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What was it like to be in the Seventh layer of Qi Refinement

Cui Heng could clearly feel that his body was more than 10 times stronger than before.

The blood in his body flowed like a river, and every move he made contained incomparably formidable strength.

It should not be a problem to blow up a six-story residential building with one punch.


Unfortunately, he did not know any Dharma spells.

He didnt have any innate divine powers either.

He reckoned that if he encountered an orthodox Immortal cultivator, he would be killed on the spot.


Thinking up to this point, Cui Hengs excitement from breaking through to the next realm instantly turned cold.

“Im too arrogant.

Just now, because I broke through to the Seventh layer of Qi Refinement, I actually felt that I was very powerful.”

Cui Heng shook his head and warned himself internally, This is a world of high-level immortals with Immortal Kings everywhere.

Even Return to Void stage cultivators and Dao Integration stage cultivators are nobodies, let alone a mere Seventh layer Qi Refinement cultivator.

However, a breakthrough in cultivation was always a good thing.

It made him feel more relaxed and he finally had the mood to ask Hong Fugui about the situation in the outside world.

Although according to the system, the Beginners Space was only in contact with one of the myriad worlds in the universe contained in this high-level immortal realm, and it might only be a low-level mortal plane, it would still be valuable knowledge for him.

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After all, it was common knowledge that there were countless cultivators among the mortals in the world of cultivation.

At the very least, there would be Nascent Soul stage old monsters.

How could a mere Seventh layer Qi Refinement cultivator like him look down on the mortal world

“What You said that theres a land deity in the place youre at!” Cui Heng looked at Hong Fugui with a dumbstruck expression, and he almost thought hed misheard.


What happened to the mortal plane which was supposed to be weak

How were there even deities

Oh, thats not right.

That was a land deity… so it meant that they had yet to transcend Immortal Ascension


At this moment, Cui Heng was asking Hong Fugui about the situation outside.

At first, it was okay.

In Hong Fuguis description, the place he lived in was a dynasty that had flourished for more than 200 years.

It was a violent state apparatus used by the military to maintain the regime.

But as he talked, Cui Heng felt that something was wrong.

Other than the mortal dynasties, there were also Buddhists, Daoists, and various other sects.

According to Hong Fuguis description, sects were high and mighty, especially Buddhism and Daoism.

They had a long heritage and possessed extraordinary power.

They didnt care about the power of the dynasty at all.

Moreover, it was rumored that within some ancient sects, there were even land deities who lived in seclusion, possessing inconceivable power.

They lived a long life, watching countless imperial courts rise and fall.

This was ridiculous.

Cui Heng quickly “figured out” the actual situation of the outside world through his own experience.

The place where Hong Fugui lived was indeed a mortal world, and it should be a relatively common cultivation world.

In this world, immortal cultivation sects were above mortals and controlled the survival of mortal empires.

From a certain perspective, this so-called dynasty was just the sects granary, bank, and admissions office.

Those “land deities” were most likely Immortal cultivators with high cultivation bases.

Quite likely, they were at Foundation Establishment or Golden Core.

Although this was much safer than a high-level world where Immortal Kings roamed freely, the safety factor was very limited.

He was just a small fry in the Seventh layer of Qi Refinement realm.

If he encountered a Foundation Establishment cultivator, he would die without leaving any fragments.

After all, the common world of cultivation had another name—the “triad cultivation world”!!

Hong Fugui was a little puzzled.

Why was Mr.

Cui so agitated when he heard about the land deity

To a supreme existence that controlled countless worlds, even a land deity was no different from an ant.

“Sir, is there a problem with the land deity” Hong Fugui asked in confusion.

“Cough, cough!” Cui Heng coughed lightly and asked, “Do you know what abilities those land deities have”

“Abilities” Hong Fugui thought for a moment and shook his head.

“The land deities are people who have transcended mortals.

Im just a little beggar.

I cant reach that level of information.

However, Ive heard some rumors while I was roaming around.

They say that these land deities can pluck the Stars from the sky and catch the Moon with their hands.

They can carry mountains and seas.

They are incredible Immortals.”

This was what he had heard from the scholar in the teahouse.

“So thats how it is.” Cui Heng nodded when he heard this, and he seemed to have fallen into deep thought.

In reality, he was not feeling well at all.

It turned out that this was a relatively high-level mortal world, and there were even almighty beings who could pluck Stars and catch the Moon, and carry mountains and seas with ease.



Hong Fugui looked at Cui Hengs contemplative look and suddenly understood something.

“I understand.

A supreme existence like Mr.

Cui must have transcended the mortal world for too long, so he doesnt know much about the current mortal world.

The reason why he asked me about the land deities is probably because he wants to understand the situation in the mortal world and ruminate on the profound principles of Immortal cultivation through observation of the mortal world.”

It was just like how he would sometimes pay attention to the movement of ants and think about the reasoning behind it.


This made Hong Fugui a little excited.

He felt that he had finally found his value.

Only by displaying his value would he have a chance to ask Mr.

Cui for a way to save the world!

Hong Fugui was only a 12 year-old child after all.

He was bent on displaying his value.

Thus, in the next three days, he practically told Cui Heng everything he knew without holding anything back, and he told Cui Heng everything hed seen and heard while roaming the world.

However, due to his identity, perspective, and source of information, Cui Hengs understanding was slightly off.

Hong Fugui described everything without holding back.

The image of a triad cultivation world gradually formed in Cui Hengs heart, and he understood the details of that dynasty.

Although this dynasty was the subordinate force of a cultivation sect, it still seemed to be unable to escape the predetermined cycle of fate.

The empire had only been in power for 300 years, but it already encountered a serious situation with its land being seized continuously.

Vast numbers of refugees roamed the land and it looked like the end of the world.

On the other hand, the cultivation sects were indifferent to this and allowed the imperial court to fall into chaos.

This conformed to Cui Hengs understanding of the triad cultivation world.

“Its truly too miserable to live in such a world.” Cui Heng patted Hong Fuguis shoulder with pity.

“Its been hard on you.”

The imperial court was only a subordinate of the sect, and the commoners were naturally lambs raised by the sect.

No one would care that much about the life and death of mere livestock.


Even if he joined a sect later on and successfully cultivated to become an Immortal, he would have to face the even more cruel triad cultivation world.

There was only one word to describe this situation.


“Sir!” Hong Fugui suddenly opened his mouth and bowed respectfully to Cui Heng.

“Sir, Ive been wandering around all these years and have seen many miserable scenes.


“Countless people like me have been displaced, and countless people like my parents and siblings have been starved to death or even eaten by others! The Imperial Court doesnt care about us.

The Immortals dont care about us.

No one wants to save us…

“I want to change all of this.

I want to let those people who were like me live a good life, but I dont know what to do… This lowly one beg you to give me a way to save the world!”

“…” Cui Heng was silent for a moment, then said, “You want to replace dynasties”

“Re-replace dynasties” Hong Fugui was stunned for a moment before he nodded solemnly.

“Yes, thats right! I want to replace the old dynasties, change the world, and establish a new era where everyone can eat their fill!”


His eyes seemed to glow as he spoke.

The last part of his sentence was almost shouted out.

“You really intend to do that” Cui Hengs brows knitted together as he said in a low voice, “This path is bound to be bumpy, and it might even lead to death.”

Wishing to rebel in a triad cultivation world and establish a new dynasty.

The difficulty level was obvious.

After interacting with Hong Fugui for the past few days, he had a good impression of the kid.

Furthermore, Hong Fugui had helped him to break through to the next realm.

He didnt want this child to end up in a miserable state.

“I beg for Sirs approval.” Hong Fuguis gaze remained firm.

“If youre willing to live a stable life, I can guarantee you a lifetime of wealth.” Cui Heng stood with his hands behind his back as he said indifferently, “But if you take that path, you can only seek fortune by yourself.

Wont you regret it”

“No regrets!” Hong Fuguis gaze was as firm as a rock.

“Sigh…” Cui Heng shook his head lightly and sighed.

He seemed to be very disappointed.

He walked over and tapped Hong Fuguis head three times.

Then, he walked into the room with his hands behind his back and closed the door.


Hong Fugui stood there in a daze for a long while before regaining his senses.

He bowed respectfully and said, “Thank you for your great kindness, Sir!”

He had already guessed what Cui Heng meant.



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