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Chapter 97 Mother-in-law adores her new son


Mama Pan was a wonderful mother-in-law to her son-in-law.

When the soldiers began discussing military matters, Dang Hong took her son-in-law into her study and offered him past academic reports, research materials, books, and international medical publications, all of which doctors sought.

These were the kind of martial arts cheats that all masters wished for.


"Tian Yuan, I hope that you will inherit everything from me in the future.

Even if you don't come to work at the military hospital, mom really wants to accept you as a disciple and give you everything she has.

You should start with these materials.

If you don’t comprehend something, just give me a call.

When I have a routine heart surgery, I shall summon you to observe.

I will look after you for a few years, and if possible, send you abroad to further your education.

When the time comes, you must not return to the city hospital, but rather come and join me.

Leizi does not live at home all year.

Mom and Dad are becoming older, and we are hoping to have our children around us.

It’ll be so lively.

Even if he doesn’t visit, you must come and see us.

You can drive back by yourself on holidays and other rest days, whether or not Leizi is present.

If there is no one to look after you, simply relocate here.

Your father and I are both working, but there is a nanny in the house.

She'll see to it that you eat three meals a day."


Every doctor wishes to be mentored by an excellent teacher.

They expect not only to learn without detours, but also to advance and become an authority in this field.

His mother-in-law treated him as if he were her own son.

There was a saying that relying on a large tree was good for cooling off under its shade.

His mother-in-law’s route was essentially a shortcut.


Allowing him to observe a typical case of cardiothoracic surgery, personally coaching him, sending him abroad for advanced study, and giving him the findings of years of research...

He was a little flattered with her intention.


Dean Dang Hong was a renowned expert in cardiothoracic surgery.

She had no disciples and rarely mentored students.

It was an honor for him that she had chosen to be his teacher.


Pay your respects to a great instructor, obtain the best advice, and rise to the top.

This was his mother-in-law’s expectation and it demonstrated how much she valued him.

He must not fall short of her expectations.

His mother-in-law was going to tremendous lengths to cultivate him.


Tian Yuan poured a cup of tea and knelt in front of the Dang Hong after seeing the tea set on one side.


To become a master's apprentice, all apprentices had to kneel and serve tea.

This signified respect for the revered master and was a way for the apprentice to demonstrate that he will honor the teacher.


"Son Tian Yuan pays homage to Mother and Teacher."


Tian Yuan served tea using both hands.

It was the right thing to do as a student and as a son.


Dang Hong accepted it with a smile.

Her eyes were a touch watery at the corners.

This child performed admirably.

He had a pleasant demeanor and high morals.

He planned to spend his entire life with Leizi.

She was pleased that such a young man would acquire her medical skills and become her second son.

Very, very pleased.

Tian Yuan kowtowed thrice on the ground.

From then on, he was Dang Hong’s student and the son of this loving mother.


He desired to be with Pan Lei and live with him for the rest of his life.

He wanted to grow old with Pan Lei.


Life was wonderful.

He was in mutual love; his other half adored him and treated him like a treasure.

His lover's parents treated him as though he were their own child.

Although Tian Yuan's parents were unaware of Pan Lei's existence, he would do his best to persuade them to accept and love Pan Lei in the same way that Pan Lei's parents had accepted and loved him.

He desired a lifetime spent immersed in the beautiful emotion of love, free of stress and perfect contentment.


Mama Pan assisted Tian Yuan in getting up and rubbed his knees.


"Do your knees hurt Oh! How hard did you knock your head! Your forehead is red.

Mom will rub it for you."


Dang Hong was the ideal mother.

Tian Yuan considered himself extremely fortunate to have met Pan Lei and to have such a wonderful mother.


"There are many times when Leizi is not at home.

Tian Yuan, come over and live with us."


Tian Yuan couldn't deal with such intense affection.

Move in with his parents-in-law That was a little embarrassing.


The door opened and Pan Lei strode in grimly.


"Mom, don't embarrass him anymore.

We live very well now.

He will be quite nervous if he moves in.

He didn’t want to sleep with me last night and refused to let me kiss him.

We will no longer be able to enjoy the benefits of a couple if we move in.

Isn’t that wronging me I’m stationed at the barracks.

I can sneak back from the army if I have time.

I can sneak into the house in the middle of the night and surprise him.

Man! If he resides here and I return home in the middle of the night, the guards in the compound will chase me.

If I jump over the wall, I’ll get arrested.

Won’t it be a daunting experience to get through without mishap! It’s a terrible idea.

You can ask Tian'er to come over when I’m not at home."


Pan Lei silently took Tian Yuan's arm while thinking, I entrust my parents to you.

Take care of them on my behalf.


"Honey, I'm loyal; you're filial.

I'll defend the country; you be filial to our parents."


Pan Lei’s words were good.

But why did they leave a bad taste in Tian Yuan’s mouth


Dang Hong rocked back and forth with laughter.

Tian Yuan’s face, on the other hand, was as red as a monkey’s butt.


What exactly do you mean by ‘sneaking home in the middle of the night to surprise him’ What do you mean ‘he didn't let me kiss him last night’ Is this something you can say in front of my mother-in-law


Tian Yuan raised a foot and kicked Pan, oblivious to the fact that his mother-in-law was nearby.


"Your uncle! Shut up for Laozi!"


He clenched his teeth and cursed quietly.


Who would have thought the door would be pushed open again.

Uncle Pan was standing at the door.


"Did you call me, Tian Yuan Is there anything you want to discuss with me Come on, let's have a proper discussion about family matters."


Dang Hong couldn't take it any longer.

She sat on the sofa, laughing and clutching her tummy.

She’d never seen anything so entertaining.


Tian Yuan blushed in embarrassment.

His cheeks were as crimson as a cherry. What is this situation! I cursed 'Your uncle!' and uncle was really standing at the door! He is so graciously inviting me to discuss family matters.


Pan Lei was in fits of laughter. His baby! Oh, why is he so cute! Is everyone in his family so adorable


"Go, go, my uncle is calling you."


Who knew this kind of thing would happen Tian Yuan was used to cursing Pan Lei, so he habitually called out ‘your uncle'.

Who would have guessed that his uncle was at the door


Tian Yuan was left standing there in a quandary.

He didn't know if he should apologize, or if he should kick Pan Lei, who was laughing while holding his stomach. Laugh, laugh.

Laugh till you get convulsions.


Uncle Pan remained at the door, beckoning Tian Yuan.

Tian Yuan felt terrible for this old man.

He was in his sixties and was still greeted throughout the day.

Tian Yuan would never again chastise Pan Lei with the phrase "your uncle"; instead, he would use "your second uncle".

Don’t you think


Tian Yuan emerged from the study to find himself surrounded by Pan Lei's grandparents, parents, uncle Pan, and Pan Zhan and his wife.


"Don’t worry.

I just want to discuss something with Tian Yuan.

Tian’er, you see, the two of you will never have children.

Have you made any plans"


Grandma Pan spoke as Tian Yuan was mortified because he had just cursed ‘your uncle’.


When he heard this, he felt a little odd.

They were unable to have their own children.

This was self-evident.

It was impossible for a man to have children unless a miraculous remedy was discovered.


"We're all hoping Pan Lei has a child."


Tian Yuan's back tensed unexpectedly. Is it possible that they intended Pan Lei to have a baby through IVF Allow them to raise a child born to Pan Lei and a woman


Pan Lei noticed his nervousness and squeezed his hand.


"It’s nothing; they’re simply asking you.

Eldest brother, they’re not telling you to conceive another child and offer it to us for adoption, are they I’m not interested in having children.

It’s just too much trouble."


Tian Yuan found himself unable to keep up with the family’s thinking.

Instead of letting Pan Lei and some random woman have a test-tube baby, was Pan Zhan's wife going to give birth to one and give it to them


He couldn’t tolerate Pan Lei having a child with another woman, even if it was via IVF.

It would be difficult to accept.

When he thought of the child as a combination of Pan Lei and some woman, the first thing that popped into his mind was, Pan Lei, that’s cheating.

But then there was a sudden reversal in the situation.

Would it be difficult for someone to accept if the family wanted to personally present a baby


"Eldest brother and sister-in-law, are you willing" Pan Lei inquired.


Giving away your own flesh and blood to someone right after birth Neither he nor Pan Lei had any prior experience with a newborn child.

How could it possibly grow happily


"Do you suppose we'll give you the child after we've given birth to it It is not what you believe.

I'm afraid you can't care for a child.

So, we're going to have a baby.

The child will be registered at your permanent address.

Legally, the child will be yours, but we will parent it.

However, as a legal parent, you must pay a little for diapers or milk powder.

When neither of us has time to care for the child, the child will be placed in your care.

It will be raised by both of our families.

The child will look after you when you are elderly.

Tian Yuan, I talked about it with Leizi a long time ago.

It all depends on whether you agree or disagree."


Pan Zhan loathed Pan Lei’s personality and couldn't put his trust in him.

He was terrified that if he slapped the child, he would beat it half to death.

He was reluctant to beat Tian Yuan, but he was willing to beat others.

If these two guys were to raise a newborn child, he would be quite concerned about the infant’s survival.


Tian Yuan blurted out, "What's wrong with this OK! All right, I agree."


Pan Zhan and his wife would have children and share them.

They would have children to support them when they were old.

They could also experience what a parent feels when their children run around the house and cause mischief, as well as the joy of having a child at their knees.


"Tian Yuan, mom has always hoped that Pan Lei and you will have a child so that you can be called a family.

I wanted to talk to you about adopting one before, but I’m concerned about your plans for the next few years.

Leizi will not be by your side, and you’ll have to work and care for the child on your own.

After a few years, when you’re around forty years old, you’ll be stable and have accomplished something.

Just adopt the child, okay"


Who didn’t want to be a grandmother They were getting on in years.

It would be ideal if they could have a child.

The child would look after them in their old age and bury them when they died.

She had always wanted to discuss this matter with Tian Yuan.


"Mom, I’m sure I can't raise a child.

If I’m angry with him, I’ll slap him before throwing him out of the window.

Tian'er is my child.

I’ll raise him."


Pan Lei didn't want a third person in their little family.

A child would deprive him of Tian Yuan’s attention.


Tian Yuan nodded.


"Mom, when my job is stable and I’m not so busy, Pan Lei and I will definitely adopt a child."


When he was no longer busy, he would definitely fulfill his mother-in-law's wish. Isn’t it only a child We'll adopt one to satisfy mom's desire.

After all, Pan Zhan's children would always remain Pan Zhan's children.

They could adopt one of them.

Once he reached the age of 35, he wouldn’t be so busy.

His job would be more steady, and he would have enough time on his hands to grant his mother-in-law's wish.


I'm back! The chapters took longer to edit than I had anticipated.

After editing the IDYTRAA chapters, I figured I'd go ahead and edit the other two stories as well.

It was quite taxing.



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