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Chapter 133 Training ground’s handsome guy


It was two o'clock in the afternoon and the day’s training continued.

It didn’t matter if there was a mission or not, or whether or not colleagues were taking release from duty.

Training wouldn’t ever cease.


Pan Lei moved over a chair and put it on the viewing platform.


"Sit here and look at me.

Let me know if you want to go anywhere.

Don’t sneak out."


Pan Lei had said that he would be with Tian Yuan for 24 hours and he genuinely achieved it.

After seating Tian Yuan and ordering him not to wander off, Pan Lei stood diagonally below him.

Pan Lei had also taken a plastic bag containing a water bottle, biscuits, and fruits in addition to a heavy coat for concern that Tian Yuan would be cold if he sat for too long.

He got everything ready - water to drink when he was thirsty and biscuits to eat when he was hungry - and informed Tian Yuan he was not allowed to move anywhere; he should just sit and observe.


“In this way, my work won’t be delayed and I can turn my head to look after my family.”


Tian Yuan rolled his eyes at him.

I’ve never seen somebody more ** than him.


The afternoon drill was target practice with live ammo, and there was absolutely no such thing as blank bullets.

The rationale behind the unusually accurate marksmanship of the special forces was precisely this target practice.


Everyone performed admirably on the directed flying target[1].

Pan Lei handed Tian Yuan a set of binoculars so he could see targets in the distance.

Essentially, everyone stayed in the ninth ring[2].


Following that, the training focused on moving target practice.

Someone tossed a beer bottle from a great height, while a soldier raised his gun to take aim and shoot quickly.

Bang! The next two wine bottles were also shot and smashed.

Next, despite the fact that three wine bottles were thrown at the same moment, the soldier remained systematic.

The three wine bottles were shattered when he turned around.


Excellent shot! Tian Yuan was amazed and applauded loudly.


Pan Lei smiled, jumped down the observing platform, grabbed the soldier's sniper rifle, and winked at his subordinates.

Four wine bottles were thrown at the same moment.

Pan Lei aimed and fired.

He squeezed the trigger in the split second when two wine bottles overlapped in the air, shattering both.

Before the splintered fragments could strike the ground, he pivoted and fired two more shots, bang, bang.

Three gunshots were used to destroy four wine bottles in this manner.


Then he triumphantly smiled at Tian Yuan.

He appeared haughty and as though he was waiting to be praised.

Tian Yuan did not hold back and clapped.


Killing two birds with one stone, it turns out, can also be applied here! It's awesome.

It's incredible how exact the marksmanship is!


On receiving Tian Yuan’s adoration, Pan Lei raised his chin arrogantly, feeling himself unexcelled in the world. Look! I, your man and their leader, am better than each of them! So mighty, so talented, do you think I'm more attractive


"Actually, there are many commandos with good marksmanship who can kill two birds with one stone exactly like the Squadron Leader.

He’s showing off."


White Head didn't waste any chance to malign Pan Lei.

He came close to Tian Yuan and broke the news in a quiet voice.


"He’s a natural soldier.

The way he looked when he carried the gun, aimed, and pulled the trigger was so cool! He’s incredibly skilled."


White Head sought to counterattack and tried to slander Squadron Leader Pan, but in a certain someone’s heart, the most handsome man was precisely this Squadron Leader Pan.

No one could compare to him.


Pan Lei, who was pleased as punch, walked over to Tian Yuan.

Everyone was training, and all the instructors were watching them with their hands clasped behind their backs.

No one was sitting except for Tian Yuan, who was sitting on the observation stand.

He was surrounded by instructors all around, and appeared like a senior military figure being safeguarded.

He sat there full of style.


Pan Lei poured him a glass of water and Tian Yuan drank it.

Pan Lei sat down at his feet and took out the cigarette pack in his pocket.


Tian Yuan promptly took out the lighter, and as Pan Lei put the cigarette in his mouth, it had already been lit for him.


Pan Lei was immensely joyful.

He touched Tian Yuan’s hand, got near, took a puff, and glanced up at Tian Yuan's face.

Tian Yuan’s expression was filled with excitement.

It was the first time he’d stretched his horizons like this. Their skills are outstanding! Everyone is extremely talented!


"Baby, my subordinates are all good, right"


"First-class soldiers, top-notch skills."


This was a sincere praise.

They were all superb soldiers, and the motto "protect home, defend the country" was the most suited for them.

This team was top-notch.

They had to do difficult feats and therefore everyone of them needed to have the best skills and the best kung fu.

Whether it was firearms, cold weapons, fighting, or endurance, they all had undergone training that ordinary people couldn’t bear.

They were the most brilliant and strongest people.

Each and every one of them was a hero!


"But in a few days, they will be discharged from service and once that happens, less than half of the individuals here will be here.

We’ll train new commandos again.

Strong like an iron military camp, rushing water like soldiers.

Although this line is true, what troubles me the most is precisely this period when certain comrades in arms take off their military uniforms and leave the army.

It is hard to let go."


It was only then that Tian Yuan recalled Pan Lei mentioning that some people were going to be discharged from the army and he had to take recruits which meant a lot of work for Pan Lei.


"White Head is departing, and those three or four who are training now, will also all be discharged from the army."




White Head was now a deputy military instructor, which was not a bad rank in the military.


"There are several reasons for this.

After all, the special forces must have greater psychological endurance than the general public, and they must embrace any duty.

They will sometimes sleep on a mound of corpses for a few days, smell the stink of those bodies, and watch the corpses slowly decay, putting everyone's psychological fortitude to the test.

Some people can't take it anymore and want to give up, while others want to go out and make their mark on the world.

They are, after all, in their early twenties and under 30.

This is the best time for men to explore possibilities[3].

White Head has no other choice.

His wife is ill, and the child is young.

His mother is paralyzed as well.

He is removing his military uniform and relocating to care for his family.

You know what Nobody wants to take this uniform off after you've put it on.

They're like me.

I love the military camp and refuse to retire for the rest of my life.

It'd feel like extracting a piece of my soul.

I just can't let it go.

Every year at this time, I am saddened by the fact that someone has left again.


October-November period."


He considered his men to be his brothers.

Living and dying together, sharing difficulty, breathing gunpowder smoke, enduring arduous training and facing victory together, eating and living together, practicing together...this was a genuine sincerity among men.

They collaborated to keep the motherland's peace and protect the people's property.

It was truly a case of sharing life and death.


While on a mission together, a teammate could become a savior.

They have faith in one another.

Going on a mission requires you to trust and value one another.

A blood and life-forged brotherhood is tenacious.


He loved the barracks, the green (uniform), and these simple brothers with bright smiles.


"It's nothing, and it's not a bad thing for White Head to change professions and go to a city.

He's going to be a captain of the Criminal Police at the local city bureau, according to what I've heard.

Let me tell you, there are a few bastards who have demonstrated military prowess.

They've gotten a promotion.

What will I say if we meet again in the future I'll say that everyone I coach is a flaming hero, and any of them is the best fighter in the world."


Tian Yuan silently comforted him by touching his shoulder.

Pan Lei was casual, but he placed a high value on relationships.

This was true for both himself and his teammates.

He was Pan Lei's unforgettable love, and he had a fraternity with his comrades that treated each other with absolute sincerity.

Separation did not imply that they had lost contact with one another.

Comrades in arms are said to have the deepest bond in the world.

They could still communicate with one another.


Since he enjoys it, let him stay at the barracks at all times.

So what if they had to live apart He could handle it. I don't care how long we are apart as long as you're happy.

I'll be patient. Pan Lei adored the barracks and refused to resign from the army for the rest of his life. Let him wear this uniform all the time if he wants to. When they reach the age of their parents, perhaps Pan Lei will also become a general and win the prize.

He'll be pleased.


Didn't fulfilling his wish mean recognizing his love for the army and his desire to serve for the rest of his life As his lover, I can assist him in bearing anything.

He could accept responsibility for anything, including hardship, separation, waiting, and living apart.

He would wait for Pan Lei for twenty or thirty years, no matter how long it took.


Let him work until he retires, or until he no longer wants to work.

Even if he was old and gray-haired by the time Pan Lei returned to him, he would welcome him home with a smile.


Loving someone entailed loving them deeply all the way through and providing them with unconditional support.


He could handle the rest.


Pan Lei smiled at Tian Yuan, turned his head, and kissed the back of Tian Yuan's hand and shoulder.


Tian'er, with whom he fell in love, deserved his undivided attention for the rest of his life.

He felt guilty and sorry, but he will come up with other solutions.

He'd be content as long as his Tian'er was always by his side.


"Come on, let’s go for a walk.

I'll give you a good look at the commandos' camp."


Pan Lei rose up, patted his pants, drew Tian Yuan, jumped off the viewing platform, and walked away into the woods.


Everyone was training in the afternoon.

What was Pan Lei up to


Pan Lei took him past tanks and armored vehicles before dragging him into the woods without allowing Tian Yuan to come near enough to touch them.


Tian Yuan's neck was turned as he continued to glance back.

It was his first encounter with an armored vehicle.

He wanted to see what it was all about.

Every man is fascinated by this type of machine.

He wanted to get his hands on it.

He was eager to get to know that big guy.


"Let's go, let's go, let's go.

You'll have plenty of chances to check it out.

If you want, I can teach you how to drive an armored vehicle."


"Really Is driving it difficult"


"It's just like driving a car."


"Then I'm not going to drive.

You drive me around and let me experience what it's like to be in an armored car."


What's the big deal about it Pan Lei drew him deeper into the woods.


The distant noises of training and shouting were no longer audible.

The little groove grew into a large forest over time.

When one entered, it was impossible to tell how many evergreen plants were spread out in all directions.

The foliage had gone yellow by the end of October, and some of the trees were about to shed their leaves.

However, the woodland was dense and overgrown with weeds in general, and the trail was becoming increasingly difficult to traverse.

Tian Yuan had no idea why they had come here.

To go on a commando encampment tour What is there to see in this area Trees Who hasn't seen trees


"This forest covers an area of ​​more than 100 acres.

There's also a mountain nearby.

We bring recruits here to train them to survive in the wild.

For 7-8 days, they wander about within.

We give them a canteen of water and a box of compressed biscuits before throwing them here."


"You're not planning on forcing me to survive in the wilderness, are you I'll die if you leave me here for 7 days with a canteen of water and a pack of biscuits."


Would Pan Lei bring him in and then sneak away to train him


"How can I possibly be willing to let you go Let's go, let's go, I'll take you to have a good time."


Can I trust him Why on earth does he appear so thrilled


[1] One of the sports of shotgun and target shooting. You can read this Baidu entry for details.

[2] FYI.

9, 10 & inner 10 (X) are the innermost rings.

[3] chuǎng dàng: to leave home to make one's way in the world; to leave the life one knows to seek success.


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