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Chapter 691 First Spell Creation

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Two worshippers were seen fighting inside the battle ring.

The Ogre Lord and the Orc Leaders exchanged moves at various places within a short period.

Both worshippers had been at it for a while.

They had used their trump cards to their fullest.

And yet, their opponent didn\'t seem to get deterred by them.

Wind-Fire Wings

Varhan used his fusion spell when he was pushed back by Kaal\'s weapons attack.

He used his body\'s momentum to propel himself into the air before stabilizing his flight.

Varhan\'s wings started feeling the pressure as Kaal started entering his wind element to make the air around unnaturally heavy.

The Orc, however, resisted this alternation with his own affinity to the wind element and took an even higher flight.


no matter how many times you try to find respite in the air, it\'s not going to do you any good.

With the force of the jump, Kaal created a mini crater.

He somehow managed to get close to Varhan before launching his attack.

Kaal created numerous wind-element flying slashes aimed at Verhan during this time.

At the same moment, the air around him turned jelly-like and tried to pin him in his place.

Wind-Fire Wings flapped and their fire spread around.

It penetrated the jelly-like air that had been created around Varhan.

With another blast of mana that was generated due to the spreading of wings, the jelly-like substance was incinerated, enabling Eren to move once again.

Varhan narrowed his eyes as he tried to change his position quickly.

But at this point, he had come to realize that it was not possible to dodge all the attacks thrown at him.

Blitz Shield

Varhan wore his defensive cloak once again as he used his weapon spells to defend against the incoming flying slashes.

Just when he thought he was done with everything, the jelly-like wind-element substances started forming around him.


Even if you can fly, the wind is my ally.

Let\'s see how you deal with this.

Wind Fangs!

Kaal said to Varhan as he was seen landing on the ground.

He had already started casting another wind-element spell around Eren.

He raised his free hand to guide the projectiles he was making.

A bunch of snake-fang-shaped projectiles began to form around Eren in the air.

Each of these fangs was milky white and about a meter long.

Their pointy sides pointed straight at Varhan.

Varhan looked at Kaal with a serious expression before smirking at him.

He then started flying downward at critical velocity while his body was being coated in fire element mana.

\'That meteor-like strike once again I\'ll not fall for it the second time.\'

Kaal told himself and smirked.

He guided the wind fangs to follow Varhan\'s movements and prepared himself to counter his incoming meteor-like strike.

Varhan saw Kaal immediately trying to put himself in a defensive position.

He had an evil smile on his face as he suddenly changed his course of action.

He stopped in the air abruptly before flying way higher than before with Total Control and his time-element spell.

\'Time to test this move.\'

Kaal thought to himself as he made his wings wider and spread them.

He then started flapping them while injecting them with his mana.

The wings soon started to develop feather-like shards that buzzed and glowed with their distinct mana pulses.

The wind fangs generated by Kaal had almost caught up with Eren\'s sudden maneuver.

They were about to close the distance when a shower of sparking fire-element shards hit them.

These were the same shards Eren had created on his wings.

Then they began raining down upon the incoming wind fangs and on their creator, who had taken a pseudo flight once again to approach him.




The wing fangs were blasted off by various small wind-fire shards attacking them at the same time in quick succession.

Their creator was caught off guard as well.

He couldn\'t run anywhere because he was in the air.

He could not change his course.

All he could do was defend himself with the weapon he had.




Kaal faced numerous attacks from those small shards that managed to break past the defense created with his weapons.

The sheer volume of the feather-like wind-fire shrapnels was so overwhelming that they managed to breach past Kaal\'s natural mana defense by landing on the same spot.


The fusion of wind and fire had exceeded conventional damage output and its limitations.

It started to hurt Kaal as he was forced to stop his pseudo flight and approach Eren.

Kaal gritted his teeth as he defended himself against the shrapnels falling from Eren\'s continuous use of the spell.

He knew that he only needed to make it through the match and Eren\'s mana storage would soon run out before him.

Kaal wanted to face Varhan at his peak.

But he didn\'t want to die at the festival to achieve that.

Like most monsters who were born here, he wasn\'t overly attached to Echidna or its beliefs.

Thus, when he saw that Varhan was giving him a tough fight, he immediately resorted to playing the endurance game.

Eren knew Kaal was planning to maintain a distance after seeing that he could use his fusion spell to attack.

Even he was surprised by the spell\'s effect when he first saw it.

This was the first spell Eren had created with his own attainments in both his lives.

The first spell he could call completely his own.

He had this idea when fighting with Baran.

And after continuous practice and countless revisions, he created this spell that was based on his wind-fire elemental fusion.

The first spell Eren had created was a fusion spell.

In addition, it was an indicator of his progress in his elemental attainments.

Eren watched Kaal approach the ground hurriedly and smiled.

He wasn\'t willing to allow him to run anymore.

The duel had been dragged on for far too long already.

Fire Snakes!

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