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Chapter 96 Classic danmei manhua scene


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Pan Lei finished running quickly but the others were slow.

Leizi’s father and two uncles were all in their sixties.

They were panting and sweating profusely as they ran laps.

Their clothes were saturated in perspiration.

They were envious and jealous of Pan Lei, and glared at him as if he were a small Jap who had invaded China.


You’re such a good kid, ah! You were scot-free after only 5-6 laps, your sweetheart offered you water and a towel to wipe your sweat, and you even showed off your love in front of us! Why are you so unfilial


The story about the Pan men running laps spread like wildfire.

The guards and residents of the military compound all gave them funny looks.

These veteran soldiers in their sixties had never lost so much face.

As time passed, an increasing number of people arrived to witness the show.

Could there be anything more humiliating than running around in circles


And the most annoying was… Can you guess it As they passed political commissar Old Wang’s residence, the young Wang lady was cheering them on…


“Uncle Pan, jiayou[1]!”  


Father Pan was so enraged that he sneered. This type of girl who casts meaningful glances at a married man would never be able to enter our family in her entire life!


While running, he whimpered like a small puppy.


Tian Yuan chuckled before coughing.

He couldn’t say such things about his father-in-law.

‘Father-in-law is tired like a dog.

Pan Lei is a dog.’


Pan Lei had completed his laps, but Pan Ge had to go 20 laps, and Father Pan had to run a dozen laps as well.

They had to run since Grandpa Pan was monitoring them with a whip in hand.


Grandpa Pan stood majestically and lashed his whip to indicate that he was keeping an eye on who was running slowly.

He scared the group into hastening their pace.

It would be a disgrace to be beaten by the old man at their age.


“Pan Ge, quicken your pace! Did you miss your meals You can’t even pass your father! How can you carry on our family’s excellent tradition”


The old guy roared at Pan Ge as he passed by, turning the handle of the whip in his hand.

His voice was so strong that he didn't sound like a man in his nineties.


Forget about anything else.

He'd live to be 100 just by the sound of his voice.


Pan Ge almost howled in grief. Dear Grandpa, your eyes aren’t all for show, right I’ve passed my father twice.

I’m three laps ahead of him QAQ


He gave Pan Lei a fierce stare. You filthy scumbag! Look at how your second brother is being tortured to death!


Pan Lei averted his gaze. Second brother, I won’t feel guilty if I don’t look at you.

Recall the two years you spent in the special forces and run.


Pan Ge turned to face Tian Yuan. Are you also devoid of conscience Have you forgotten how much your second brother helped you


Tian Yuan couldn’t stand Pan Ge’s begging eyes.

While Grandpa Pan was distracted, he swiftly lowered his voice and requested that Pan Lei intercede.


“Hurry up and think of a way quickly.

These are men in their sixties.

Are you really going to let them run twenty kilometers”


They were too pitiful to bear.

They were sweating buckets and running while carrying a 25kg load on their backs.

The more they ran, the heavier it felt.

Was it necessary to torment people like this


“Grandpa, let Tian’er supervise.

I’ll bring you back.

It’s time for you to eat breakfast.

Didn’t mom warn you Regular meals are good for your health.”


The old man appeared to be exhausted.

He must be exhausted.

After all, he stayed up until midnight yesterday playing Mahjong and awoke early this morning to supervise the cross-country runners.

He was almost ninety years old.

How could he bear it


Grandpa Pan handed the whip to Tian Yuan.


“If they don’t run fast enough, just hit them.

Grandpa is granting you this privilege.”


The old man waved his hand to dissuade Pan Lei from escorting him.

He returned by himself, escorted by a guard.


He was kidding, right Except for Ling Si’er, everyone else was older than him.

Which of his father, two uncles, and two older brothers did he dare to hit


Tian Yuan hurriedly tossed the whip into a thicket down the road.

Just then, Father Pan appeared.


“Dad, take a break.

Grandpa has returned home.

Just go for a walk and go back.”


Father Pan abruptly came to a halt, moaning, "I'm so tired." He felt the backpack weighed 100kgs after jogging twelve laps.

He was completely fatigued.

His bodyguard dashed over to get him towels and water.


He couldn't return right away.

He would have to wait for at least ten minutes.

Otherwise, Grandpa Pan would know he was a slacker.


The two uncles also came to a halt and gathered to complain.

The old man is becoming increasingly terrifying.

While harassing his children and grandchildren, he doesn't even blink.

While fighting the Japanese devils, the army always marched quickly, even trekking 200 kilometers in one night.

It wasn't a smart idea, though, to train them as if they were in their twenties and thirties.

They were getting elderly and couldn't take any more of this.


Pan Ge nearly collapsed and couldn't get up.

He despised his terrible luck the night before.

He had completed twenty laps and was quite exhausted.


The Pans were a large family, and anytime they got together, something entertaining was guaranteed to happen.

Every time, it would be the highlight of the military compound.


The eldest daughter of political commissar Wang's family had been thinking about Pan Lei for a long time.

She'd heard he was supposed to arrive yesterday, but despite keeping her eyes peeled all day, she hadn't seen him.

She couldn't go looking for Pan Lei in front of so many people because it was a Pan family gathering.

Finally, in the morning, she noticed the Pan men jogging laps.

Miss Wang put on her most beautiful attire and stood at her front door, hoping to greet Pan Lei.


Pan Lei walked around the military compound, holding Tian Yuan's hand.

He refused to keep it hidden.

He always held Tian Yuan's hand, no matter who he met.

When he encountered a familiar face, he would greet them.

It went somewhat like this:


“Oh! Good morning, uncle Wang.

Who is this man He’s my beloved.

Tian’er, this is uncle Wang from the general staff department.

Call him ‘Uncle’.”


“Uncle Zhang, I haven’t seen you in a long time.

How are you doing This is my partner.

He works at the city’s No.1 hospital.

If you ever need medical assistance, go to him.

Tian’er, uncle Zhang is Zhang Hui’s father.

Hurry up and call him ‘uncle’.”


“Good morning, aunt Lin.

Is Lin Mu back Aunt Lin, isn’t my baby a handsome young man”


Pan Lei was on a “show off” spree.

He introduced Tian Yuan to everyone he came across. Look, this is my lover.

My husband is handsome, young and promising.

He has a good temper.


He made no attempt to disguise his lover's identity.

He didn't care if they liked it or not.

It was up to them whether they accepted or not.

He simply wanted to inform everyone that he had a boyfriend and that he was more important to him than anyone else. I will not allow even a minor injustice to befall him, nor will I allow anyone to disparage him.

Don't hurt him if you're my friend.

I adore him.

I want everyone to know who my lover is.


Tian Yuan felt a little embarrassed at first.

He was not an extroverted person who made a point of greeting strangers.

Pan Lei introducing him in this manner confused him at first, but he gradually grew accustomed to it.

He had nothing to conceal.

His mother-in-law and father-in-law were extremely gracious to him.

Everyone in the family had acknowledged them.

They wanted to spend the rest of their lives with one other since they were so in love.

Were they meant to say "this is my friend" every time they saw someone they knew He was a man, and they were both men, but they loved each other.

Love was love, regardless of color, gender, or country.

Since he liked him, he should declare ‘I love this man’.


As a result, he straightened his back.

Whoever Pan Lei introduced him to, he would address them nicely and according to Pan Lei's remarks.


Pan Lei noticed Miss Wang standing at the door of political commissar Wang's residence like a little flower blooming early in the morning.


It would be bad if she called out.

He must hide! Damn! Why did I walk over here! I don’t want Tian Yuan to be jealous just yet!


In an instant, he made a fast 180-degree turn to return the way they had come.


Tian Yuan was perplexed.

What was the problem


“Oh! Is it faster to get home from here"


Pan Lei covered his eyes.


"Ahhhh, Tian'er, please help me! Come here and see.

I think a small flying insect has entered my eye."


Tian Yuan rapidly shoved him against the small stone stool by the roadside and raised his chin.


"Don't rub it.

Be careful of infection.

Let me see."


In the evening, there were a lot of little insects flying around.

How is it possible for him to have a small flying insect in his eyes It's early in the morning.


At this point, they were very close to each other.


Pan Lei raised his chin, as if requesting a kiss.

Tian Yuan softly raised his jaw and leaned up.

The rising sun filtered through the foliage and mist to create a lovely glow on them.

A tall rogue was in the same frame as a gentle and elegant man.

It was a lovely scenario, like something out of a classic manhua.

Of course, this was the classic picture in a Danmei manhua.


In the early morning light, the two of them kissed.


Miss Wang, who had trotted over, came to an abrupt halt.


Pan Lei opened one eye slightly and cast a sidelong glance.

She was a lovely young lady, but she had read far too many fairy tales.

She had spent a lot of time as a child playing with him, which caused her to fall into fantasy and be unable to get out of it.

He'd come out of the closet a long time ago, but the girl was dead set on him and fantasized about Pan Lei driving a Hummer and snatching her away.

Sorry - marry home.

Pan Lei mentioned he liked males eight hundred times, but the girl was not enlightened.

Why did he refuse to return home On the one hand, the people at home were just too frightening.

Every time he returned, they messed around.

On the other hand, he wanted to avoid Miss Wang.


Pan Lei wrapped his arms around Tian Yuan's waist and drew him into his embrace.

Tian Yuan pressed up against him.


"Don't make trouble.

Let me take another look.

It is extremely difficult to handle when small flying insects enter the eyes.

If it is not handled well, keratitis[2] can easily occur."


"Baby, I think it’s lucky to kiss you like this."


Pan Lei opened his eyes, smirked at him, placed one hand on his nape, one on his waist, gazed up, and kissed him.


Regardless of who was watching, his family's husband was taking good care of him, which made him pleased.

As a result, he desired to kiss him.

He had wanted to put on a show for Miss Wang at the time, but now he couldn't stop himself.

They rushed out of bed this morning, and he hadn't yet received his good morning kiss.


Tian Yuan leaned against his arms, his legs splayed.

This posture was quite difficult to maintain.

Pan Lei continued to kiss him and wouldn't let go.

He caressed him since kissing wasn't enough.

Tian Yuan was kissed as soon as he took a breath.


The timing and location were incorrect; otherwise, it would have progressed to an X-rated level.


It was so hot, you could see the crackling sparks between them.


Miss Wang, who had previously refused to believe, now believed - Pan Lei had a boyfriend.

Pan Lei adored him and was passionately kissing him.


Miss Wang covered her mouth, turned around, and ran away in tears.


A girl with long hair wore a tiny skirt and cried like raindrops on a flower in the early morning.


Tian Yuan wanted to slap him to death. He’s acting so wildly early in the morning! He pulled Pan Lei away, took a step back, and gasped, his face reddened.

He was ready to reprimand Pan Lei for being a beast when he noticed a girl stare at them with resentment, and run away crying.


Tian Yuan sneered and stepped onto the stone stool.

He had learned this action from Pan Lei, who liked to put his foot on chairs and act like a bandit.


He yanked on Pan Lei's collar.


"Be honest with me.

Do you owe that girl anything romantically"


"Heaven and earth are my witnesses.

My heart is yours, my body is yours, everything I have is yours.

How can I wrong you This is a simple matter.

You should be aware that your man will be followed by bees and butterflies since he is so handsome and charming.

But I assure you that I’m devoted to you.

Except for you, any man or woman is a piece of trash in my eyes."


"Don't try to trick me with lovely words.

I'm going to warn you, Pan Lei.

If you dare to wrong me, the scalpels Lin Mu provided me are quite simple to use.

I'll go to the pharmacy and get you some sedatives, then I'll practice my knife skills."


Pan Lei gave him a flattering smile, took him in his arms, and sat him sideways on his legs.


"Honey, don't speak such things about our family's separation and devastation this early in the morning.

We can't be that bloodthirsty.

We should mix like oil and honey.

It's our honeymoon period.

Kindness and love is the right way."


No one could play tricks on him.

Pan Lei was not at all serious, yet he always managed to make Tian Yuan laugh.

His rage just poofed away.



[1] Come on!

[2] Inflammation of the cornea.


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