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“I, it’s my first time to see you! It’s my turn to give a meal this time.”


Unknowingly, Richard felt bad when he heard the shy voice of the maid during his new meal. 




He asked himself a question, and the answer didn’t come back easily, as if it had disappeared. 


“So you’re new.”


“Y, yes!”


He should have welcomed the maid with a soft voice, but he couldn’t.


Emotions that had always been easily controlled tried to betray their owners this time.

He tried to hold back the emotion that was about to come out and press his reason.


“Did Rosie serve the meal duty before that”




“I’m sure you must be uncomfortable because of her personality.

There’s no such a thing—”


In the end, he didn’t put up with the burning emotions.


It’s been a while since he met Rosie, and his body was suffering from mana pain again.


The pain burned down his thin reason.


When he came to his senses, he saw the new maid staring at him in fear.


Ah, he must have done it without realizing it.


The life of the Transcendent was something that ordinary people could not endure, so it made them tremble in fear.




Soon, the maid ran out of the room with a strange scream.


He didn’t even feel disappointed when he saw it.

He just thought that the noisy chatter was gone and quiet rest had come. 


Then the maid who came before—so, did she say Rosie Isn’t she coming now 


It was the first time he thought about this.


In the meantime, quite a few meal attendants had been replaced, but each time Richard had no special meaning. 


But not as much this time.


Is it because of that scent


Why didn’t she tell him today was the last day


Richard blamed Rosie inside, but it was meaningless.


He calmed down again and lay still, doing nothing.


The magic suppressant he had forgotten for a while began to slowly rise.

If it keeps going like this, he’ll be eaten up by that damn pain again. 


It was around time to kill time.


Knock, knock. 


A maid came over to meal duty. 


Perhaps because he scared her, she looked pale unlike when she came in the morning.


But the strange thing is—there were potatoes in her arms.




The maid noticed his gaze and fumbled and opened her mouth.


“Rosie said— Richard like potatoes—”




What kind of situation is this


She asked him to cut the potatoes, but Rosie thought he was having fun with it.


He’s speechless.

What’s even more absurd is that he accepted the potatoes given by the maid.


Because she mentioned Rosie.


As soon as he received it, he held the potato tightly in his hand.

The potatoes were crushed helplessly. 


Seeing the scene, the maid hiccuped in fear, but he didn’t care. 


He relieved all his stress on the potatoes.

That’s how ‘potato abuse’ began. 


The new maid didn’t even know that and thought he liked potatoes, so she kept bringing them. 


Richard’s nerves became sharper day by day.


Quite a while after Rosie hadn’t stopped by, a terrible magic suppressant hit his body again. 


But the strange thing is that the magic suppressant, which had not been felt before, caused brutal pain as if it had flocked at once. 


However, the strange thing is that it presented a brutal pain as if the magic suppressant that had not been felt before came rushing in at once. 


The cause, which had been placed like a strong pillar, was about to be consumed by swarms of insects in a second.


When the reason remains faintly.


There was a familiar sweet scent at the end of his nose.


He raised his head.


Is he mistaken right now Because Rosie won’t come up. 


He thought so, but the door suddenly opened.


A woman drenched in sweat stepped into his territory.

She looked like she was being chased. 


Does she know She knows she has entered the Wolf’s den. 




“You weren’t sleeping.”


Even before entering, I thought this was crazy, but only after entering the room did I realize that it was completely crazy.


Should I go out again


Why did I come here


“Maid, come here.”


“…I don’t want to.”


“This is my room.

So you have to listen to me.”


In Rome, follow the Roman law. 


I frowned, but in order not to meet Yurtha outside, I had no choice but to step towards him. 


But can I not meet Yurtha just because I avoid him like this


I thought it would be just a waste of time.


“Maid, come here—”


I was a little reluctant to approach the voice that clearly showed his thirst. 


As I approached him, Richard grabbed my arm and pulled it, as if he couldn’t stand it anymore.




He pulled my body and let out a languid breath.

His exalted feeling reached her flesh. 


“It’s nice, Maid.”


“Why didn’t you do that to Ella”


“—What do you mean”


Richard narrowed his forehead as if he couldn’t understand what I was saying.


“This time, the maid came over to serve your meal.” 


“—So you’re blaming me for not hugging her”


“I’m not saying that, but I was wondering why you didn’t do that.”


“I don’t understand what the maid said.”


It seemed that the focus of each other’s words was strangely misplaced.


“What did you do to get Ella scared and run out”


“I didn’t do much—”


What do you mean didn’t do much 


If you didn’t do anything why Ella ran like that, you punk. 


“I thought you would do the same to her as you did to me.

Isn’t that what you’ve been doing to all the maids”


“What kind of misunderstanding are you talking about”


“It’s not”


“The maid saw me as a shameless person.”



“Ah, did I get caught”


Richard looked at me with absurd eyes.


“I didn’t do that to others, but only to you, Maid.”


Did he intend to put a dead flag on me


“If you make such an expression, you’ll get hurt.”


“I’d rather be hurt and fall apart—”


Richard began to laugh low at the cold answer.


Why is that person laughing here


“Maid, as I said before, we need to get close.”


“Ah, yes—”


“Because I think I’m going to see the maid for a long time.”




What does this mean


“Can you help me out”


“I can’t hear well because I have hearing problems.”


He’s really trying to put a dead flag on someone’s neck.


I was flustered by Richard, who spoke out without hiding his true intentions. 


But Richard smiled as if he had expected it.


“Is there anything you want, Maid”


When Richard suddenly said something else, he hesitated for a few seconds, unable to adapt to the rapidly changing conversation.


“Whatever you like, tell me.”


“I like money.”


“You’re firm.

I like that side.”


What kind of trick is this


I narrowed my forehead to find out what he meant.


“Let’s make a deal, Maid.”




“I want you to help me escape.”


At that moment, my brain seemed to be paralyzed.

What is he talking about—


“Then I’ll put wealth and honor in your hand, Maid.”




“I promise.”


My head went numb. 


Richard, who had been about to cross the line, is trying to put a dead flag directly on me this time.


But something strange is taking place.


In the original work, Richard escaped on his own without telling anyone about the escape.


But why are you asking me for help


Did I look like someone to help him


“I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that.”


I shook him off and woke up.


You have to find your own way to live.


“I won’t tell the Marquis, so don’t bring this up in the future.

To everyone.” 


This was both advice and a weak warning to him.


It wasn’t even Richard, but it was a pity for those who would die because of it. 


What on earth are they guilty of Of course, in that sense, Richard was not guilty at all. 


Because he was drawn unwillingly. 


But what’s certain is—.


Most people said that when faced with whether one person dies or several people die, they choose to have one die. 


A small number of sacrifices for everyone.


What a hypocrisy this is.


However, considering the preciousness of life, there was no choice.

I wanted to believe that.


Wouldn’t that one sacrifice be better than the lives of the dedicated maids who will disappear 


But that didn’t happen.


The main character of this novel doesn’t die.


“I don’t want to die of nonsense.”


I left the room right away without hearing Richard’s answer.


I was sure.


Now, let’s pack up and leave here.


I went straight up to my room.


Rosie didn’t bring much luggage when she entered as a Marquis’ maid, so there was little to pack.


So I left the mansion in the middle of the night.


I was planning to enter any inn and leave the capital within this week.




I heard footsteps behind me.

And it’s not mine.


I instinctively realized. 


Yurtha is right behind me.



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