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“Oh” Yan Sheng raised his eyebrows slightly when he heard that.

He chuckled and said, “Hui Shi, this doesnt sound like something you would say.

How can the disciple of the Lotus Monasterys Abbot be a messenger boy”

“County Lord, that gentleman asked me to give you some advice.” Monk Huishi braced himself.

“He hopes that you can give up your ambitions early, cripple your cultivation, and return to the mountains.”

“How dare you!” the woman in black shouted angrily.

“Hui Shi, you were sent by the Lotus Temple to assist the County Lord.

How dare you speak like this!”

“Its fine.” Yan Sheng waved his hand and sized up Monk Huishi.

“I didnt expect Master Shanfas disciple to have such a talented disciple.

I really didnt expect you to have such a side…”

Before he could finish—

The county magistrate suddenly threw the fishing rod in his hand into the pond.

At the same time, a huge amount of vital energy was instantly injected into it, and a vast power surged into the pond!


The ten-meter-wide pond immediately stirred powerfully.

The water inside was flipped into the air, instantly forming a huge boiling water ball.

All the fish inside were burnt to death on the spot.

Yan Shengs expression turned extremely gloomy.

He raised his hand and tossed the fishing rod again.

The boiling water ball smashed towards Monk Huishi.

All of this happened in the time it took a spark to fly off a piece of flint.

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Neither Monk Hui Shi nor the woman in black managed to react.


Suddenly, there was a loud bang in the air.

The boiling water ball exploded in the air before it hit Monk Hui Shi.

The temperature quickly decreased and scattered into a misty rain that could no longer cause any damage.

This brought Monk Hui Shi and the woman in black back to their senses.

However, at this moment, Yan Sheng had already leaped onto the distant county wall and was about to escape.

The County Lord of Juhe County had been calm and composed just now, as if he was full of confidence.

Now, he was actually planning to run!

He was a very cautious man by nature.

Although he did not discover anything wrong with Monk Hui Shis side, since the other party could directly suppress Monk Huishi and even dare to ask him to return to deliver a message, it meant that he was most likely extremely powerful.

He might even be a Supreme Grandmaster, far stronger than expected.

Faced with such a powerful enemy, Yan Sheng would never choose to fight head-on.

He would definitely escape first.

“Kill this monk quickly.

He has betrayed the Supreme Master!” He ordered the woman in black and was about to jump out of the outer county office.

The woman in black was obviously confused too.

She didnt understand what was going on, but she decided to carry out Yan Shengs orders.

“Hui Shi, the County Lord has ordered me, so I have to make a move!” The woman in blacks gaze turned cold.

She took out a dagger from her waist and aimed it at Monk Huishi.


At this moment, Yan Sheng suddenly jumped back from the wall of the county office.

But it wasnt jumping outside.

He actually jumped back to the edge of the pond, leaving the woman in black, who was about to attack Monk Hui Shi, stunned.

What was going on

“County Lord” The woman in black looked at Yan Sheng in surprise.

“How is this possible” Yan Sheng was shocked.

He did not respond to the woman in black.

Instead, he jumped up again and prepared to run in the direction he had just escaped.

But when he moved, he realized that something was wrong.

He was actually going in the opposite direction!

Fortunately, there was also a wall in the opposite direction.

Yan Sheng simply jumped up again and prepared to leave from this side.

However, when he was about to jump off the wall again, he realized that he had involuntarily jumped towards the pond again.

Im back again!

“This, this, this…”

Yan Sheng no longer had his previous composure.

His face turned extremely pale and he was extremely flustered.

He tried to escape again, but this time, the outcome did not change.

He had still returned to the edge of the pond!

“Thats impossible!” Yan Sheng shouted and ran off again.

This time, he used all his strength.

True energy erupted.

An incomparably huge force burst out as he stomped the ground with a loud bang that shook the surrounding houses.

At this speed, he could cross half the distance of the county office in a single step and jump outside.

However, every time he wanted to go outside, he would return back to the edge of the pond.

The cycle went on endlessly.

At this moment, Yan Sheng was running around like a headless fly, but he could not leave the county office no matter what.

The woman in black and Monk Huishi were stunned when they saw this.

The former could not understand what was going on at all.

While she was shocked, she also felt a fear of the unknown.

The latter looked beside him in shock, but there was nothing in that direction.

There was no one there at all.

A full quarter of an hour passed.

Yan Sheng, who was running around, stopped.

His face was pale and his eyes were filled with fear.

He glanced at the woman in black and said in a low voice, “Stand down first.”

“Yes.” The woman in black stepped aside.

The situation was beyond her comprehension.

“Hui Shi, is the gentleman you mentioned nearby” Yan Sheng took a deep breath and said, “Can you ask this Senior to show himself and stop teasing me, a junior”

Under the intervention of the invisible force just now, he felt like a baby at the mercy of others.

There was no room for resistance.

He might as well give in.

“When did I tease you” Cui Hengs voice sounded behind Monk Huishi.

At the same time, he and the old man appeared out of thin air, but it gave the impression that they had been standing there all along and had just been ignored.

Such a bizarre scene made Yan Sheng feel inexplicably shocked.

Especially after seeing Cui Hengs young appearance, he was even more shocked and did not know what to say for a moment.

“Its just an experiment.” Cui Heng smiled.

“Theres no need to panic.”

Earlier, Yan Sheng had run around aimlessly because Cui Hengs Golden Core power had interfered with his sense of the outside world.

This was just Cui Hengs small experiment on how to use the power of the Golden Core.

However, there were also unexpected gains.

He had just felt an extremely strong emotional fluctuation from Yan Sheng—fear!


Compared to ordinary people, Yan Shengs emotions were much stronger, and it gave Cui Heng more spiritual feedback.

This made him wonder if the stronger a person was, the stronger their emotions would be, and the more helpful it would be for his cultivation.

“Experiment” Yan Sheng could not understand.

However, he was a Grandmaster after all, so he quickly calmed himself down.

He first cupped his hands and bowed to Cui Heng before saying, “Senior, Im a soldier under Mountain Yans, King Yan.

Im here on the orders of King Yan.

May I know why youre here”

“The King of Yan who rose to prominence in Yan Mountain County and subsequently swept through the various counties in the past five years is about to come to Lu County” Cui Heng smiled.

He had heard about this person from Old Master Li.

“Thats right.” Yan Sheng nodded and seemed to relax a lot.

“The King of Yan already has hundreds of thousands of troops.

With the help of the Grand Prosperity Monastery and the monks of the Lotus Flower Monastery, he will definitely take over Great Jin within ten years!”

At this point, he paused and suddenly knelt in front of Cui Heng.

He said loudly, “Senior, your martial skills are profound and extraordinary.

Why dont you help the King of Yan sweep through this world

“When the world is unified, with Seniors ability, you will definitely be promoted to the position of Imperial Preceptor by the King! At that time, your authority will be enough to overturn the world and suppress the Pugilistic World.

Wouldnt that be great”


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