hold your hand.

Why don’t you know that no matter how many times you hear it”

“… Sister.”

“Stop and give up.

I will never go to you for the rest of my life, Yurtha.”

To get out of his arms, I mercilessly tapped him on the shoulder.

However, his body was still unmoved.

Then, his red eyes flashed as if possessed by something.

“The smell of blood….”

His gaze slowly moved to the source of the smell.

To avoid that gaze, I tried to bite my hand back, but it was useless, I was grabbed and snatched by Yurta.

“Let go.”


“Let go, let go now!”

No matter how many times I shouted he didn’t let me go, he unwrapped the bandage on my wrist.

I tried to free my hand, but the tight grip was strong.

“This is a mark made with a sharp object….”

Yurtha muttered slowly and looked away.

“It seems that the scent comes from other places as well.”

A red gaze slowly glanced down at me.

The feeling of being naked and revealing everything was terrifying.

Then, Yurta’s gaze stopped below.

“What happened that made sister smell blood”


As the grip on my wrist grew stronger, I let out a moan.

Seeing my pain, he belatedly let go of his hand.

Then a low sigh is heard.


Sister was weak.”

Who’s weak You are ignorantly strong.

“Where and what did you do for a week, running barefoot and smelling blood”


I was obviously wearing slippers, but they seemed to have come off in the rush of running.

Fearing that I would be caught again, I ran without realizing that my slippers were off.

“Since we have a lot of time from now on, shall we listen to it later”


Yurtha flashed and lifted me up.

I scream in surprise, but Yurtha bursts into laughter.

“It’s so nice, sister.”

“Let go now!”

Do I have to get caught by this guy now

It can’t be like this.

As I struggled to get out of his arms right away, Yurta whispered.

“Sister, do you know how many knights of the Marquis of Evanthes are scattered around here”


“Now that the inspections are thorough, who do you think will let you get out of here safely”

Yurtha smiled as if it were me.

“There’s no Dylan here that you’ve been waiting for so long.”

… Dylan.

The name that came out of his mouth made me chew on the inside of my mouth.

“He will never be able to help you.”


“Because I made it that way.

I broke him so that he couldn’t meet you, sister.”

As if I could never hand myself over to anyone, I could feel the feeling I had forgotten for a moment with words full of obsession.

“You’re still the same.”

I laughed at Yurtha with a smile.

I laughed bitterly, feeling that if she asked about Dylan now, she would be weak.

“I thought things had changed since it’s been three years, but you still have low feelings for Dylan.”

“… Sister.”

“Why Did I say something wrong”

Strangely, when I saw Yurtha, he was overcome with unknown emotions.

It’s a feeling that’s not mine.

Strangely, somewhere it seems to force a fire of anger into me.

“Don’t provoke me, sister.”

Yurtha growled with his eyes shining brightly.

“… You will find out soon too.

Who is the most useful person next to you”

Leaving those words behind, Yurtha embraced me, who was resisting, and headed somewhere.


* * *


Rosie wasn’t the only one who was nervous when the plan went awry.

In the northern castle, a woman paced out of the window biting her nails.


The woman looked nervously out the window.

News came back that Rosie’s carriage had been attacked.

The knights sent to escort Rosie were all super-corpses.

What happened

Rosie has been kidnapped.

They set out on her search to find her right there, but there was no news of her deception for a week.

In addition, she did not easily believe in her death, and the knights of the Marquis of Evanthes were looking for her, and she was driven mad with worry.

The Count said so, but he couldn’t believe it.

“I have to send someone too.”

I can’t let go of her hand.

A week was enough to stay still.

No, it was long and long.

Then a knock was heard outside the door.

“Baron, a guest has come.”


Who is it that came

No, that’s not the time.

Now is the time to find Rosie.

“Ask to visit again next time.”

“If you don’t meet him, he asked me to tell the Baron that he know Rosie.”

Annoyed, Michelle turned her head away at those words.

“Let him in now!”

Did they know Rosie Who is it

Now I had to catch even the slightest clue.

Thus, the ‘Guest’ the servant had referred to visited Michelle’s room.

The tall, large man was wearing a robe that hid his face.

He’s a dubious writer.

Michelle narrowed her brows.

A man noticing her discomfort removed the robe.

His dark brown hair and bright red eyes.

He was a strikingly handsome man.

But she felt something eerie about him.

Perhaps it is because of the decadent and barren impression.

“You know Rose”

The man nodded his head.

“My introduction is late.

My name is Dylan.”


* * *


Yurtha passed through the forest and brought me to a nearby villa.

The villa was luxurious.

However, after I tasted the luxury of the castle that Richard locked me in, I was tired of this luxury.

It just felt more disgusting than surprising.

“It suits you well, sister.”

Yurta looked at me with ecstatic eyes as if I was beautiful after changing into new clothes.

I was shivering from the cold, wearing only one layer of thin negligee.

Yurtha changed me into new clothes.

The negligee which was previously worn, was scratched, torn, and covered with dirt as it came down the forest.

‘I ran to that point without thinking for myself.’

I think I went crazy with the sense of urgency and liberation.

Yurtha knelt in front of me as I sat comfortably on the sofa.

“Are you hurt I will apply the medicine.”

Then carefully hold my feet.

Even if I reject it, I think he will do whatever he wants anyway, so I decided to leave it as it was annoying.

I don’t think he’ll do anything harmful.

I looked at the man who sat down in front of me with a mixed feeling.

Now, he had a fresh face like a boy, but the spiteful figure I saw a while ago could hardly be removed from my mind.

Even after three years had passed, Yurtha was still wary of Dylan.

I couldn’t figure out why.


Three years ago, after I ran away, I heard the news while working as a maid at a baron house in Sablin.

That Dylan Herthas was ousted from his post as successor.

Rumors circulated there.

That Dylan was crippled or insane.

I wondered if it was true, so I tried to find out later, but I couldn’t find out because Hertas tried to hide the truth thoroughly.

I know Dylan is the trigger for Yurtha, but questions have inadvertently flowed out.

“… Yurtha.”

“Yes, sister.”

“What did you do with Dylan”

At that moment, Yurtha’s hand that grabbed my ankle got stronger.

“Are you still worried about Dylan”

His red eyes darken.

At that moment, I felt that I had touched the wrong thing.

“Sister is now in my hands, and I know what to do with you.”


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