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“Rosie, you don’t look good.”


Emily said worriedly when she saw me wandering around like a zombie because I couldn’t sleep well last night. 


“…I know, I’m not feeling well.”


“It’s been like that since yesterday, Rosie, are you okay” 


No, not at all.


Just knowing Rosie’s true identity would drive me crazy, but I’m going crazy by Yurtha, who said that he would lock me up for the rest of my life.


What am I going to do 


First of all, I have to inform the butler that I will postpone my resignation—.


“Rosie, Rosie.”


Then Emily tapped me on the side.


When I saw Emily with an expression asking why she told me as if to look over there. 


In the direction her head was facing, Ella was coming up from the basement with potatoes. 


But the strange thing is that the potatoes she brought with her today were fine.


“She’s coming to you” 


When Ella saw me, she laughed openly.


Since the last time she delivered potatoes, she looked at me and acted like a chick who saw her mother’s chicken.


“Hey, Rosie.”


As Emily said, Ella approached me.


“What’s going on, Ella”


“I have something to give tell you, but—”


Ella glanced at Emily.

She was asking for her to leave. 


Emily glanced at me.

Do you want me to stay with you, Rosie


I also answered with my eyes.

Do you have to 


Then Emily moved away with a look of frustration.


No matter how sentimental the back was, I felt like I became a sinner.


“What do you want to tell me”


Ella hands a potato that was held in her arms.




Is she giving it to me because she doesn’t want me to be hungry


That’s all I could answer with my poor brain. 


“…From him.”


“Who—the person in the basement”


“Yes, the monster.”


Is she crazy 


Does he want to give the potatoes all of a sudden


I turned the potatoes around.

But there was a knife mark on the potato. 


What’s this


Two circles were stamped at intervals, and there was a trace of a curved line protruding from the bottom below it.




Smiling face—


“Why did he tell you to give this to me”


“I don’t know about that—.

Anyway, enjoy your meal, Rosie.”


Ella shook her head and left me.


I looked at the potatoes for a long time even after she moved away. 


Then I remembered how he and I parted. 


When he asked me to help him escape—.



I said coldly as if I would never see him again and left his side.


I looked at the potato with a smiling face on it again.


Isn’t he really a crazy guy 




Today, the new maid delivered him potatoes.


It seemed that they thought that Richard added fun to ‘potato abuse’, or that the potatoes were a tribute. 


Richard thought about whether to crush the potatoes but instead drew a picture on the potato.


It was a drawing of Richard himself with a smiling face.


He drew it and handed it over to the new maid.




“Please give it to Maid Rosie.”


Delivering the potatoes, Richard had an absurd idea.


If Rosie receives a potato with a picture of him on it, that means Rosie has Richard, and if she eats a potato, it may be eating Richard himself. 


It was a shocking sound if Rosie knew.


He briefly recalled his last meeting with Rosie as the new maid left and smiled languidly.



It was impulsive to say that.


Richard himself was surprised that he had said such a thing.


However, there was no regret.

That’s why it was strange.



That word wasn’t like him either.


He was going to run away and take her with him. 


Her existence was the most useful thing he had ever met in his life as it repressed the pain he had suffered throughout his life. 


So he was willing to listen to anything as long as she followed him. 



There was nothing surprising about the cold answer that came back.


Because he already expected it.


In fact, he thought it would be strange if he promised the maid wealth and honor in exchange for staying next to him.


He can’t imagine it.


After that, Rosie looked at him with cold eyes and left the basement without looking back.


Richard thought without realizing that he wanted to touch the soft pink hair of the maid.


But it’s a distance that can’t be reached even if he stretches out his hand.


That was the distance between the maid and Richard.


He didn’t like it.


On the contrary, the distance is easily narrowed if he breaks this restraint and runs to the maid.

That’s what he thought. 


How can he love such a rough and ignorant method


Yesterday, Rosie’s visit was enough.


As a result, he escaped from the pain for a while without a magic suppressor and was able to try to escape. 


In the meantime, he wasn’t the only one staying still.


He continued to study despite suffering from the magic barrel in order to invalidate the magic restraints.


And today, that attempt paid off.




A flash of light came from the magic restraints, and it started to crack. 


He broke the magic restraints that had been arresting him for a long time.





In the process, a magic ball exploded and an explosion occurred.

The sight of a strong wind sweeping through the basement once was extremely brutal. 


The impact that shook the underground when breaking the magic restraint probably leaked out to the outside.


Sooner or later, people will come. 


Despite this difficult situation, he smiled pleasantly.


It was time to pick up Rosie.


No, is kidnapping the right word for now 


A creepy smile formed on Richard’s lips as he left the dark basement. 


It was time to make his desire come true. 






I split the potato with a smiling face in half.

When I saw the potatoes cut in half, I felt relieved. 


I hand Emily a half-cut potato.

The two of us chewed up potatoes and swallowed them together. 


“Rosie, do you know”


“About what”


I’m nervous for some reason.


“I happened to hear this morning, and I think a precious guest is coming to the mansion.”


I didn’t pay much attention to the story outside my interest and fiddled with my thumb. 


“Aren’t you curious who’s coming”


“It’s not even someone I know.

So do I have to be curious”


Emily looked at me with disappointed eyes.


She seems to have wanted to see me excited, saying I was curious. 


“Whoa—! I’m curious!”


I even applauded late, but it was already late.



So, who’s coming”


“He’s the son of a very famous family!”


So, who is that


“He’s the Young Master of Count Herthas!”




Did I hear it wrong


“I heard he’s staying here for a while.”


What crime did I commit in my previous life


Why do only bad things keep happening to me 


“—Emily, do you happen to know which of the sons of Count Herthas are coming”


As far as I know, Count Herthas had two sons.


The first is Dylan Herthas.


It was a jerk who hit Rosie’s head and made her bleed as I saw in my dream.


And the second is the crazy sub-male lead I saw yesterday.


The first was violent, but I thought he would be better than Yurtha.


I decided that the lesser worst of the two was better, so I waited for Emily’s answer—.


“Since the second one attended the last party, wouldn’t he come again this time”


Oh my.


I couldn’t stand the terrible feelings and buried my face in my palms.


“Rosie, are you still sick You don’t look good.”


“Emily, I just realized that a person can die of shock.”


“Rosie! What do you mean dying!”


I ignored Emily, who anxiously shook my body, and fell into thought.


Maybe it’s because of me who comes to this mansion.


What if I get kidnapped in the middle of the night and get dragged


Should I sleep with Emily from now on—


It was time to seriously tell Emily to get out of each room and use one bed.




The roar that shook the mansion was heard.



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