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Chapter 690 Spiritual Attack P2

Kaal felt like a foreign consciousness was trying to invade his mind.

His control over his senses and logical thinking was already heavily compromised because of his transformation.

So when he got into Eren\'s soul sense range, he felt like he was suddenly having countless thoughts that didn\'t make sense to him.

Invi Blaze! Purple Reaver!

Eren cast his weapon spells by side-stepping a bit away from Kaal\'s and his weapon paths.

He then spun around and cast another spell.

Blitz Bolt.

Eren spun around Kaal again while he was still confused and almost killed the momentum he was building.

He took both his weapons into his storage and generated two Solid Sparks in both his hands.

Gripping them hard as he was still spinning, he reached Kaal\'s other side when he stopped rotating.


Eren lodged first Solid Spark inside Kaal\'s left thigh like a dagger.

He used his other Solid Spark and penetrated it deep into his stomach.

But he was unable to keep himself unharmed after performing such a close-range maneuver.




Eren\'s defensive spell that he was still maintaining vanished into thin air as he started flying through the air with critical velocity.

The state of Echi couldn\'t be taken lightly.

Kaal had managed to subconsciously act after receiving an injury from Eren.

Kaal followed his instincts and let him do all he could to ensure his well-being.

As a result, Eren was sent flying in the air right after he used his attacks to land on the Ogre Lord.

\'This bloody Ogre… I\'ll ** him up!\'

Eren thought to himself as he was still being pushed by the vector force of Kaal\'s attack.

He closed his eyes and cast his spell while trying to get a hold of himself.

Eren suddenly heard a white noise as his senses started processing the effects of Kaal\'s punch on his right shoulder.

His pain receptors soon got overloaded and he started coughing blood as a result of his internal injury that spread all over his body.

Eren\'s spell execution was disrupted, causing a backlash in addition to his internal injuries.

He canceled all his spells and executed his healing spell to focus on healing.

His body hit the ground violently before it was dragged further away from his landing position.




During Eren\'s forced impact, his natural defense layer dug a small crater in the ground.

Some of the impacts couldn\'t be fended off by the defense layer.

As a result, he received a series of bruises and some more internal injuries.

It **ing hu… fu

Eren almost cursed aloud with a seemingly cut tongue.

But then he closed his mouth abruptly and prevented himself from speaking.

Since he had used human language to express his frustration, nobody could decipher it anyway.

At least not in his current situation.​

Eren got up from his position and looked at his opponent vigilantly.

He had suppressed his soul sense right after using it.

Using soul sense on live entities, especially someone of Kaal\'s caliber was different than just using it to gather information.

It affected Eren\'s mind as well.

So he had to limit its use.

Eren was using the passive effect of tapping into the soul sense.

Or to be precise, the passive effect generated on people around him by his improper use of soul sense.

He hadn\'t learned anything about soul sense.

So his struggles with it using it were bound to exist.

Kaal had two faint slash wounds on his body that drew blood.

One ran from his left shoulder to his right waist side while the other was inflicted on his back.

This was because Eren was spinning around Kaal while he launched his weapon attacks.

The Solid Sparks had managed to draw even more blood from the places where they were currently lodged.

These Solid Sparks were forcefully injecting his mana into the Ogre Lord\'s body as they were losing their solid forms.


Kaal\'s mind eventually returned to normalcy as he felt unbearable pain coming to his left thigh and stomach.

His confused state had compromised his mana defense, allowing the Solid Sparks to penetrate deeper into his muscles despite their enhanced sturdiness.

Kaal gripped his hands around the two Solid Sparks and gritted his teeth before pulling them both out at the same time.

He threw the Solid Spark right away as soon as he got them out of his system, treating them like snakes that had come to bite him.

As Eren was being healed, he looked over at his right shoulder.

He had decided at this time that he would look for a water element healing spell in the future now that he had achieved sufficient attainment in the element.

Something related to water had high efficiency with healing-type spells.

Eren gripped his right shoulder with his left hand and looked at the void hatefully before correcting it from its dislocated position.

He then coughed and spat some more blood before wiping his mouth with the back of his right hand.

Only a handful of Echidnae could manage to keep track of what had just transpired between the two worshippers.

They all realized, however, that they had underestimated both worshippers by a wide margin.

Cheers were followed by more cheers as the two worshippers stared at each other while maintaining a stalemate.

Kaal shook his head once again and focused on Varhan before speaking up.

Varhan… you… you can use spiritual attacks

Varhan didn\'t know what the monster\'s version of using the soul sense was.

However, he guessed that it was something related to it and nodded anyway.

Kaal had shocked expressions on his face when he received a nod from his opponent.

Even Har Jahar chuckled after witnessing what had just happened between the two worshippers.

He looked at Varhan amusingly before speaking up.


Being able to initiate spirit attacks while still in the second evolutionary stage.

That\'s a rare talent.

Varhan, you could have become one of god\'s emissaries with your current talent back on Echidna.

Har Jahar finished his sentence and smirked at Varhan.

He then assumed his previous stoic expression, prompting both the participants to continue with their match.

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