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Chapter 88 Honey, let’s meet my parents


Pan Lei's pampering had reached new heights.

Pan Lei treated Tian Yuan as if he were an ancestor from the moment he awoke.

He didn't miss out on the chance to kiss and bite, turning Tian Yuan's lips red and swollen and leaving small wounds.


"You beast."


Tian Yuan scowled at him and drank the water that Pan Lei had brought to his mouth.


"Don’t blame ge, okay Ge’s been putting up with it for so long.

I've given you everything I’ve saved over the last thirty years."


Tian Yuan recalled a joke.

On a blind date, a woman met a forty-year-old bachelor.

The bachelor claimed to have saved for forty years.

Who knew the woman would limp out on the second day of marriage She clung to a wall and cursed,, “Shit! I thought the forty years of savings was money.”


This animal turned out to be the same.

All of his "savings" from the previous thirty years had been spent on him.

It felt like he'd been run over by a massive truck.

He couldn't move his limbs and was paralyzed from the waist down.


"H*r*y dog."


Tian Yuan had no way to express his rage and could only scold him.

He really wanted to push this pervert down and kick him to death if he could.


"Ge loves you.

Since I love you, I must love you well."


Pan Lei's face was dripping with smugness.

He was like a servant to the spoiled and powerless beauty on the couch.

He had no idea he could say such cheesy things.

Look, after some physical activity with his doctor, he could recite poetry like a literati and was no longer coarse.

With the soldiers, he was like a bandit.


"Get lost! You behave just like this[1].

Loving me well and making me sore!"


Tian Yuan's rage erupted, causing him to mispronounce his words.

He was in pain all over, and it was all because of this jerk.


"Oh my! My good boy, you really make me love you to death.

Come over and let ge kiss you again."


"Buzz off!"


Tian Yuan dodged to get away, but his waist hurt when he moved, causing him to cry out in agony.


Pan Lei quickly turned him over and massaged his waist and back, taking a few bites of soft tofu in the process.[2]


"I can't even go to work."


Tian Yuan grumbled a little.

He needed to rest for a few days at the very least.

Forget about surgery; in his current condition, he was unlikely to be able to go to the hospital.


"Honey, I'll request a leave of absence on your behalf, stating that you're too scared to work.

Your hospital's Dr.

Li is also scared and has taken a week off.

Let's take a week off too.

Tian'er, let's talk it over.

Resign from this job, okay At the very least, nothing like this will happen in the Armed Police Hospital."


Tian Yuan shook his head, refusing to agree.

When he returned to work, he intended to convene a criticism meeting and severely criticize Dr.


The crisis arose as a result of her failure to perform her duties.


"You’re so stubborn."


Tian Yuan groaned in pain as Pan Lei lightly slapped his buttocks.

His buttocks had been overworked, causing pain even when lightly touched.


He glared at Pan Lei, prompting him to kiss and rub his little butt a few times.


"I was mistaken, darling.

I promise I will not cause you any more pain.

Tian'er, you're a doctor, and you should know that as long as you can get used to it, you'll be fine.

You will only experience pleasure."


"Pan Lei, if you keep blathering, I'll be furious."


He was thin-skinned and immediately blushed when Pan Lei said such shameless words to him.


Pan Lei quickly closed his mouth.

It was the second day of their marriage, so quarrels were out of the question.


Life was fantastic.

It felt great to wake up early in the morning with his beloved sleeping in his arms.

What was the most lovely moment It was the rain after a long drought, seeing an old friend in a foreign land, doing well on college entrance exams, and the candles illuminating the wedding chamber.

He had just enjoyed their wedding night.

It was now time for the new bride to pay her respects to her in-laws.[3]


It was his fault that Tian’er was lying on the bed and couldn't move.

Today's plan to take him to meet his parents had to be scrapped.


"Tian'er, baby, let's discuss something."


Tian Yuan was half asleep.

Pan Lei's massage was perfect, and all of the achy spots were relieved.


"Do you want to talk about my resignation"


"No, you do not have to resign.

If you get into any trouble, I'll take care of it.

We can discuss it later.

I was wondering if we could pay a visit to my house on a day off and you could meet my parents"


If he dared to say, "I'll take you home to meet your in-laws," Tian Yuan would probably disregard his aches and pains and leap up to beat him.

He wasn't afraid of being beaten up, but he was afraid Tian'er would get up and injure himself.

The phrases “visit my parents” and “visit your parents-in-law” meant completely different things.


Tian Yuan froze for a moment when he heard those words, and then he realized that Pan Lei's family had a large number of relatives.

What if they all objected to them being together as a couple What are they going to do It was said that children were their parents' shadows.

Already, the three Pan brothers were extremely powerful.

What positions did their parents and grandparents hold


Would his parents come out to oppose him after they were together, after he confessed his love, after the lingering affection of a night Will they be the modern-day equivalents of Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai Would his parents be cruel and request that they split up Would they die of depression, no matter how deep their love was And then transform into a pair of butterflies and fly away together


"My parents have long been aware of your existence.

My father took the newspaper the day you were mentioned in it and paraded it around the military base.

He introduced you as my boyfriend.

My mother keeps calling, pleading with me to take you home.

My grandparents came here specifically to see you.

Let's wait until your health improves before going to see them.

Yes, that's right! There appear to have been some meetings in the military area in the last few days, so both of my uncles have come over.

It's just a family get-together."


While spewing nonsense, this jerk was as cunning as a fox.

Even if Pan Lei was a bandit who went down the mountain to loot, his parents would probably be proud of him.

But would they have anything but contempt for a man who had kidnapped their son He dared to claim it was just a family get-together When a guy brought his girlfriend home and introduced her to his extended family, it was a joyous occasion.

But, if their beloved son brought a man into the family, would they rejoice


"Eldest brother and second brother will also be present.

My eldest sister-in-law is the sweetest person I've ever met.

She appears to be a gentle Jiangnan lady[4], but she is a martial arts expert.

She is constantly fighting with my eldest brother and does not hold back.

My eldest brother does not dare to fight back because our family has a rule that we cannot hit women.

So my eldest brother is always thrashed by my sister-in-law.

They have a cute little girl.

Eldest sister-in-law is blunt and direct.

Maybe she'll give the family another child soon."


Tian Yuan remained silent and said nothing.

Pan Lei was laughing as he talked about the strange things that happened in his family.

The entire Pan family appeared to be full of freaks.

Pan Lei was not the oddest of the bunch.


Even after talking for a long time, Pan Lei didn't hear Tian Yuan's response.

On the pillow, he was motionless.

Pan Lei reasoned that it was because he was too tired from the previous night's exercise.


He stroked his back, stroked his hair, and kissed his lips.

He inquired, his voice low.




Tian Yuan nodded.


"Go to sleep if you’re tired.

I'll make porridge for you."


Tian Yuan was unable to sleep.

He was ready to spend his entire life with Pan Lei now that they were a couple - a life of joy, free of pain.

Their love, however, was not widely accepted.

They couldn't ignore the pressures of society and their family.

What were they supposed to do


Pan Lei returned shortly after to check on Tian Yuan.

When he saw him awake, he quietly closed the door before leaving, then returned to look at him again.

Tian Yuan was still awake when he arrived for the third time.

He was clearly upset rather than tired.

What was the problem Why was he so downcast on the second day of their marriage


"Baby, what are you thinking about, Tell me about it."


It appeared that a good conversation was absolutely necessary.

Pan Lei sat next to him and drew him into his arms.

Tian Yuan shook his hand and began to play.


"Can't we just live like this Do we need to see your parents"


"Don’t be silly.

You're the person I'd like to spend the rest of my life with.

Do you want me to be sneaky like having a mistress I will not only take you back, but I will also marry you.

We'll hold a lovely ceremony in the military compound.

I'll marry you into the family with pomp and grace."


"Your parents will be livid."


"You'll fall in love with my family, baby.

You will fall in love with them as soon as you meet them.

They will not look down on you.

Instead, they will welcome you.

My mother was overjoyed to learn that there is someone in the world who is willing to live with me for the rest of my life.

She stated that she will burn incense, worship the Buddha, and provide you with a washing board.

Don't be overly concerned.

You will become ill if you do not get enough sleep.

Be obedient and rest well; enjoy a week of vacation at home, and then we'll return home once you've recovered."


Tian Yuan had a sour expression on his face.

This week, he decided it would be better to lie in bed and pretend to be a patient.

At the very least, he wouldn't have to meet Pan Lei's parents.


Tian Yuan needed to use the restroom.

He gave it a quick glance before turning to face Pan Lei.

His message was clear.

Pan Lei immediately bent down and picked him up, carrying him to the bathroom in a princess-carry.


"Baby, can you stand steady Do you want me to support you"


"I'm not paralyzed.

You go out."


Was Pan Lei the type to go out obediently Obviously not.

He coquettishly rubbed Tian Yuan's back and buttocks.


"Isn’t it my fault that you’re feeling sore How about I help you hold your little head."


"Get out! Pan Lei, your uncle, hurry up and die for me!"

Tian Yuan blushed and ignored the pain in his waist and back.

He turned around and slammed the door in Pan Lei's face.

Pan Lei knocked on the door and continued his shameless spiel.


"What's wrong with letting me hold him I kissed and pleased him last night till he was crying in excitement.

Why don't you let me touch him now You’re bullying me after taking advantage of me.

Haven’t I kissed every inch of your body Even your..."


Tian Yuan was so irritated that he couldn't pee.

He snatched the shower gel and hurled it at the door.

He couldn't stand it any longer when this jerk was spewing nonsense.


Pan Lei, indeed, stopped talking nonsense after the bang.


Tian Yuan leaned on his waist and opened the door, only to find Pan Lei sitting on the floor outside the door, pityingly looking at him like an abandoned puppy.


"My husband doesn’t want me anymore, he doesn't want to talk to me, he doesn't need my help, he abandons me after enjoying my body, this heartless man."


Tian Yuan couldn't bear it and lifted his leg to give him another kick.


Pan Lei grabbed his leg and kissed him on the calf.

He spoke fawningly, almost wagging his tail.


"Darling, it looks like your body doesn't hurt anymore.

Let's go home tomorrow."


[1] Tian Yuan wanted to say “You behaved like a b**ta*d and made me sore.” Instead it sounds like “Keep behaving like this and make me sore.” lol

[2] Pan Lei took the chance to be hanky-panky.

[3] In Chinese wedding traditions, the second day of marriage is for “offering tea and paying respects” to the in-laws.

Think of it as a formality to indicate “The bride is now part of the groom’s family.”

[4] Traditional Chinese culture considers the Jiangnan woman the standard of beauty.

They are generally described as gentle as water.


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