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Chapter 90 Surmount all difficulties to meet mother-in-law


The little devil of the Pan family was returning to the military area compound, and the military compound and his family members were beginning to take action.


Pan Lei parked his car outside the military area's compound, stretched his neck, and examined the scene inside.

Everything appeared to be normal - there were security personnel at the door who appeared to be on high alert.


Pan Lei dialed Pan Zhan's number.


"Brother, we’re here.

What's the situation inside"


Pan Zhan burst out laughing.


"Everything is business as usual.

But this time there are a few more stumbling blocks.

You should not walk past Political Commissar Wang's door.

The Wang family's eldest daughter is still waiting for you.

Grandpa is doing Tai Chi swordplay, Grandma is holding my daughter, the second and third uncles are playing chess on the grape trellis outside the door, and the aunts are discussing something.

Your sister-in-law, by the way, is at the first door.

Let me be clear.

That’s my wife.

You better be careful.

Got it"


Pan Lei hung up the phone and took a deep breath.


Tian Yuan became even more concerned when he noticed he was no longer smiling.


"What's the problem Isn't it obvious that this isn't going to work Let's go back okay Don't irritate them."


"This occurs every time I return home, darling.

I want you to understand why I don't enjoy returning.

It's not that I don't love my family; it's just that I can't stand these monsters sometimes.

You have nothing to be concerned about.

Just hide behind me, please.

When I tell you to run, you go fast.

Even though the bullets are fake, they cause pain when they strike your body."


Ah He was there for the first time, but he would have to deal with bullets And how did you overcome the obstacles Tian Yuan's face became pallid.


"They actually picked you up right You’re not their own."


Pan Lei couldn't take it any longer.

He embraced Tian Yuan and kissed him passionately.


"Oh, why are you so adorable, my dear Don't worry, this is only one of the many ways they show their affection for me.

Only after completing their test will I be able to demonstrate that I did not disgrace the old Pan family.

When I say run, you don't have to do anything; just run."


Pan Lei drove in a circle after going through the gate, avoiding the Wang house.

Miss Wang was the bride he brought up the mountain as a child while playing bandit games.

Perhaps she'd had too many games, but she was determined to wait for Pan Lei.

She was expecting him to drag her up the mountain so she could marry the robber Pan Lei.

Miss Wang requested leave and waited at home when she learned that Pan Lei was coming to visit.

She wore a snow-white gown and stood at the entrance, eager to see Pan Lei.


What a joke.

If he brought Tian Yuan home and let him meet Miss Wang, he’d surely be thrown into a vinegar tank for three days.

Their honeymoon period had barely begun, so anything that could induce jealousy was out of the question.


Pan Lei cranked up the engine and drove through the junction.

Damn, Miss Wang was really waiting there!


He discreetly exhaled a sigh of relief and dashed to the house.


It was completely quiet.


Pan Lei softly opened the car door and drew Tian Yuan in with him.

Something wasn't right.

It was unusually silent.


Pan Lei quietly pushed open the door.

The military area's compound was developed in the Siheyuan architectural style.

The wings were arranged in a square, enclosing a vegetable garden in the center.

You could enter the entrance and gain access to the left and right wings, as well as the main home.


Siheyuan, also known as Sihefang, is a traditional courtyard-style building in China.

Its layout is a courtyard with houses on all sides, enclosing the courtyard from all sides in the middle.




A sword sprang at Pan Lei as soon as he opened the door.


Seeing it stab towards Pan Lei's throat, Tian Yuan didn't even think about it, and threw a gift box in his hand.


Fortunately, he had a gift bag with him when he got out of the car.

He was embarrassed by the fact that his hands were empty, but he didn't expect it to be useful.


Pan Lei snatched Tian Yuan's arm and forced him through the door.


"Stay behind the closed door and don't come out."


The sharp sword did not come to a halt.

It rushed at breakneck speed, slamming towards Pan Lei's throat, chest, and belly, leaving after images in its path like the tiny sparkles from firecrackers.

To avoid the attacks, Pan Lei leaped and dodged.

When he saw the blade approaching at a low angle, he took a couple quick steps back.


"Grandpa, this is about your grandson's happiness for the rest of his life.

You can't ruin it."


"Little brat, looks like your husband attaches great importance to you.

Your fate is pretty good ah! You managed to swindle such a good child."


The old man was about 90 years old, but his skills were agile.

Pan Lei didn't dare to face his grandfather head-on, so he had to dodge.


"Grandpa, I really love him okay"


"I don't mind.

How long have you not honed your sword skills Your bones are quite hard, and your flexibility is poor.

The white crane spreads its wings! The celestial being gives direction! Fetch the moon from the seabed!"[1]


The greatest joy of the old man was to parry a few moves with his grandson and give him pointers.


Pan Lei followed his moves and counterattacked, grabbing his grandfather's wrist.


"Grandpa, who uses these in modern warfare They use only guns to talk."


"Kung Fu is the most important thing when it comes to fighting hand-to-hand.

How are you going to talk with a gun"


The old man was lively and his hair was almost all silvery white.

Age had not bent his back, nor had his eyes lost their radiance.

He winked at his three sons, who were standing behind him.


Pan Lei pulled Tian Yuan out and patted his clothes.


"Scared My grandfather used a machete when he fought the Japanese, but now he uses a sword."


"Does he treat you like a Japanese devil[2] that needs to be cut down"


Tian Yuan was once again convinced that Pan Lei must have been picked up as a baby.

A gunshot was fired, followed by a snap, before Pan Lei could say anything.

It left a small imprint on the door.

If it had been a solid bullet, it would have passed through the door.


"I'm not going to warn you again before shooting ah."


Pan Lei bellowed, his lower body arched like a cat, and drew Tian Yuan away from him by wrapping him around his waist and hiding.

Finally, they hid behind a large water tank used for raising fish.


"Boy, didn't you say that modern combat uses guns to talk Then try your marksmanship.

Then put your marksmanship to the test.

Behind the flowerpot is a type 95 automatic weapon.

If you have the ability, kill three of us before entering the house!"


"Hide in this place.

Don't crane your neck to peek out."


The martial arts film had evolved into a gunfighter film. Who were these individuals, ah!


Pan Lei sprinted and rolled swiftly.

Tian Yuan felt his heart squeeze as he raced, seeing bullets hit his feet.

Empty bullets can't kill people, but they hurt, don't they


Pan Lei picked the type 95 automatic rifle behind the flowerpot.

His motions were swift and precise.

He drew the safety, aimed, loaded the bullet, and fired.

The bullet flew out in the blink of an eye.

Someone yelled because of getting shot.


Pan Lei's muzzle turned, and the battle ended after two straight shots.

In the midst of the scent of gunpowder smoke, Pan Lei threw the gun away.

Three guys in their 50s and 60s wearing military uniforms approached Pan Lei under the grape vine, smiling.


"How can you do this, Uncle, Second Uncle, and Dad When I returned, you greeted us like way, ah! Can you really afford to frighten my family's Tian'er"


"Oh! Take a look at this little brat.

He forgot about his father after marrying.

That's fine; your abilities are adequate.

Come on in, all the ladies are waiting for you."


Tian Yuan was ready to meet the three elders when Pan Lei yanked him away.

A lovely woman flew over and exchanged blows with Pan Lei as he was ready to enter the house.

She was swift on her feet and had terrific balance.

Pan Lei became irritated and threw a fist at her.


"Pan Lei, that's my wife!"


Pan Lei's motions came to a halt when he heard Pan Zhan's roar, his fist stopping an inch from the beauty's pink cheek.

The beauty took advantage of Pan Lei's pause and turned around to touch Tian Yuan’s cheek.


"This young man is so handsome."


"Sister-in-law, don't molest him!"


Do you want to put your hand on Tian Yuan's face Dream on!


Tian Yuan was rendered speechless. Oh my god! Who are these individuals Just who are they, ah


An elderly lady sat on the sofa, dressed in a black silk cheongsam with a design of large peony blossoms in full bloom and a green hairpin on her head, holding her snow-white hair.

Next to the little old lady was a small beauty.


The little elderly lady smiled at Tian Yuan, and Tian Yuan returned the grin.

However, the muscles on his face were tense since this collection of family members who were all so singular had made him feel a little overwhelmed.


Who would have guessed that the small old lady, who appeared sweet and delicate, would raise her hand and fling something that shone silver in the light Pan Lei immediately evaded it and escaped the attack.

Tian Yuan regarded it with apprehension - it was a fruit knife that was nailed to the door frame.


Nobody in Pan Lei's house, from top to bottom, from elderly to young, was simple to deal with; there was no regular person.

He truly wanted to leave after seeing such a family.

It was too frightening, okay Were all military families' get-togethers like this It was even more terrifying than societal criminal groups.


"Come, Xiao Tian, and take a seat.

We hadn't had such a large family gathering in a long time, so we were all a little excited and let you get scared.

Mom will cut the fruit for you.

Have a seat."


Tian Yuan was still terrified until a sweet voice materialized alongside him, causing him to quiver in terror.

He was concerned that someone would attack Pan Lei again.

He spun abruptly around to see a middle-aged woman wearing a light pink cardigan with her hair pushed up, spectacles, and a kind smile.

On her body, there was a faint odor of disinfection.


Nothing needed to be explained.

Tian Yuan comprehended everything with the sentence "mom will cut the fruit for you." All these people were relatives, and this was Pan Lei's mother, Dang Hong, the dean of the Armed Police Hospital.


She was a legendary figure, a cardiothoracic authority, and a leading talent in the medical world.

She turned out to have a pleasant and beautiful smile on her face.

Despite having creases at the corners of her eyes, she had beautiful skin and a well maintained figure.

Her temperament was serene and demure, and her smile was kind.


His mother-in-law turned out to be a lovely lady.


Dean Dang Hong held Tian Yuan's hand.


"Good boy, don’t be afraid.

It’s just that our house is never occupied.

Leizi does not return all year, and his father and I don't always stay at home.

It's not easy for us to get together, so we just want to have some fun.

Give Leizi some trouble and see if he can handle it.

After all, his work is special.

They’re just making a scene and letting you see a joke.

They don't usually do that.

I asked Leizi several times to bring you home, but he said you were too busy with work.

I, too, am a doctor.

I understand how hectic things are."


Tian Yuan grinned and turned to face Pan Lei.

He was at a loss for words.

His in-mother-in-law law's was far too nice.

She didn't appear as ferocious as he had imagined.

This bunch of individuals had terrified him, but it appeared that he had a caring mother-in-law.

And the more she stared at her son-in-law, the happier she seemed to get.


"So it's this child."


The little elderly lady finally spoke up and called out to Tian Yuan, her voice soft and southern-accented.


Dang Hong pulled Tian Yuan to take a seat close to the elderly lady.


"You've been through a lot, my child.

I know my grandson very well.

Since he was a child, this brat has been a jerk.

He must have bullied you a lot.

Leizi, now that you have someone willing to follow you, you must treat him nicely.

Look at this kid, he's so handsome."


"Xiao Tian'er, call me grandma.

When you walked into this house, you became a member of the Pan family.

Don't be nervous or restrained.

This is your home."


What a good young man.

So good-looking, calm, and dependent on Pan Lei.

From the time he walked in, he did his best to safeguard Pan Lei, and it was evident that his affections were strong.

Such a good child was ruined by their family’s Demon King.

They must do their best to make it up to him for willing to put up with that little bastard.






[1] These are all Tai chi moves.

[2] Japanese devil is a common term of abuse in wartime China and in subsequent writing.


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