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Chapter 65: God's Wisdom (1)


The long white bridge, the palace walls, the imperial guards, and the imperial court that she had not seen in a long time..

It seemed that the scenery had not changed much.

However, compared to the first time, her mood was vastly different.

No little soldier named Wen Xi, no vicious Heng Yue; the disappearance of friends and enemies reminded her that everything that happened in this place was in the past.


The room was exquisitely furnished.

The double silver-pink drapery was lifted up by silver hooks.

The neat tassel knots hanging from the top were decorated with many pearl-like ornaments.

The sun was shining brightly outside the window, the breeze was blowing, and the sound of ethereal music could be heard.

However, the surrounding air inside was dull and extremely oppressive, and it is not as comfortable as the night of the Void Heaven in the Demon World.

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There was a reason why the Heavenly Emperor did not immediately deal with the matter.



Hearing footsteps, Tian Zhen closed her eyes again.


The maids had delivered food and tea.

Zhao Hua Jun motioned them to step back and personally took a small bowl of porridge to the bed.

He lifted her up, and said softly, "You should be hungry.

This is your favorite silver shrimp porridge."


Tian Zhen ignored everything he said on their way here, but there was one thing that was strange.

Her physique and cultivation was clearly the most inferior.

She usually had to eat something to replenish her energy every day, but this time, even though she had not eaten for several days, she was still clear minded.


She opened her eyes and lightly replied: "I have hands."


Zhao Hua Jun was not annoyed.

He calmly took a small silver spoon and gently scooped some porridge to her lips.


Tian Zhen turned her head away.

"The porridge is good.

It's a pity that the presence of a certain someone made me lose my appetite."


Zhao Hua Jun said: "You are angry again."


"Is it useful to be angry with you I'm not a goddess of noble birth.

I'm not so squeamish nor do I want you, a dignified king, to personally serve me.

For such trivial matters as eating, I can do it myself." Tian Zhen lifted her arms and stretched out her hand.

She took the bowl of porridge finished before returning the empty bowl.

Then she asked casually, "What are you going to do with me Do you plan on putting me under house arrest for the rest of my life"



Zhao Hua Jun took the empty bowl and put it on the table before coming back.

He sat on the bed, beside her: "Little Phoenix, with his power, it would be hard to resist the Six Realms.

As the King of immortals, so I have to consider many things for the sake of the Heavenly Realm."


"If I remember correctly, he has shown mercy to the Bird Clan many times.

You plan to repay his kindness with vengeance You plan to deal with him too"


"It is the Will of Heaven, why don't you understand me at all"


Instead of answering, Tian Zhen replied with another question.

"Is it your idea or the Heavenly Emperor's idea to bring me back"


"In any case, I will protect you." Zhao Hua Jun stood up and said, "You can follow me with peace of mind.

We can talk about the rest in the future.

Do not walk around casually."


When he left, Tian Zhen got up quickly and got out of bed.

She was not afraid of being a villain.

She chased out all the maids who came in, and then sat alone at the table contemplating.

Her intuition told her that for Zhao Hua Jun to suddenly act like this… would not be because of a simple reason.

No one except Heavenly Lady Huan and herself knew about the damage to the Devil God's body.

Could it be that they are already suspecting something


The most important thing at the moment was to find a way to leave as soon as possible.

Tian Zhen looked at the door screen.

The imperial court was heavily guarded, so there was no way to escape by herself.


While still annoyed, Tian Zhen heard some movement outside. 


"Little Phoenix."


"His Majesty the Immortal Emperor."


Guan Heyue Wei ordered the guards to step back and walked in alone.


Even he was in the Immortal Realm! It seemed that things were even more complicated than she originally thought.

Tian Zhen’s heart thumped as she asked directly, "Guan Heyue Wei, are you also going to use me as a bargaining chip"


Guan Heyue Wei did not answer directly.

"He is an innate deity.

Even if I don't intervene, others will not feel at ease."


"Others are others.

He didn’t mean to violate the Immortal Realm… Must the Immortal Realm participate" Although knowing that there was no hope, Tian Zhen still pleaded: "Wen Xi, I can only beg you this time."


Guan Heyue Wei was silent for a while, then smiled and said, "I'm Wen Xi, but as well as Guan Heyue Wei.

It's not all up to me to decide the major affairs of the Immortal Realm.

Don't worry, they will let you go as soon as the matter is over."


It felt as if a basin of freezing water was pouring down on her head.

Tian Zhen's whole body was cold: "Where are you going to take me"


"Mount Youpo."


"How sure are you to dare provoke him"


"Since he had lost half of his power, then we are only half sure."


Her worst guess was confirmed.

Tian Zhen took two steps calmly and suddenly asked, "Was it Dragon Girl De Yin"


Guan Heyue Wei nodded slightly: "You shouldn't let her back."


At that time, before Heavenly Lady Huan departed, in order to warn her, she mentioned the damage to the Devil God's power.

Dragon Girl was next to them, so she naturally heard the conversation.

Tian Zhen immediately regretted it and sneered: "I was confused, next time I will pay attention and will not leave any living evidence.”


She sat down again and fiddled with the teacup on the table.

"Just based on such uncertain news, you've decided to go all out.

Are you not afraid of the destruction of the two worlds"


"We don't have much time, this is the only chance."


Tian Zhen raised her eyebrows and said, "What if this news was false"


Guan Heyue Wei was very calm: "This matter was originally a gamble."

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"Whether it's releasing the Dragon Girl or saving you, I didn't expect anything in return." Seeing him embarrassed, Tian Zhen couldn't help laughing, "Don't worry, I won't embarrass you.

I just hope you can come and take me on walks when you are free.

I don't like being locked up, and I don't want to ask Zhao Hua Jun."


Guan Heyue Wei breathed a sigh of relief: "Little Phoenix..."


"You don’t have to feel guilty.

I won’t buy it." Tian Zhen stood up and took the initiative to pull him, "Let's go."


It was probably because she had caused such a commotion last time, Zhao Hua Jun didn't show up for the next few days.

However, Tian Zhen knew that her every move was being monitored by him.

Since it was useless to ask for help, she simply stopped mentioning it, and Guan Heyue Wei was relieved to see this.

As promised, he took her on walks in the garden from time to time to relieve her boredom.

There was no fear of her escaping since there were countless guards in the imperial court.


Regarding her reaction, although Zhao Hua Jun and others felt it was abnormal, they found nothing when they secretly investigated.


In this way, Tian Zhen played around during the day and slept as usual at night.

Until midnight on the fifth day, she was suddenly "invited" by several maids and sent out of the gate.


A carriage was waiting across the long bridge.


A maid opened the curtain to the carriage.

Inside was a sitting Zhao Hua Jun, who smiled slightly when she saw him.


Tian Zhen didn't need the help of the maid, so she jumped up without saying a word.

She got inside and sat down.


Without moonlight nor lit lanterns, the inside and outside of the carriage are dark.

However, the Heavenly Horses could still gallop at a very fast speed.

Tian Zhen looked at the blurred shadows of the trees that were receding outside, and internally calculated.


Suddenly her hands were held.


"Little Phoenix."


"What is Zhao Hua Jun doing" Tian Zhen wanted to withdraw her hand.


He didn't let go: "Remember when I first met you"


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