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The bamboo rice still needed some time to cook.

On the other hand, the bamboo shoots that had been marinated could now be cooked.

Ning Yiyuan finally poured a few drops of sesame oil onto the bamboo shoots.

After mixing them together, he scooped up a small plate and handed it to Mo Chu.

Through the camera of Mo Chus terminal, the netizens were able to see the true appearance of themarinated bamboo shoots.


Without a doubt, this was the sound of everyone swallowing their saliva!

The bamboo shoot segment still looked fair and tender, but the taste had already penetrated deeply into it, especially when it was covered with a layer of sesame oil.

It was cool and had a hint of luster.

Just one look and one could tell that it was quite appetizing.

“Come!” Ning Yiyuan handed a pair of chopsticks to Little Chu and said in a somewhat perturbed tone, “Try it first.

See if its good”

Everyone had some understanding of Little Chus severe vomiting.

Although they felt sorry for Little Chus suffering, they could not help but shout in their hearts — it doesnt matter!If Little Chu cant eat it, were still here!

They did not mind picking up Little Chus leftovers at all.

It was good to help others, and that was how selfless they were!

As for Zuo Lin, who was beside her, he had already carried Mo Chus special vomiting basin.

Once he saw that the situation was not looking good, he would immediately rush over to help.

A large group of people stared at Little Chu, causing her to feel a huge pressure.

Even her hand that was holding onto her chopsticks could not help but tremble slightly.

Just this plate of pickled bamboo shoots was a resource that would last for several decades! If it were to be exchanged for Federation Coins, she probably would not be able to count them all!

At this moment, Mo Chu finally had a true understanding of whatsky-high price meant.

No matter how careful Ning Yiyuan was with Little Chu, he still felt that it was not enough!

At this moment, he quickly noticed that something was wrong with Little Chu.

He looked and immediately understood what was going on.

He quickly winked at the others and said, “Alright, stop surrounding me.

Come over and help me…”

This excuse was simply lacking in skill!

Other than Ning Yiyuan, everyone else in this group of people could turn into kitchen killers as soon as they walked into the kitchen, alright Help Stop joking!

However, they were all smart people.

They quickly reacted to Ning Yiyuans look and said, “Okay, you havent washed the chili yet, right Leave it to me!”

“Then… Ill go check on the temperature of the food.”

The few of them had surrounded Mo chu tightly, but now they retreated one by one, which finally made her feel more at ease.

She gripped the chopsticks in her hand tightly and gently picked up a bamboo shoot segment.

She took a deep breath and fed it to her mouth…

Although Ning Yiyuan and the others had left, how could they not pay attention Each and every one of them looked like thieves as they glanced at Mo Chu from the corner of their eyes!

When they saw that the bamboo shoot segment had been fed into Mo Chus mouth, each and every one of them felt as if their hearts were beating like drums, and they were extremely nervous!

… Success or failure depended on this one move!

Although this thing was very feasible in theory, who knew what the result would be once it was put into practice

How could they not be worried

Elder Liu, who had always been calm, was now unconsciously pressing his large hand on his chest.

His breathing was rapid, and one could even clearly see his nostrils rising and falling.

Ning Yiyuan was even more exaggerated!

He was currently holding a white bowl.

Due to using too much force, he actually left a deep fingerprint on one end!

Actually, Mo Chu was also uneasy at that time.

She was afraid that her sickness would happen again… She would waste this plate of precious bamboo shoots for nothing, right

However, when this bamboo shoot entered his mouth, Mo Chus eyes instantly lit up!

His worries from before instantly flew into the clouds!


It was so delicious!

The taste of this bamboo shoot was extremely refreshing!

With a bite, a crunching sound could be heard.

It was crisp and raw!

The few simple condiments not only blended the astringent taste of the bamboo shoot, but also stimulated the original freshness of the bamboo shoot!

The first feeling of tasting the bamboo shoot was that it was tender!

The bamboo shoot that had just been dug up had only used one or two steps to retain its original flavor to the greatest extent!

In addition, the energy in this normal plant was even purer and cleaner.

Even the taste in ones mouth was astonishingly beautiful!

What was even rarer was that this taste actually brought out some layers of flavor!

After the freshness and tenderness, there was a slight sourness, which instantly stimulated ones appetite.

After swallowing the entire bamboo shoot, one could savor the aftertaste slightly.

There was even a hint of sweetness at the corner of ones mouth, which left one wanting more.

It was so delicious!

The craving that had been suppressed in Mo Chus stomach for a long time was finally lifted, and she began to eat heartily!

Her mouth never stopped moving!

Looking at the bamboo shoots in the plate decreasing one by one, Little Chu stopped having symptoms of vomiting.

On the contrary, she ate happily, and even her eyes were smiling like crescent moons…

Ning Yiyuan finally let out a sigh of relief, the corners of his mouth also curled up…

“It worked! This Spirit Food made from normal plants is indeed useful!”

Seeing this, even Zhong Wen, who had always been calm, could not help but clench his fists in joy.

This was great! Now that Little Chu was infertile and vomited, he did not have to stay up all night to search for information.

He could finally have a good sleep… It was so tough.

“Thats right!” Elder Liu could not hide his excitement and nodded.

This was all thanks to Ning Yiyuan!

If it was not for him…

“Wait! Commander Ning, whats that on your hand… ”

Following Elder Lius confused words, everyone turned their heads to take a closer look!


What was that thing on Ning Yiyuans hand

It had a strange shape.

Some parts of it were dented in, and some parts were flipped out.

Moreover, there were many obvious fingerprints on it.

It was too abstract to call it a work of art.

It was also a practical household product, but they could not see what it was…

Hearing this, Ning Yiyuan looked down and his expression froze.

Then, he casually covered the thing with his big hand and vaguely explained, “Oh… Its nothing.

Its useless anyway…”

As he said this, he threw it into the trash can!

Outside the live broadcast room, the netizens who were watching from 360 degrees were almost bursting with laughter!

Haha! This was clearly the white bowl that Commander Ning had held in his hand at the very beginning!

However, he stared at Little Chu without blinking.

His heart was nervous, and he used force to destroy the bowl!

After throwing it away, he even deliberately turned around to look at the bamboo rice.

Tsk tsk! This look could not be any cuter.

“Wow! It smells so good!”

Ning Yiyuan had just taken out the bamboo leaves that had sealed one end of the bamboo tube when the light and lasting fragrance instantly entered everyones nostrils!

Zuo Lin, the foodie, was the first to be unable to restrain himself.

He rubbed his nose with all his might and let out a scream!

In just a short while, Mo Chu had almost finished eating the pickled bamboo shoots on the plate.

At this moment, when she smelled the fragrance of the bamboo rice, her head turned around with a whoosh, and her eyes were still faintly glowing!

There was nothing she could do.

She had been hungry for too long before… Now that she could finally have a full meal, she naturally had to eat with an open stomach!

If Mo Chu wanted to eat, Ning Yiyuan would definitely raise both hands and feet in approval!

As soon as he saw that the bamboo rice was thoroughly cooked, he immediately served it to Little Chu and said gently, “Eat it quickly.”

“Ah, alright!” Mo Chus reply was very straightforward!

Ning Yiyuan had already removed the sealed bamboo leaf, and the fragrance had spread throughout the entire room.

Mo Chu was holding a small spoon in her hand.

Just as she was about to start eating, Ning Yiyuan suddenly paused and patted her head.

“Oh right, I almost forgot about this!”

As he spoke, Mo Chu poked the terminal a few times.

In less than a second or two, the netizens in the live broadcast room suddenly realized that they could actually smell the fragrance of the bamboo rice.


The sound of saliva being sucked up came one after another!

The netizens widened their eyes, and their noses could not help but Twitch!

Ow Ow! It really smelled good!

Little Chu had actually activatedholographic mode!

One had to know that this was one of the special functions that only a six-star streaming room could have!

Little Chus streaming room, which currently had the highest number of people, naturally belonged to this category.

After the holographic mode was activated, the other online viewers in the livestream room could simultaneously smell the streamers scent, and even the feeling of eating could be faintly synchronized.

Even the resolution of the images and sounds had been raised by several levels.

Instantly, there was a strong sense of immersion!


Actually, most of the netizens knew that the high-level livestream rooms had this function, but they chose to remain silent and did not remind Little Chu.

The itchy feeling of the boots was too torturous!

They could smell the smell and even feel the chewing action, but they could not taste it… Tell me, this feeling was simply driving a person crazy!

They really loved and hated Little Chu right now!

In fact, the netizens could also choose to unilaterally turn off the holographic mode, but once they smelled the distant fragrance of the bamboo rice, how could they bear to be so ruthless

Forget it! Let it be!

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