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Chapter 122 Being an ancestor is not easy


Being treated as a living and breathing ancestor for several days was actually a lot of work for Tian Yuan.

Living comfortably was not at all as easy as imagined; rather, it was exhausting.


Pan Lei had the potential to set a new benchmark for good men.

He could carry a gun, beat the enemy, and venture deep beyond enemy lines to conduct rescue operations.

He was also a kitchen conqueror.

Even if he couldn't make a sumptuous banquet, his cooking skills were similar to a first-class chef, feeding Tian Yuan till his skin was glowing and smooth.

Even Little Tian was gleaming[1].

He catered to his tastes, recognized Tian Yuan's desires by reading his expression, and assisted him in holding Little Tian whenever he went to the toilet, despite being kicked out every time.

Bathing him in the shower until a flagpole was raised was also a common occurrence.

He’d been tossed every day since they got home, and his waist and back were sore.


Pan Lei had piggy-backed him and ran upstairs in one breath, not pausing midway.

He had not uttered a word of complaint to say he was heavy. Does he consider me to be a sack of rice that needs to be carried upstairs


Tian Yuan sighed.

He sighed as he gazed up at the sky, sighed as he scolded: Sonofab***h! I’ve hurt my arm, not my leg!


The bone fracture was not serious, and there was no need to stay at home for a month to recover.

He couldn't sit still by the tenth day.


Think about it.

You wake up naturally, feeling refreshed.

But what if, when you wake up, you realize that every bone in your body hurts You struggle for a long period and eat your lunch with a sore waist and back.

When your partner returns, he says, "Dear, do you want to eat fruit Do you want to see a movie, baby Can I take a nap with my arms around you, Tian'er" Just when the afternoon is coming to an end, he begins again: "Dear, what do you want to eat Baby, shall we take a bath Tian'er, let's do it again."


Your mother[2], your mother, your mother you b**t**d, just die in bed.


Pan Lei lacked any sense of decency.

Tian Yuan ended up feeding this ravenous wolf all day, yet he was still hungry.


He was cooking for Tian Yuan and chopping fruits for Tian Yuan, but the scoundrel’s main goal was to toss him repeatedly at night for his pleasure.


I can’t take it anymore!


Tian Yuan arrived at this conclusion shortly after three o'clock in the afternoon, when it was time for a nap.

Pan Lei stated that it felt wonderful to sleep with his arms around Tian'er.

They had just gotten into bed when that self-centered jerk started acting like a hooligan.

With Pan Lei fondling Tian Yuan, how was he expected to fall asleep Their clothes had been removed by the time Tian Yuan was sober enough to struggle, so he adopted a laissez-faire attitude.

As a result, he was tossed for three hours, and was panting for air.

The rascal walked to the bathroom to run the bath with Tian Yuan's body covered in marks from head to toe.


Pan Lei emerged from the bathroom to be greeted by the pillow thrown by Tian Yuan.


"Stay at least three meters away from me.

You’re not allowed to come near me."


"What are you on about We’re husband and husband.

You must stay within the range of one zhang[3] from your husband.

Are we still a couple if we’re outside this range No can do.

I must stay beside you or that little girl will steal you away."


He leaned in and stroked Tian Yuan’s face while kissing him.


"Dear, take a bath.

I’ll cook dinner for you.

Let’s eat and rest early."


"F**k off! I'll stay up late today and then go to work tomorrow.

I’m not going to stay with you!"


Let’s just say he’s a little cheap.

When Pan Lei was not by his side, he wished he’d be by his side all the time.

Even if Pan Lei only stayed for a short time, he would be elated, knowing that one phone call would take him away again, with no way of knowing when he would return.

He would worry and yearn incessantly, sometimes feeling as if a day dragged on like a year, hoping Pan Lei could be with him every day and night.


But after actually staying together all the time, sleeping and waking in the same bed, eating food made by him, wearing the clothes washed by him, getting kissed every time he looked up, indulging every night until he was covered in red marks all over, he felt he was beginning to miss the days Pan Lei was not by his side.

At the very least, he wouldn't be spending his days with a sore waist and a throbbing back.


This was for the same reason that you look forward to the holidays when you go to school.

But when you're on vacation and have no friends to accompany you, you start to wonder why school hasn't started yet.


"Out of the question.

It won’t work.

I’ve spent so much effort chasing you.

If you're not going to stay with me, do you want me to live like a bachelor! Fine.

I promise not to toss you tonight.

We're newlyweds, baby.

Even if you're upset, you can't say things like that and hurt our feelings.

I feel so broken-hearted.

Could it be that you no longer love me"


He lowered his eyes and pretended to be pitiful.

Tian Yuan laughed angrily and shoved him away.


"Hand! Hand! How many times have I told you not to push me with your fractured hand What if the fracture gets worse"


"I also don't forgive you for playing tricks."



I'll take you out to have some fun today, lest you say I don't love you.

Zhang Hui invited us to karaoke.

I’ve already said no, but if you don’t want to sleep, let's go.

I don’t get it.

What are you dissatisfied with when you have such a handsome guy like me beside you You’re adamant about staying up late and going to work.

I assure you that you’ll be unable to return to work until the bone fracture has healed completely."


When Tian Yuan grabbed an orange, Pan Lei immediately snatched it and peeled it for him.

He removed the white pith before putting it in Tian Yuan's mouth.


"Because I am a doctor, I know that doing too much of this type of stuff is not beneficial to healing.

In reality, I should exercise restraint during this time.

But you’re such a pervert that I’m powerless to stop you."


Tian Yuan cast a chilly glare at Pan Lei.

He was an insatiable wolf.

He was unsatisfied no matter how much he fed him.

Resist Struggle Ward off It was useless.

He simply pressed down on him, kissing and nibbling at his lips.

Tian Yuan could be compared to a rabbit who fell into a wolf’s den.

He was skinned and gnawed clean, eaten over and over again.

The wolf ate his fill, and then ate again at daybreak.

He’d never seen this jerk satisfied.


"Don't talk nonsense.

Look at how black and lustrous this coat is as a result of my feeding and moisturizing."


Pan Lei stroked Tian Yuan's hair.

It was black, lustrous, and soft - all because of his nourishment.




Tian Yuan was furious. What coat Do you think you’re raising a kitten Coat your uncle!


They made a racket all evening, laughing and fighting.

Pan Lei wrapped Tian Yuan in a heavy coat, stooped to carry him on his back, and dashed downstairs.

Regardless of Lord Tian Yuan's ranting, threatening, or whatever, Pan Lei carried him all the way to the car and sat him in the front passenger seat.

Tian Yuan kicked him fiercely.


"Laozi hurt my hand, not my leg! Not my leg!"


"I know.

I’m worried you’ll be tired.

Did you notice how many people opened their doors to watch us shouting and screaming on the stairs"


Pan Lei buckled his seat belt and kissed him in passing.


"It's disgraceful!"



It makes them admire, envy, and hate us."


Pan Lei reversed the car with one hand, leaned to the side slightly to look back, corrected the steering wheel angle, and drove the car out.

Tian Yuan thought this man was quite attractive.

His gaze was determined and decisive when he turned his head and looked at the back intently.

The shadows on his side profile highlighted his facial features, emphasizing his heroic appearance.

He was a really handsome man.

He'd been looking at him for a long time and had never felt his heart accelerate so fast.

How could witnessing him reverse the car with one hand make him think, "He's so handsome," and "That's my man"


Pan Lei touched his hand while shifting gears.

When Tian Yuan glared at him, he blew Tian Yuan a kiss.


"Today I'm going to show you how amazing my singing voice is.

Let me tell you, everyone in the army is a good singer.

It's quite nice to hear.

Just listen if you don't believe me.

Second brother will also be there.

His voice has a high pitch.

Once, a guy asked him to sing Little White Poplar and was astounded."


Tian Yuan became intrigued all of a sudden.

Pan Ge was a serious individual.

He usually had a calm expression and didn't smile.

Even when he wasn't wearing his police uniform at home, he exuded majesty.

That emotion...that feeling reminded him of the Pan family's elders.

Pan Lei was imposing as well, but he smiled mischievously or ingratiatingly all day.

A deadpan and solemn man who could also dominate the microphone and bellow a tune


Sounds fun.

This is the most exciting thing to look forward to.


Zhang Hui was a prodigal thing who thought a no-women drinking party was a waste of time.


The venue he chose was teeming with people.

Pan Lei held Tian Yuan by his side to protect him.

Because his arm was hurt, he didn’t want anyone to bump into him accidentally.


People were crammed into a large private room.

They appeared to be waiting for the two of them.


Except for Pan Zhan, who was busy at home making the next generation, all the friends had arrived, and there were gorgeous women all around them.


F**k! What does this mean They asked for companion girls I came here with Tian’er to let these women molest my family’s husband


"Why the hell did you ask for them Go out, go out."


"Hey! Leizi, you don't get it.

Karaoke is the same as working.

It’s not tiring if men and women work side by side.

Go say hello to my brothers."


Zhang Hui appeared to have had a little too much to drink and had let go of the woman next to him.

The woman approached quickly and placed one hand on Tian Yuan's shoulder.


Pan Lei slapped her away.

His slap caused the woman to wobble a few paces and almost fall.


"Don't touch my man! Who the f**k dares to touch him! Just try it!"


Huang Kai, Lin Mu, and Zhang Hui erupted in laughter.

"Oh~ oh~, you’re here and still protecting your family’s husband," they mocked.


To be honest, Tian Yuan was a little scared.

He’d seen this group of friends drinking, chatting, and playing cards together and knew them as a terrible bunch.

He had no idea they’d abandon all restraint and sit slumped with women surrounding them.

Despite the fact that they weren’t being intimate or taking advantage of the situation to harass the women, he believed there was too much of a disparity between them and respectable men.


"It's not like you've never played this way before, so why are you acting this way Don't worry, these ladies are only selling drinks.

We will not toy with them, no matter how vile we are.

Let me tell you something, Tian Yuan.

Pan Lei isn't a nice guy.

When he wasn't a soldier, he was also a frequent visitor to dance bars.

Even after he joined the army, he was free to come and go, and a handful of us would party like this.

But don't worry, he has never touched a woman.

We can guarantee you of that.

We gather to sing and drink together, never to indulge in debauchery as a group."


They were prompt to clearly state their position.

They had met solely to sing and drink.

The women were not companions; they were only selling drinks[4].

None of them are genuinely nice individuals, yet they would never do something mean or smoke.

They were fundamentally different from the so-called princelings, the rich second generation, and the official second generation.


Could the police commissioner do something like that Could a doctor do something like that Even Huang Kai, who had a connection to the underworld, did not do it.

Someone who owned a restaurant would be even less inclined to do it.


"I forgive you for not being brave.

Debauchery as a group The head of the Public Security Bureau is right here.

He’ll arrest you straightaway, let your respective parents grab you back, and watch you get served with military law."


Tian Yuan had been observing the scene since entering the private room.

Although Zhang Hui was a bit inebriated and was holding a beautiful woman, the women next to the other guys were just sitting there.

There was no funny business going on.


Men needed a place to unwind, a spot where they could meet and relax.

It was understandable that these guys would gather here to drink and buy companion services.


[1] I double-checked this sentence thrice.


[2] Nima = sun in the Tibetan language; "your mother" in Internet slang.

It's not f**k or motherf**ker because in Asia, "your mother" is a swear word in and of itself like “your uncle”.

The tone makes it clear that you're swearing.

[3] 3.3 meters or ten feet.

[4] Companion women are similar to escorts.

They do not provide sexual services; merely keep you company while you drink.

Yet, they are viewed negatively.

In this context, "selling drinks" means that the women are encouraging the men to drink more, usually pricey booze.


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