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Chapter 87 I’ll do push-ups, you’ll do sit-ups


Tian Yuan was like a ship on the sea, constantly being pushed to the highest point by massive waves.


He felt as if he had been stabbed by a gigantic spear, the penetration so deep that it could squeeze his heart out of his throat as it entered from behind.

It had reached the deepest portion of his body, so deep that he couldn't even detect it.


The thick and hot thing was like a scorching iron rod, scalding his delicate flesh that was being stretched and held to the limit, as if it were about to tear in the next second.

He couldn't even take a breath.


Pan Lei moved back a bit and pressed in again, allowing Tian Yuan only a split second to gasp.

Tian Yuan's muscles tensed reflexively, his breathing was restricted, and all he could do was grab Pan Lei's back hard, leaving scratch marks on his back.


Pan Lei was focused on Tian Yuan's reaction.

He would stop moving and kiss him lightly till he relaxed before starting again as long as his voice contained a tinge of agony.

Pan Lei felt suffocated both inside and out, the tight and heated fit making him impatient.


Tian Yuan's gaze was clouded as he hugged Pan Lei.

He could only hold Pan Lei tightly, unable to say anything but huge gasps and sporadic cries for mercy when Pan Lei plunged too far.

He couldn't put into words how he felt.

He only knew he'd never felt this way before.

He could only stick to Pan Lei and move his body in time with him.


"Ge, so good, so deep!"


He exclaimed, his heart hammering furiously, as if his internal organs had been displaced by the pounding.

Would his heart leap from his mouth


Pan Lei had his hand wrapped around his waist.

Tian Yuan's waist had light bruises from being squeezed so hard, but he refused to let go.

He drew out and shoved back, going deeper than ever before.


"Does it feel comfortable Does it hurt"


Because of his quick thrust, Tian Yuan frowned and let out a loud moan, and Pan Lei had a few more red nail marks on his back.


"So good, so hot, I'm sore!"


He couldn't put it into words.

It was too strange to ask him if he was comfortable right now, okay Was it pleasant to have a hot iron body inside you


Pan Lei chuckled quietly.

This time, he didn't pull out.

Instead, he made Little Pan Lei move against Tian Yuan's special spot.


Slowly, he moved his hips in a circle, brushing against his prostrate.


"Is it comfortable now Tell me, is it comfortable"


Tian Yuan yelled, his waist stiffened, and he viciously bit Pan Lei's shoulder in retaliation. You are the devil! This rascal was teasing him.


"Pan Lei, you jerk, I'll clean you up!"


He was a tyrant who only knew how to bully him.

Even at this time, he was bullying him.


Pan Lei thought their current position was satisfactory.

Tian Yuan was seated on his lap, their chests and lower abdomens pressed against one other.

Tian Yuan's little wilted head was still rubbing against his lower abdomen, and all the liquids were splattered over their lower body.


Pan Lei tightened his grip once more.

He didn't slow down this time to give Tian Yuan time to adjust.

His waist was like a powerful engine that had been revved up to maximum power.

It was unstoppable once activated.


Pan Lei's stamina of doing 2000 push-ups, as well as the special forces' physical power, finally came in handy.


Pan Lei tightly grasped Tian Yuan's shoulders with one hand while holding his waist with the other.

He clung on Tian Yuan so tightly that with each push he could go upwards a little, but he couldn't leave his arms.


Pan Lei's fast thrusts cut Tian Yuan's speech.

His mind exploded before he could yell.

His shouts had faded into grunts as he gasped for air.

Tian Yuan had been completely destroyed.

His vision was filled with white as he rode wave after wave of ecstasy, his body heating up from the inside and outside like he was engulfed in boiling water.

He could only cling to this one person.


Tian Yuan never knew he was so flexible.

Pan Lei grabbed him and thrusted fiercely, then he slowly laid down, moving his legs and placing them on his shoulders, but he still held on to Pan Lei.

Tian Yuan's back brushed against the bed with each push, and he could feel his back heating up from the friction.

He had the sensation that he was going to catch fire.

Pan Lei was moving too quickly and too deeply.


"Ge, ge, slow down, ah...

slow down!"


Every push was heavy and powerful, and just as it appeared to have reached the deepest point, the next thrust went deeper.

His special spot was stroked repeatedly, and he could hear the squelching sounds, which were so wet and loud that they made his ear blush hot.


"Good boy, ge has missed you for far too long, ge loves you, and I’ll love you well because I adore you."


Pan Lei flipped him over and hugged Tian Yuan closer to his body than ever before, causing his body to soften and tumble down regularly.

Pan Lei cradled him in his arms since Tian Yuan had no more strength.

How could he have the stamina of a special forces soldier He was absolutely exhausted after a few rounds.

He had no idea how many times he had erupted.

The bedsheet was damp from sweat and other things, and the air in the room had been musky for a long time.

Tian Yuan had no idea how long they had been at it.

He didn't know what time it was, but he knew it had been a long time.

He was flung around like a rag doll by Pan Lei, who shifted their positions repeatedly.


"Ge, please, please."


Pan Lei thrust once again, and Tian Yuan's body rose and sank with it.

Tian Yuan's tears flowed as he clutched Pan Lei and gasped for air.

It wasn't because he wanted to cry, but because he couldn't stop himself.

The ferocity was too much for him to handle.


Pan Lei's body warmed up, and Little Pan Lei saluted once more.

This time he was no longer a general, but a marshal.


Tian Yuan was twenty-eight years old, but in Pan Lei's eyes, his tears and begging were as adorable as a five-to-six-year-old child begging for candy.


Pan Lei wrapped his arm around his waist to help him move up and down, and with his other hand, he caressed the little head in front of him that was dripping with white liquid.


"Usually, even if you frown, I feel distressed to death.

Now you’re crying and begging me, but I don’t feel bothered at all.

I just want you to cry a little harder.

Darling, sweetheart, call me ge.

This ge will let you go right away."




Tian Yuan was extremely obedient at this time.

Forget “ge”; as long as Pan Lei let him go, he could say whatever he wanted.


When he gazed at Pan Lei with pitiful teary eyes, Pan Lei felt as though the “tyrant” nerve in his body had been scratched.

He wrapped his arms around Tian Yuan's waist, pulled him up, and then let him go as he pushed forward, initiating a smooth thrust.


Tian Yuan shook his head, his hair saturated with sweat, writhing furiously on Pan Lei's lower belly, scratching his chest.

Pan Lei kept slamming deeply, fast, and forcefully, causing Tian Yuan to scream and shoot again, before falling quietly into his arms.


Pan Lei squeezed his buttocks, gave a few deep and fast strokes, then pressed down on Tian Yuan's body, and exploded.


Tian Yuan felt he was about to die.

Pan Lei had wrung him dry.


Pan Lei took a few deep breaths, gripped and caressed his butt a few times, and clutched him to his chest.

He took up most of Tian Yuan's back as he wrapped his two large hands around him.


"Stop making trouble."


Tian Yuan's voice was raspy from screaming for too long and too loudly.


His voice was soft as he asked Pan Lei to stop making trouble.

He couldn’t take it anymore.


Pan Lei lowered his head, found his lips, nibbled lightly and then kissed him again.



Tian Yuan was teased by him and couldn't help but open his mouth to kiss him.


Little Pan Lei was still in his body and had a slight change.

Tian Yuan shoved Pan Lei away in an instant, warning him hoarsely.


"I said don't make trouble."


Little Pan Lei was raring to go for another round, filling his body to the brim.


"I won’t make trouble, I won’t make trouble.

Darling, don’t be let this.

Let me kiss you, okay"


Tian Yuan pushed his face away, refusing to let him near.


"Pull out, jerk, pull it out."

Pan Lei turned around and spooned Tian Yuan to his side, his back resting on his chest and his arms wrapped around him, cradling his world in his arms.

He kissed Tian Yuan's neck and pinched his swollen little fruit with his dishonest fingers.


Tian Yuan grabbed his hand and bit on it.

Didn't he say no


"Tian'er, have you seen a special forces soldier's incredible stamina I can perform 2000 push-ups.

Allow me to demonstrate once more."


Tian Yuan had long noticed that Little Pan Lei was saluting.

He'd die from exhaustion if they did it again.


He attempted to crawl away with his arms and legs.

But where could he go after crawling away with Pan Lei's arms around him


Pan Lei drew Tian Yuan back and lowered his face.

Little Pan Lei quickly identified his target and entered again, bending one of Tian Yuan's legs.


"Tian'er, I'll do two thousand push-ups.

You can keep track of them."


He really started doing push-ups, with Little Pan Lei always hitting the target.

Pan Lei moved his hips slowly, entering deeply and pulling away an inch at a time.


Tian Yuan couldn't help but grab Pan Lei’s waist and was forced to accept his movements.


"Pan Lei, you arrogant jerk! Two thousand times is enough to kill me!"


He believed it okay He was convinced that Pan Lei's waist was powerful and that he could do two thousand push-ups.

Hadn't he experienced it firsthand!


"Good boy, call me ge, I will do it a few times less."


Who was the most hateful person in the world Except for Pan Lei, no one.


Tian Yuan was threatened, so he had to listen to him and call out “ge” twice and then turned his head to look at him pleadingly.


Pan Lei kissed him on the cheek.


"Good boy, I will do one thousand nine hundred and ninety-eight."


Tian Yuan screamed in outrage.

He should never have said anything to this jerk.

He should not have confessed, should not have performed this exercise with him, and should not have acknowledged him!


Tian Yuan fainted after erupting again, and Pan Lei's push-ups came to a halt.

Their fluids had mingled to form a tiny pool.


Pan Lei lowered his head, and he kissed him softly.


"Didn't I say I'd make you scream for mercy before I let you go You make me fall deeper and deeper, good boy."


Pan Lei was thrilled that they were now a true wedded pair.

What was even more amazing was that he had eaten his fill and was content.

Pan Lei sprang out of bed and went to the bathroom to clean-up.

There was no trace of exhaustion after the strenuous activity.


In truth, he adored Tian Yuan.

Otherwise, his stamina would allow him to continue exercising until daybreak, but Tian Yuan would almost certainly have to visit the hospital.


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