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Sparkling silver hair sprinkled with starlight powder, and thick eyelashes that half-roll. 


A handsome face that looks a little tired. 


It was the appearance that reminded me of the keyword, the beauty of the male lead. 


I even felt the illusion of seeing a man in a strange evening sunset in a basement without a single piece of light. 


In addition, the image of him wearing shackles on his ankles made the decadent atmosphere in him stand out more. 




Richard’s lips, who found me, moved a little and smiled softly. 


At that moment, I was shocked as if someone hit my head with a baseball bat from behind. 


How can a person be so handsome 


“You’re the maid who helped me a while ago.” 


Unlike when I had seen him a few hours ago, his face, which had been pale from taking the medicine, was full of life. 


However, Richard looked a little tired as he couldn’t suppress all the pain with a small amount of medicine. 


“How should I repay this favor—” 


Surely you didn’t grind your teeth a little while ago, did you


The tone was so serious that I doubted that there was something wrong with my memory. 


“You don’t have to repay me, but I brought you a meal, so please eat it.” 


I cut the room for conversation with him and put the dog bowl in front of him.


Richard was not kind by nature, and he harbors hatred for everyone in this mansion. 


Such Richard couldn’t have been grateful for the help of just a while ago. 


Richard was slyly trying to escape now.


He’s probably trying to use it when he runs away after leaving my soul. 


‘That’s why Emily asked if I was possessed by the monster.’


In the original work, all of the servants who were possessed by Richard and helped him had their neck blown away. 


And Richard didn’t feel any guilt there. 


“Thank you for bringing my meal, Maid.”


He must have been feeling humiliated by seeing the dog bowl, but he calmly said thanks.


He was polite when we met a while ago, but at that time, he expressed his feelings of hatred while losing his composure. 


‘No way.

Are you trying to get another medicine from me’


It makes sense. 


Argen delivered the medicine to the maids serving Richard. 


When Richard had seizures for the first time, Argen liked that he could instill fear in front of his users. 


However, on the other hand, he felt frustrated by the power of Richard, who was stronger than he had expected. 


After that, he instructed the maids who served him to feed Richard the medicine when he was on the verge of a seizure.


Of course, it was a very small amount, so it only prevented seizures and had no significant effect on reducing his pain. 




While I was lost in thought, Richard seemed to have already finished his meal. 


“I’m done eating, so please leave.

The maid also needs to eat, so you can’t stay here all the time, can you” 




Nothing happened considering that I had a firm heart before entering the room. 


She said that they take turns serving Richard, so can I hold on to it for about 10 days 


I only have to keep an eye on him until then.


Thinking that way, I cleaned up the bowl of rice in front of Richard and something unexpected caught my eye. 


At that moment, goosebumps appeared on the back of my neck. 


The chain was broken. 


It seemed to have been disconnected slightly and reconnected so that it would not be caught. 




There is no way that the high-level magical restraints were bad— with a high probability that Richard had cut them off. 


What would have happened to me if I hadn’t found this 


“Maid, are you okay”


“Ah, I have anemia for a bit—”




I deliberately staggered with all my might, thinking that Richard should not know that I had found the broken chain. 




Richard held on tightly to my waist, which was about to collapse.





I couldn’t help but drop the bowl because my body was shaking a lot. 


Fortunately or unfortunately, the dog bowl was strong and didn’t break. 


“—Are you okay”


A look of confusion appeared on Richard’s face.


The thought of deceiving Richard in a hurry seems to have exaggerated a little, no, a lot. 


It suddenly became awkward. 


“I have anemia, so I have to take medicine, but I forgot to take it—”


I don’t know now, but I don’t think I’m very good at lying. 


Surely Richard noticed something strange, right But, unexpectedly, a sad light flashed across his face.


“You didn’t take medicine”


—It can’t be. 


“I’ve lived with anemia since I was young, so I take anemia medicine, but I often forget when I start working as a maid.” 




He seemed to think I had something in common with him, who took the magic suppressant.


There was a moment of sympathy on Richard’s face, then it subsided. 


All right, I think I fooled him safely. 


“Anyway, thank you for holding me back.”


I pushed Richard’s shoulder and pulled myself out of his arms. 


I hurriedly picked up the dog food bowl that had been thrown away and quickly approached the door. 


I was half aware that I might be possessed by Richard if I stayed here any longer. 


“Then I’ll get going now.” 


“Excuse me, Maid.” 


But Richard caught me. 


“—May I ask what perfume you use”




I couldn’t answer, ‘I’ve only been in this body for a day, so I don’t know what perfume I’m using.’ 


“I’ll tell you next time.” 


So don’t run away.



I ignored Richard’s gaze and came out of the room.


“Rosie! Are you okay”


Emily was standing outside the room, perhaps waiting for me. 


I smiled and handed over the dog bowl to Emily’s hand.


She looked at me with a look she didn’t understand. 


“Rosie Why did you do this to me—”






“If I find something dangerous here, where should I report it” 


I had to hurry before Richard ran away. 


“Uhm, I usually tell the butler.

Did something happen there”


“Where’s the butler” 


“I saw the butler on the first floor.”


“Thank you!”


I ran right past her. 


From behind, Emily shouted, ‘What’s going on!’, but I didn’t listen to her words because I had to tell the butler quickly. 


I had to report it quickly before Richard ran away.


As I got out of the dark basement, a man dressed in a simple white shirt stood alone on the first floor, as Emily said. 


“Butler, I’m in trouble!” 


A loud voice burst out. 


I ran to the man.






At my call, the man looked back at me with a strange face.


Something feels odd. 


Don’t butlers usually wear butlers’ clothes 


“—That’s, Richa— No, I was the monster’s servant and found the chain broken.” 


I closed my mouth while trying to call Richard’s name without thinking. 


The servants of this mansion call Richard a monster.


Because Argen wanted it, he was called a monster. 


No one knows Richard’s name.


“Does the chain break” 


“It seems to be exactly cut off.

Anyway, to make sure—.” 


Hold on.

Something’s weird.


Soft blonde hair as if melting pure gold, and green eyes reminiscent of a forest.

Beautiful features.


It was so hectic that I couldn’t check it out, but it’s similar to the main love interest’s appearance description—.


No way, is it Argen—


Seeing me, he smiled brightly.


I got goosebumps all over my body.


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