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Chapter 616: Setting Things In Motion for the Guild P1

White Raven guild.

Morning 7.30.

Agatha\'s chamber.

The study hall.

With semi-revealing clothes on, Agatha sat at her desk.

Eren was sitting on the other side.

The desk was full of scrolls and layouts.

There was a small array that was projecting a pair of spectral screens.

The first screen displayed a map of the guild land.

The other screen had a sheet of vague numbers that didn\'t really make sense to Eren.

There was a small staring contest going on.

Agatha looked at Eren some more before finally voicing her question.

So you\'re telling me, not only did you run out of money these days, but you also have a loan on your head

She said this as she caressed her forehead with her hands as if she was experiencing a headache.

Only now did she understand why Eren had been such a caring and gentle lover last night.

It was all so that he could drop this bomb on her.

She then asked Eren how much the principal amount they were talking about in the loan was.

The butcher scratched the back of his head, coughed a bit, and answered Miss Manager honestly.

It\'s… roughly 50,000 Extols… give or take.

Agatha didn\'t think she could get any more shocked at the moment.

But Eren\'s answer proved her wrong.

Do you even know our financial condition What did you do to get a 50K Extol loan on your head

The butcher sighed and told Agatha his side of the story.

You don\'t understand, Aggy.

That money is bound to come back to us with double or triple the amount.

Let\'s consider this as an investment.

Agatha looked at Eren keenly when the latter finished speaking.

Frankly, she couldn\'t tell whether or not Eren was speaking the truth.

So all she could do was sigh and give up.


Perhaps we can tap into some of our reserve funds…

Eren shook his head in denial when he heard Agatha\'s compromise.

He took out his Sativa stick from his storage and lit it up before explaining a few things to her.

I don\'t want money, Miss Manager.

I just gave you a heads-up about my situation so that you don\'t count my contribution when making plans regarding the guild\'s construction matters.

Remember, the guild comes first.

These first few months are critical for us.

We can\'t afford to use the guild money recklessly no matter how much of a pinch we may be in.

Agatha smiled when she received Eren\'s answer and nodded at him.

This was the Eren she knew.

He had never been reckless with his spending.

Plus, it was him that had given her the rights to manage his assets.

He could have tapped into the guild\'s reserved money himself and there would be nobody to stop him.

It turned out she didn\'t have to worry about anything.

She furrowed her brows before asking her master.

But what will you do if you don\'t have any money on you

Eren shrugged his shoulders before replying to her.

His tone spoke of his carefree nature.


Don\'t worry about me.

I\'ll soon be going off the grid for a while.

I have made my arrangements just waiting for a few things to get settled so that I can finally concentrate on the plans that had been delayed for a long time.

A sense of puzzlement spread across Agatha\'s face as she listened to Eren\'s answer.

She thought that she knew everything about Eren there was to know about.

He seemed to have plans beyond the biggest project he had undertaken as well.

Agatha adjusted her sleeveless string-top that was basically nightwear before propping her head on the cradle she had made with her before asking him about the plans.

What are those plans You want any of our help

Eren felt that the half-blood manager of his looked cute under the morning rays that were falling on her through the window.

Her gray eyes sparkled in the sunrays.

Her figure-- ever so enchanting.

Agatha had started treating Renar, Viper, and Tuan as part of her resources.

She could spare one of the guys for Eren if he had another project running.

Any more and her guild plans will slow down.

Eren shook his head in denial before answering her.

Nobody can help me.

You can keep everyone busy here.

I\'ll handle my things from my end.

I just expect you to take care of all the guild-related tasks on your own when I\'m gone.

Agatha nodded when she heard Eren\'s answer.

But before she could say or ask him anything more, the butcher looked behind him as if he had sensed something.

He then looked at Agatha with a grin on his face before speaking up.

As for things I\'m waiting out on… here comes the first lot.

A knock was heard on the door.

Agatha first changed her outfit by wearing an overcoat.

She then operated the runic array that was placed on her desk and let the person in.

It was Renar who seemed to have been wearing formal clothes.

He had also combed his hair, which made him look like a completely different person.

Agatha and Eren both could see the excitement written on his face.

Before they could ask anything from him, the guy spoke up as soon as he reached the desk.

Hahaha! Agatha, Eren.

It\'s great I could get both of you here at the same time.

I just received some good news from Viper.

The sales of our potions have skyrocketed all of a sudden.

The distributor chain is getting crazy with its demands.

Our stocked potions that we have prepared for a long time are already being used.

And with the current demand, we\'ll be out of deliverable goods within two weeks.

Renar said while slapping his palm on the table.

He had first thought that they were going to stay poor for a long time before they could see any cash flow.

But it turned out that the butcher\'s multi-front strategy was paying dividends.

This time, Agatha wasn\'t as surprised as Renar thought she would be.

Eren had already given her a huge shock with his loan amount.

So this news was something she managed quite well.

In fact, she was expecting news like this.

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