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It was a very popular BL novel called ‘The Fog Raised.’


Atmosphere as tense as walking a tightrope, intense emotions of protagonists who wanted to kill each other, and incredible writing ability that saved it. 


It was a novel that I enjoyed reading. 


In the world setting of this novel, there were people called ‘transcendents’. 


But they had a singularity. 


Transcendents referred to those who were blessed by God and wielded power beyond the realm of human beings.

Perhaps it was because they were blessed by God, the blood possessed by the transcendents was magical in itself, and they were completely different from ordinary people. 


Seen from this point of view, the transcendents seemed to be an existence to be envious of, but in reality it was not.


Transcendents were blessed by God, but in return, “cruel pain” also followed. 


Their ordinary bodies could not withstand the extraordinary blood, and they suffered as if lava flowed through their bodies. 


It was the price of receiving God’s blessing.


The male lead (공(top)) of this novel, Richard, was also a transcendent.


When transcendent people use their powers, they are engulfed in pain incomparable to the pain they normally felt. 


The pain was called magical pain, and the Transcendents took a magic suppressor to suppress the pain. 


However, ‘that day’ Richard didn’t have a magic suppressor. 


And the beginning of this story was when Argen, the number one main love interest (수 (bottom)) of the novel was overwhelmed by Richard’s beauty at the time and kidnapped Richard.


Argen, who had brought Richard, realized at once that he was a Transcendent. 


Fearing that he would escape by using magic, he filled the room with high-level magic constraints, and did not give him a magic suppressor so that there was no room for escape. 


Without it, Richard couldn’t get his original power. 


As Argen wished, Richard could not do anything. 


Thus, Richard experienced various types of humiliation.


Richard’s pride resisted Argen, but Argen tried to trample on that arrogance. 


Richard didn’t give in to him, he tried to escape, and he suffered all kinds of hardships every time he failed. 


‘How did this end’


It was vague, but it seemed that Richard eventually succeeded in escaping. 


However, Richard’s family was that of a dying Count on the outskirts, and Argen, was a Marquis with great power.


When Richard learned of this, he heard that a war had just begun and headed to the battlefield. 


After making such a contribution, he returned and destroyed Argen’s family—


Did he imprison Argen so that he would experience the same thing that happened to him 


I think it was that kind of ending. 


Until the end, the two did not love each other, and there was only hatred. 


[Author, there’s Boys, but why isn’t there Love—]  


There were a lot of such comments, but there were still more readers who liked it, saying it was fun. 


“Rosie! What are you thinking about” 




“Are you really possessed by that monster”


I shook my head reflexively as the woman in front of me glared at me with her angry eyes. 


Why did I suddenly think of that novel 


“You’re a little weird right now, Rosie.

You’ve been in a daze since you met the monster.” 


It’s because I’m thinking. 


“Everyone who came to meet that monster was like that.

Everyone was in this strange condition.” 


The woman put her hands down my arm as if she was scared. 


“—Uhm, what do you mean monster” 


I did think she was talking about the man who begged me for medicine a while ago, but he was a handsome man with a rare appearance, let alone a monster. 


“You know, the guy you met earlier.” 




“Just looking at that guy makes the kids go crazy.

They’re possessed by that monster.” 


Come to think of it, all the people who saw Richard in ‘The Fog Raised’ couldn’t come to their senses. 


Because he was too handsome. 


And, perhaps because the Transcendent was blessed by God, to ordinary people, it was a fascinating existence. 


“You’d better go and rest, Rosie.” 


The woman grabbed my hand, entered a room, and pushed my back toward the bed. 


“Get some rest and you’ll get better.” 


At the touch of the woman, I laid in bed. 


But I was really okay, though. 


However, I didn’t mind the touch and closed my eyes.


When I wake up, I’ll wake up from this dream.




Sadly, I didn’t wake up from the dream.


“Wake up, Rosie!”


A rough hand woke me up.

The sensation of the hand tapping my shoulder was soft and didn’t hurt me. 


It wasn’t a dream. 


“It’s time to go to the monster.”




It can’t be Really 


“I can’t help it even if you don’t want to go.

You’re on duty for this meal.” 


“A meal turn” 



You were reluctant to go to that monster, so you took turns taking care of it for 10 days.

I can’t help it if you don’t like it.

You have to go, Rosie.” 


Why is it that the more I listened to it, the more I thought of ‘The Fog Raised’ 


“If you are late, the Master will be angry.”


“—The Master”


“Why have you been like this since a while ago I’m talking about Marquis Evantes.”


Marquis Evantes—


It’s the same as the main love interest’s family in ‘The Fog Raised’.


No way, it can’t be true right 


Anxiety climbed up my spine like a chill. 


When I didn’t say anything, the woman’s expression darkened.

I quickly lost track of my expression. 


“I’m sorry.

I’m a little sick, so I couldn’t remember clearly.” 


As I said, it was a very poor excuse. 


The woman’s expression became serious as she looked at me cautiously, fearing that I would do something ridiculous. 


“—As expected, what did that monster do to you”






“No, this is a cold! I was a little sick because I caught a cold, and I forgot for a while because I just woke up.” 




“Yes, so do I have to go and give him a meal” 


The woman still looked worried.

Nodding hesitantly, she guided me to the kitchen. 


In the kitchen, a rough-looking chef was slicing food fiercely. 


The knife was quite sharp. 


“I— I’m here to take the meal.”


“It’s over there, so take it.” 


The chef pointed to a bowl of rice, clearly annoyed.


“—Do you raise dogs here” 


Was it not to deliver a meal to Richard, but to feed dogs 


“What are you talking about, Rosie That’s enough for that monster.” 


A strange smirk appeared on the woman’s face, Emily. 


On the way down to the dining room, I heard the maid calling her Emily. 


“Ah, I see.” 


I didn’t want to talk for no reason, so I grabbed the dog food bowl on the tray. 


What’s the difference if I said what I thought anyway 


“I should get going.”


“Cheer up, Rosie!”


That’s for sure. 


This place seemed to be ‘The Fog Raised’.


The detailed settings resembled the novel. 


First, all the employees here treated Richard as a monster.

It was one of Richard’s humiliations seen in the original work. 


It was Argen’s plan for the employees to regard Richard as a monster. 


If he didn’t give Richard the magic suppressor, Richard would feel great pain from the magic that seeped inside his body, and if left alone for a long time, he would lose his temper and run wild. 


Just like a beast, only instinct would remain and he would wield all his power at will, and Argen took advantage of that. 


He scared Richard by deliberately showing his terrifying appearance in front of the servants. 


It is said that the sight of Richard losing reason and trying to break the restraint ball by running out of magic was the embodiment of fear itself. 


Magic was rare, so the servants thought Richard was just a monster and hated him. 


Argen declared in front of the servants, suppressing Richard with restraints through the knights. 



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