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Chapter 709 Layla and Ivor Teaming Up

What\'s up

Ivor came out of the separate dimension after four days and contacted the person who was trying to reach him.

He had walked through every test ground Minerva\'s Utopia had in these four days.

Ivor was most interested in the Test of Bravery.

He had scored 89 points on that test which was the highest of all the four tests he had taken.

Ivor had received plenty of exceptional rewards for his performance in the southern testing grounds.

He was also interested in exploring the separate dimension for all the other resources it contained.

However, he thought he should contact the person first and get it over with.

He\'d have to wait a month in the White Raven city for his next opportunity anyway.

WHERE THE FUCK WERE YOU I have been trying to contact you for the last four days.

An angry Layla appeared in front of Ivor.

The array disk he was holding was only the size of his palm.

Layla\'s image rendition was also tiny-like because of it.

Layla was seen staying at an inn that looked decent.

She was seen sitting on her king-sized bed with a lot of books and scrolls open all over the bed near her.

It was apparent she was still busy with her research.

Um… I was busy exploring Minerva\'s Utopia.

Why were you trying to contact me And where are you anyway I tried to contact you first before entering the separate dimension, you know.

Ivor replied with a frown on his face.

He wondered how Eren could handle the bratty girl for so long.

I am near the city of Lancelot.

In a town not far from it.

Come and meet me here.

Ivor was taken aback when he heard Layla was in the city of Lancelot.

It was quite a journey from where he was currently.

Although the city was still in the Nightshade duchy, it was 25 days\' a colt ride away from the city of New Beginnings.

One would have to use a teleportation array to reduce the journey time to a week.

Ivor couldn\'t use the teleportation array for obvious reasons.

That meant he would have to spend 25 days traveling to get to Layla.

Um… I wanted to check out Minerva\'s Utopia some more…

Layla\'s irritated expressions turned into extreme annoyance when she heard Ivor\'s words.

She cut him off swiftly.

It\'s Sage Minerva\'s Utopia, Ivor.

Haah! Never mind.

You can check the place after we are done with our task.

Layla took a deep breath before continuing.

Look, this is critical.

I wouldn\'t have contacted you otherwise.

Eren has gone off the grid so I can only ask you.

Ivor sighed when he heard Layla.

He knew he couldn\'t avoid Layla due to the arrangement he had with Eliza.

So he nodded at her before asking.


I\'ll come where you are right now.

But what am I supposed to do there Did your cover get blown or something

Ivor said while walking towards White Raven\'s exit.

He would have to rent a colt for a long journey and prepare for it by restocking on a few things.

White Raven city had plenty of shops to suit his needs.


Not really.

Not by the Lancelots, at least.

But some people seem to be on my trail.

I need to get rid of them.

But I can\'t do that by getting involved myself.

Otherwise, it\'d backfire on me.

That\'s where you come in.

Ivor narrowed his eyes when he heard Layla speak.

He didn\'t mind killing anyone.

He was just worried about someone finding out his identity because of the incident he\'d caused.

Layla knew what he was thinking so she chuckled before speaking up.


Don\'t worry.

I\'ll give you plenty of Potion of Innocence.

I can\'t use it myself because I am not like you guys.

Otherwise, I would have killed those pests a long time ago.

Ivor had never heard of this potion.

So Layla had to explain to him what it was and how it could be used.

She also told him how Eren had used it to kill an entire army squad and later on join the same Edinburgh army without any issue.

This… this Potion of Innocence… how can a potion like this exist I need it.

Ivor said, his face painted with disbelief.

He felt like the world had changed drastically after he had come out of Purgatory.

This single potion had the power to cause a lot of trouble for the Edinburgh kingdom and a lot of other active forces.

And the potion was doing just that.

Ivor was trying to keep a low profile because of the bounty on his head.

His changed appearance didn\'t assure him much because he knew that there were various ways he could be tracked by specialists if he made any wrong move.

But having the potion in his possession would give him freedom.

If Ivor had any underground contacts like Eren, he wouldn\'t even need to depend on Layla for the potion.

He could get it with a bit of effort as Eren was selling it in limited quantities there.

Only it wasn\'t called the Potion Of Innocence in the black market.

It was called Format History.

The most lucrative aspect of selling Format History was that it couldn\'t be counterfeited by any other potion manufacturers.

A large chunk of Eren\'s earnings from the black market came from selling Format History at crazy prices.


Of course, you need it.

It was created by me, after all.

The field of potioneering is boundless.

That\'s why you don\'t need to obsess over Minerva\'s Utopia.

The place is designed for potioners, and you are far from being one yourself.

If your only objective is to get the resources it has to offer, I can understand.

However, you can do that any time when we are done with our affairs here.

I can even help you in your next exploration by providing you with the right guidance.

But only after you take care of these pests for me.

Ivor nodded at Layla and paired his mana sense with the array disk.

He then started preparing for the long journey ahead while keeping the audio channel open for Layla.

By the way, who are the guys that are trying to get you


AN: The name Format History was first mentioned in chapter 570.

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