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A continuation of the article on the Gossip Tribunal…

[X-Star Season Threes new episode has garnered huge ratings once again. This shows latest episodes highlights were the contestants grouping amongst themselves for the Second Round. Many famous contestants like Rachel, Cameron, Emily and Aiden were in different groups, giving the viewers a critical dive into their personalities.

Cameron, who debuted in the second episode, had become very popular among female fans because of his looks and skills.

Before coming onto the show, the young singer had already amassed a lot of popularity with more than 100k subscribers on the online video sharing and social media platform, MeTube, and had even released an original song on the audio streaming and media services provider, Melody.

With such a rich background, he grabbed a lot of eyeballs.

He was in a group with three girls and one other guy, and in the episode, an argument was shown amongst the group members, mainly because of creative differences.

Although the episode portrayed Cameron as more of a villain as the main instigator of the fight, his fans defended his behaviour.

One of the users wrote on Sparrow defending his behaviour, “The program team is just trying to portray him as a pretentious prick when Cameron was right in his stance. Without him, that group wont even get any screen time.”

Other than Cameron, the other contestants that got a bit of footage were Alex Green, Archie Fox and Helen Kerr. Emily Jung, the Korean-American girl, was also in the limelight as she grouped with a band for the second round.

But, the main players in yesterdays broadcast were the group with two of the most famous contestants in the show.

Rachel and Aiden were certainly the protagonists of the first episode, and it was a great surprise for the viewers when the two of them surprisingly decided to form a group.

Although the group had other talented contestants, the focus was on the two of them..

Practice videos of the group performing and talking about their song were being talked about a lot, especially due to X-Stars team releasing new, unedited footage on their social media accounts after the broadcast.

One of the most viral footage was the whole group talking about how they had practised the song.

Heres a short clip from the viral video:

[Marlo: So, how are you all Is the practice going well]

[Rachel: Yes, we have divided the song among us and have been practising it nonstop, and I think we will give an incredible performance]

[Marlo: Are you all getting used to each other You are all pretty different types of singers]

[Sam: We have tried to do our best to mix our voices well, and although its not easy, we are pretty comfortable with each other for now.]

Like this, other footage of more contestants was released. But the broadcast ratings broke records at the end when the teaser of the next episode was shown with Rachel and Aidens group performance.

It might not be wrong to say that X-Star might hit a never seen before peak rating in the next episode]

Aside from this article, there were more from other blogging sites. But the main discussion was still ongoing on Sparrow.

In the past few years, Sparrow has already become a hub for online discussions with people presenting different opinions and getting offended when others opinions dont match with theirs.

The third episode of X-Star again made Sparrow users discuss their favourite contestants.

Shaquille_Oatmeal: Exciting episode! That dude Cameron could have been an NBA star if he was into basketball! Hes so freakin tall!

Chad_Putin: If only I were twenty years younger, I would have married Rachel. #QueenForTheWin.

Charli_For_President: I feel like Cameron is unfairly trolled. Anyway, Im pretty sure he will win the competition.

Small_is_Good: I really enjoyed this episode. I have been watching this show since the start but felt like the contestants this season are more interesting. At least, Im more invested.

Online_Simp: I didnt really expect them to get grouped together. Their expressions were great when the judges announced the second round. Kinda funny because they must have been thinking everyone else was a competitor.

I_YELL_A_LOT: Cameron seems like that rich bad boy type. I dont know if thats his personality or just a persona, but its too cliche for the current times. Rather than him, Aiden gives a fresh vibe.

JammyCameron: Rachel can be a movie star with those looks. (Speaking with experience.)

You_are_a_Wizard_Harry: Is it only me thats gushing over Aiden and Rachel working together. Both look like they would go a long way. I wonder what they were talking about in the stills we saw during the broadcast.

BST_cursed_fanfiction: @You_are_a_Wizard_Harry. Theyre probably talking about the song. Or it might be about something else Who knows.

WhyHateJune: Did you all see the next episodes teaser at the end I cant wait!!!

Superheroes_are_for_orphans: I feel like we are getting a lot of compelling contestants this season. Unpopular opinion – Rather than Aiden or Rachel, I feel like Cameron is much more talented.

Agent47: He seems to be more talented. More like trained since childhood. He talked about how he had taken singing classes since he was a kid, so he obviously seems better than the rest. But Im rooting for Rachel.

WhyAsiansAreSlim: Im on Team Emily. Have a thing for Asians!

Mdfaaaaizz: God, this is getting interesting! I really hope they dont always focus on popular contestants. Popularity doesnt always mean talent. Anyway, its too early to tell who will win.

Will_is_GoD: Aiden gonna be the new Champ! He has that X factor in my eyes. If you listen to the teaser of the next episode carefully, the song by Cyro seems a bit different. Im pretty sure Aiden changed some stuff in the song. Hes the only one who has shown composing skills till now.

Fuck_the_Sun: @Will_is_GoD Wow!!!! I never noticed it until you pointed it out.

Amber_Turd: Is it only me whos rooting for a romance between Rachel and Aiden My romantic self wants some gossip.

SleepyJoe: Too early for romance!

WantWorldWar3formemes: Rachel, take my everything! I want to worship you as my goddess and treat you like a queen. Can someone DM me her social media

Chads_dont_simp: Can someone ban the guy above me Wheres that Martian when you need him


“The internet has a lot to say about the third episode.”

Aiden muttered as he closed his phone off. He was currently standing in the middle of LA International airport. His flight had just landed, and now, he was in the lobby with his suitcase in hand.

The shooting of X-Star had shifted from New York to Los Angeles, so all the contestants who had passed the third round would now be brought to the new location.

“Aiden, why are you standing in the middle of the lobby Lets go outside, or the bus will leave.”

Someone called him from behind. He turned to see Jackson standing there with his suitcase and backpack.

“I was just checking some comments on Sparrow.”

“Oh, there are a lot. I checked them last night. Some contestants like Cameron and Rachel are even getting fan pages.” Jackson pointed at two people who were walking in some distance. Rachel and the blonde-haired Cameron. “I even saw some comments saying that they will make a fan page for you.”

Aiden just smiled at that, and they started walking towards the lobby entrance.

“What about you” He asked, looking at the red-haired kid. “Arent people making fan pages of you”

“Not many are talking about me, to be honest, as I wasnt really shown a lot.” He looked a bit sad but then added. “Anyway, now that I have qualified for Star week, the program team would give a lot of exposure to every contestant, right Anyway, see this!”

Jackson suddenly took out his phone and showed him a Sparrow account titledJackson Brown fan club.

“You made this” Aiden asked, and Jackson nodded.

“I cant wait for people to make my fan page. I can do it myself. Some people have already followed it. Want to join my fan club”

Jackson asked in a goofy manner, and Aiden didnt know whether to laugh at it or not. In the end, he still joined the formers fan club.

After that, they sat on the bus that had come to pick them up. It was the first time Aiden was in LA, and he couldnt help but notice that this city was much different from NYC.

The clear blue sky, the spacious streets and the casual atmosphere with a unique vitality in the air. It was certainly different from the bustling streets of New York.

But he also felt like he could get used to it.

At least, until the end of X-Star, this was his new home.


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